Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

FoToS By Joe, one of our online photo community members, writes;

In 2 mths i’m going to be shooting my first weding for a friend. He has seen some of my work and loves it. Now again i’m an amateur and he’s asking me to shoot his wedding. I am so nervous because i don’t want to mess up the greatest day of his life. What i mean by that is i don’t want to take pictures and then they messed up (blurry, motion, bad shots) stuff like that. What can i do? how should i handle this? What can i do not to mess up? How should i carry myself throughout the whole process?


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  1. aaron says:

    Hi my names aaron im 15,and i shot my first wedding 3 weeks ago. My advice to you is to make sure you bring two cameras if possible.Plenty of pic. card space and battery,along with a laptop or other source of memory.I was amazed of how many pics i took,approx.800. When you get there just stay calm and shoot like you were just shooting pics for something of your own.

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