Velbon V4 Boom Arm Announced

The Velbon V4 Boom Arm is a geared/slide elevator that combined with a 180 degree tilt arm and a 360 degree horizontal pan make be an ingenious new mechanism. Made of aluminum, the Velbon V4 Boom Arm is perfect to paired with almost any tripod, thanks to the included choice of 1/4″ or 3/8″ mounting threads. In addition, it can accommodate most tripod heads via the end pedestal which as a 1/4″ screw. The Velbon V4 Boom Arm can be used for Macro work, copying and any application that will be give advantage with the camera position. It will be sold with retail price of £79.99. For more information please visit Velbon website.


The Velbon V4 Boom Arm offers an ease to use with offer a single twist of the grip at the end of the multi-angle arm loosens both the tilt and rotation. When the arm is in the desired position, a twist of the grip in the opposite direction re-engages the lock and the arm is fixed again.

Highlight Features:
* Articulated boom arm

* Fits most tripods

* Allows photography at lower levels

* Manufactured from Aluminium

* Max Extension: 545mm

* Extension Travel: 205mm

* Closed Length: 340mm

* Arm Diameter: 29mm

* Grip Diameter: 34mm

* Weight: 572g

* Height (in horizontal position): 88mm

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