Vivitar 500mm f/8.0

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The Vivitar 500mm f/8.0 features 500mm at focal length with maximum aperture of f/8.0. The lens construction has 7 elements in 6 groups and has diagonal angle of view at 5 degrees. Closest focusing distance at 5.7′ (1.74 m) and has a filter size of 30.5 mm. The Vivitar 500mm f/8.0 lens weighs 1.15 lb (522 g) and it measures 4.25 inches in diameter and 6.50 inches long.

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User Opinions

Vivitar 500mm f/8.0 User Reviews

Good lens
“The 500mm is on Amazon for a bunch of different cameras, I think they are the same lens with a different ring mount. This lens is great for shooting shots across the waterways and at the zoo. With an f/8.0, it works best on a bright sunny day. Use of a tripod helps get sharp pictures. Simply put… I use it more for wildlife & that hard to get close shot when someone or something is in your way, very inexpensive easy to use once ya get used to it, can’t complain.” – by Harry
Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent value
“Solid quality construction. Sturdy, yet lightweight, and doesn’t have the least “dinky” feel to it. Very smooth focus ring with just the right amount of resistance. This f/8.0 version is, with its 72mm diameter, very portable and quite a bit smaller than the f/6.3 variant with its 92mm diameter. I’m very pleased with it, but if I could wish for one thing it would be a secondary fine-grained focus ring (or thumbscrew as seen on some lenses), to counter the usual extreme tele lens annoyance of getting accurate focus on long distances.” – by Robin
Rating: ★★★★★

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Vivitar 500mm f/8.0 Reviews

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Vivitar 500mm f/8.0 Sample Photos

Vivitar 500mm f/8.0 Sample Photos @
Vivitar 500mm f/8.0 Sample Photos @


Vivitar 500mm f/8.0 User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Vivitar 500mm f/8.0 Specifications

The Vivitar 500mm F8 lens ultra telephoto is incredibly compact and lightweight for its focal length. This is achieved by using an advanced reflex design, and this lens is ideally suited for wildlife and sports photography. It has a fixed aperture of f/8. Simple T-mont adapters screw on the lens and make this lens adaptable to fit almost any current or even discontinued camera.

* Includes 30.5mm rear filter
* Super Spectra coatings
* Aluminum alloy construction
* Full-time manual focus override
* Focus preset function allows
* Circular aperture
* Three Year Limited Warranty
* Uses T-Mount adapter (not included)
* Can be used with film and digital SLR cameras

* Filter Size : Rear mounted screw in 30.5mm.
* Minumum Focus Distance : 1.73m (5.7ft).
* Focus Control : single focal lens.
* Angle of View : 5 degrees.
* Groups/Elements : 6/7.
* Length : 86.3mm.
* Max. Diameter : 76mm.
* Weight : 330g.

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