Vivitar 650-1300mm f/8-16

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The Vivitar 650-1300mm f/8-16 features 650-1300mm at focal length with maximum aperture of f/8-16. The lens construction has 8 elements in 5 groups and has diagonal angle of view at 3.8 degrees. Closest focusing distance at 16.40′ (5 m) and has a filter size of 95mm. The Vivitar 650-1300mm f/8-16 lens weighs 4.95 lb (2.25 kg) and it measures 5.0 inches in diameter and 19.75 inches long.

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Vivitar 650-1300mm f/8-16 User Reviews

Great value for the money
“My application was viewing an Osprey nest that was in a middle of an open field. The lens zoom worked perfectly.” – by Nigel
Rating: ★★★★★

Limited but great lens for the price
“…It’s amazingly easy to use and works great with with my D5000 which is fast enough to use this lens in low light situations. The zoom is fast as it simply pulls and pushes (instead of turn to zoom) and the focus is fast and accurate. In general it takes some getting used to but it works well. In the last two months I’ve used this lens more then any of my other lenses combined.” – by Blues Photographer
Rating: ★★★★★

fabulous lens for the price
“…Locking the mirror is also helpful. I’m sure the final image isn’t as sharp as Canon’s 1200 mm, but this lens is significantly less expensive. It was glorious for shooting the recent lunar eclipse, filling the frame on my 5D. It is also wonderful for capturing birds in trees. Manual focus really puts the onus of a good shot on the photographer and a well calibrated diopter for those of us with an imperfect eyeball. This is also the first lens that I can share with my Nikon friends, since the T-mount is a trivial expense.” – by neptune mick
Rating: ★★★★☆

Excellent buy for your Money
“I use this lens with a tripod which you need for a noise free image , helps to have a remote for your camera as well , but the zoom is amazing for the price , great for night shooting with long exposure.” – by Dawg
Rating: ★★★★★

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Vivitar 650-1300mm f/8-16 Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Vivitar 650-1300mm f/8-16 Specifications

The Vivitar 650-1300mm f/8-16 Manual Focus Lens is an extreme zoom lens which offers an economical introduction to extreme telephoto photography, allowing you to go all the way to 1300mm. The lens features a 650-1300mm zoom range, but has only one effective aperture at any focal length, which progresses from f/8 at 650mm to f/16 at 1300mm.

The lens uses multi-coated elements for reduced flare and increased light transmission. It features a T-mount, and simple T-mount adapters screw on the lens and make this lens adaptable to fit almost any current or even discontinued camera model.

* Incredible zoom range
* Multi coated elements for reduced flare and increased light transmission
* Tripod mount
* Uses T mount adapter(not included)
* Front & rear lens caps
* Can be used with film and digital SLR cameras

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