Watermark Photo Software by PicmarkrPro

Protect your photos and other digital pictures by adding visible watermarks easily and automatically

PicMarkr Pro makes it easy to add digital photo signatures or watermarks to photos stored on your PC or in your Flickr account, protecting your images against unauthorized use or distribution.

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Sign or watermark images with text or another picture, use logotypes or tiled watermarks, and place one or many watermarks onto a single picture. You control the size, placement and look of your watermarks by adjusting their every aspect such as fonts, colors, transparency, and background.


PicMarkr Pro is batch watermark software featuring a smart automatic Flickr tool, so it can download, protect and upload pictures back into your Flickr account just in few mouse clicks. That makes digital watermarking extremely fast and comfortable for Flickr users.


Nice feature:
Flickr Pro users will enjoy the ability to automatically replace pictures from a Flickr account with their watermarked copies while preserving the original descriptions and comments left by other Flickr users.

PicMarkr Pro is a shareware and available for download on http://picmarkrpro.com

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