Color Correcting and Sharpening

Learn how to add saturation to pictures, setting black and white points, sharpening, and generally touching up an image in Photoshop.

7 Responses to “Color Correcting and Sharpening”

  1. Andreas Resch says:

    Thanks a lot for that nice tutorial … I definitely have to look more into that Lab processing …

    Keep it up … Andreas.

  2. Roy Burton says:

    Hi Thanks for your color correcting and sharpening
    tutorial, keep them coming , its a real great help

  3. Nicole says:

    Thank you! I had tried color correction form the eye droppers, but didn’t even think to check the values for black and white. Good tip! What a great way to color correct.

    I really appreciate you sharing this video.

  4. cleon says:

    Hello, thanks for the sharpening image tip, i will surely use it when in photoshop, thanks alot…..bless from Jamaica, West Indies

  5. ben says:

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial .you have made it so structured and easy to follow as photoshop can be so complex and daunting

    Look forward to seeing more from you

  6. Debbie Low says:

    Hi That was such a helpful tutorial – tried it straight away and it looked really good now I just have to print it, Do you have any more cos I am battling a bit to make my images print well

  7. Connie says:

    Thank you for putting this out for the public. I will try out the black and white and white values. I haven’t tried that before. I appreicate all the help I can get. The more you know the more fun one can have. Thanks!

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