Wacom Intuos 3 – Review @ PhotographyBlog

Mark Goldstain reviewed the Wacom Intuos 3 at photographyblog.com and wrote:


“The only aspect of the overall package that I didn’t find so useful was the mouse – I continued to use my current mouse along with the tablet and pen and left the Wacom mouse in the box. You will also need to think carefully about which size Wacom Intuos3 will be most suitable for you. I chose to review the A4 version, thinking that bigger was better, but actually found it a little too big in relation to my 17 inch LCD screen – I would probably opt for the A5 version instead (and save some money too). Otherwise, the whole concept of a pen tablet and the Wacom Intuos3 itself are a breath of fresh air, and well worth a place in every photographer’s digital darkroom.”

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  1. Miruscopia says:

    After using the Wacom mouse, I now detest using an Apple mouse. I have since tossed the white, opposite of ergonomic, cheap feeling mouse in the recycle bin.

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