YongNuo YN-468 E-TTL Speedlite

YongNuo YN-468 E-TTL Speedlite features TTL mode; zoom range is 24mm – 85mm; Flash duration (full power) 1/800; Recycle time 1.8 sec alkaline, 1.0 sec NiMH; Swivel -180 to +90 degrees; Manual zoom head (18) 24 – 85mm.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

YongNuo YN-468 E-TTL Speedlite User Reviews

A well built gem of a flash that works flawlessly with my T21/550D
“I’ve read such good reviews of the hard-to-get YongNuo flash hardware, that I decided to try one on my T2i. Everything works great, and the camera recognizes the flash for all the Speedlite configurations. Very cool. The build quality is surprisingly solid and there is n-o-t-h-i-n-g about this camera that doesn’t feel polished (well, the manual is a little sparse)…” – By Jack Dausman
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

YongNuo YN-468 E-TTL Speedlite Expert Reviews

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YongNuo YN-468 E-TTL Speedlite User Manual

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Features & Specifications

YongNuo YN-468 E-TTL Speedlite Features & Specifications

Upgraded Flash Speedlite YN-468, it’s designed for Canon DSLR Camera. The main difference between YN-468 and YN-467 is that YN-468 has the LED Display, Multi Strobeflash function, and can set the focus position of the light head manually, more professional and higher efficiency.

a), TTL mode, the metering system of this camera will detect flash illumination reflected back from the object so as to automatically control flash output in this mode. In this E-TTL mode, you can also make compensation of flash brightness with the ” Output contral knob” within the range of ±3 ev, with the precision of 1/3 ev. (The compensation value can be added to the compensation value set on the camera.)

b), Auto Zoom 1),The flash speedlite will move forward and backward with the changes of lens focus to suit different illumintion zones when it is mounted on the camera which supports E-TTL Function, the zoom range is 24mm – 85mm. 2), You also can set the focus position for the light head manually by pressing the mode swithc button + Power button.

c), Multi Mode, it’s the strobeflash mode, the flash light will output the power, flash frequency and time flash you have set.

d), M mode, you can set flash luminance as per your favorite, luminance level will be displayed by luminance indicator. When taking photos, you only require setting the flash luminance, adjust the camera and press the shutter, the flash light will flash under the camera synchronous signal.

e), S1 Mode, it will work with the first work of the master flash synchronously in this mode, with the result consistent with the use of radio slave. f), S2 Mode, it can support the master flash in TTL mode. In particular, if S1 mode can not have correct and synchronous flash with the inbuilt flash, you can try to use S2 mode

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