Vista Can Cause Problems to Your Photo Metadata has reported that Microsoft Windows Vista can cause problems to your photo metadata.


“The problem will occur when you edit the properties of a photo to add metadata to that photo in Windows Vista, the software for the digital camera may no longer recognize the metadata that is automatically added to the photo by the digital camera. Microsoft also has received reports of compatibility issues with Nikon NEF files after installing version 1.0 of Nikon’s raw codec posted in January. Tagging the raw files through Windows Vista or the Microsoft Photo Info tool after the codec is installed appears to cause these files to become unreadable in other applications, such as Adobe Photoshop.”


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  1. Mel says:

    Hi there,

    I have found the same problem. When trying to edit canon 5d images using my photoshop CS3 on windows vista platform it wont let me save or print. Error occurs: Invalid ICC Profile. When i then tried the images using Windows XP the same error comes up beacuse Vista has damaged the Metadata!! This is stupid Come on Microsoft sort it out!!!

  2. FB says:

    Seems like the old GDI bug from way back XP SP1 has wormed it’s way up to VISTA? All I did was rotate a few pictures in Vista Ultimate via the preview tool (it saved them when I did) and now those Pics will not display on Olympus D-545. The rest of the pics that were untouched display fine on camera and in Vista. The Pics rotated in Vista display fine in Vista. Seems like MS needs to find a better solution to media access when dealind with digital cameras. Various posts are growing and tempers are starting boil a bit over this issue. MS PLEASE get it together someday…SOON!

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