VST FTX20 Tech 20GB

VST FTX20 Tech 20GB is a Flashtrax Image Storage features High-capacity 20GB hard drive to quickly save images on the spot; Photo & Video Capability: Video, Photo; Memory Type: Hard Drive, Flash Memory; Song Capacity Up to 5000; Memory Card Slots XD, SD, MMC, Memory Stick, CompactFlash. The product weighs 12 ounces.


Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

VST FTX20 Tech 20GB User Opinions

One of the better digital storage devices out there, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“Easy User Interface. Plug and save for your compact flash card without having to turn the unit on if you are in a hurry. Nicely designed exterior and 3.5 inch display. The screen resolution in review mode wont allow you to determine sharpness absolutely but definitely will allow you to review pictures and show them to friends. There are smaller units out there but this is a nice compromise for size and functionality. This unit is a hard drive,so don’t expect to take this running when you listen to you MP3 player. It has good sound quality when using headphones.” – By Steven Maturin

Flashtrax vs EpsonP1000-A Comparison, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“The Flashtrax includes an MP3 player, and a very good one at that…Obviously, a speaker as small as the built in one will not produce much decent sound…..but add a pair of good compact headphones (I use the Sennheiser 200’s) and you are ready for great sound….Yes, the unit is too bulky for jogging, but for sitting on a plane or in a motel room, it’s great! The sound is as good as my IPOD!…” – By Dan Eppinger

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Features & Specifications

VST FTX20 Tech 20GB Features

FlashTrax is a patented, palm-sized, portable photo storage device that can also be used as a MP3 audio player and video player. Take photos with your camera’s highest resolution and then safely transfer and store thousands of images to the internal hard drive, allowing reuse your digital media over and over again. One touch transfers photos from a flash memory card onto the built-in hard disk drive.

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