Understanding Histograms

Photografix.org has a very useful tutorial on histograms which you often find on your digital camera or imaging software such as photoshop. The histogram is the small graph you can view on your LCD, it is used to view whether your photo is over/under expose/contrasted.

Understanding Histograms

You can download the tutorial here (JPG), or visit the website here

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  1. Jorg3 says:

    Hey its Jorg3 here, the owner of photografix.org. Thnx for the linkage guys… you spelt photografix.org wrong 😛 ill email you if i get any more topics you may be interested in? email me or post on the forum…

  2. Hadiduadua says:

    whoaaa what a great tutorial !! I’ve been looking this tutorial over a month and thanks God I’ve found it here… Thanks Jorg3 ! 🙂

    warmest regards,

    Hadi from Indonesia

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