Velbon Ultra Maxi-M

Velbon Ultra Maxi-M is a 5-section tripod for its leg construction and ideal for use with a standard digital SLR camera system. The tripod features Patented TRUNNION shaft system, High quality 5-section aluminium legs, PHD-31Q aluminium pan & tit head included, and completed with Detachable 2 section centre column. The Velbon Ultra Maxi-M has maximum height of 54.5″ (138.5cm), minimum height 6.5″ (16.5cm), Folded Length 13.2″ (33.5cm), Load Capacity 3.3 lbs (1.5kg), and weighs 2 lbs (920g).

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Velbon Ultra Maxi-M Expert Reviews

Photoreview reviews the Velbon Ultra Maxi-M and writes;
“If you read the round-up of compact tripods published in Issue 37 of Photo Review Australia magazine, you will conclude (as we did) that Velbon’s Ultra Maxi M represents the best compromise in the current market. Its build quality is a cut above competing budget-priced models while its head, although not perfect, provides adjustments that are genuinely useful. If you can tolerate these imperfections, the Ultra Maxi M is worth a look.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

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Velbon Ultra Maxi-M User Reviews

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Velbon Ultra Maxi-M User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Velbon Ultra Maxi-M Features & Specifications

Compact and lightweight, the Velbon Ultra Maxi-M Tripod incorporates the patented “Twist Lock” leg-locking system, which allows its legs to lock and unlock quickly and simply with just a half turn twist. This unique system speeds up the set-up time significantly. This model also features the Trunion Shaft System (TSS), where the main leg-bolts are now positioned directly above the shaft, which makes the tripod even more compact when closed.

The tripod’s unique leg assembly allows for a five-section tripod with a great expansion/contraction ratio (~54.5″ extended & ~13.2″ collapsed). It is especially ideal for use as a traveling tripod, to be used with a standard digital SLR camera system.

The included PHD-31Q is a fully-featured all-metal “revolving” pan/tilt head. In addition to the usual 3-way pan and tilt functions this head has a second revolving plane, basically allowing for any position. It has swing function of 90° to right and left, and 360° pan action. The quick release platform is compact and thin, but is made of Aluminum to maintain durability.

* Independent leg spread allows each leg to be positioned at different angles, with a choice of three preset angles.

* Split center column for low-angle work

* Top-leg diameter of 21mm

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