Vignetting Test on Full Frame DSLR Camera has added a new section on their website where you can see and compare vignetting from Canon lenses on a full frame body.

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There’s also been a rumor that Canon is considering introducing yet another line of lenses that are aimed to be placed above the L series lens. The new series will meet the resolving demand of the upcoming generation of sensors which will have even higher resolution.

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  1. Digital says:

    A pricier portrait lens than the £1500 85mm? Just what we need from Canon. Between such expensive glass and the £4500 EOS 1D Mk III, I may as well invest in a Mamiya and digital back. Sony’s new 25MP Alpha waits in the wings at a purported ‘enthusiast’ price with an increasing range of Zeiss optics. Nikon are firmly established as the journo’s favourite, and their decision to use smaller pixel counts on their full frame DSLRs, allowing faster autofocus and better low light performance now looks like a stroke of genius. But Canon may find themselves playing second fiddle in the studio DSLR bracket.

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