Travel Photography Tips

Some ot the best Alamy contributors have written very useful tips to take better travel photographs. Here are some of the tips;

Sunrise @ Kuta Bali – Indonesia by

  • As soon as you get there, dedicate some time to a quick survey, (without camera gear), of the places where you are going to spend the most of your time. This will save you time later. Try to get a feeling of dangers (if any). Find and remember potential escapes. Picture how to get back to your hotel via the quickest and safest way. Find an alternative. Personally check it to see if it works!
  • Shoot as much as possible in the very early morning and late afternoon twilight – don’t bother taking pictures anywhere near midday.
  • Always ask Local people, For me one of the most important considerations, particularly when working in third world countries, is that photographers do not impose what I call the “zoo effect” upon the local people. By this I mean that one should be respectful of their culture and privacy, do not thrust cameras in their faces without first asking them if it is OK. In my experience some people do object, but most are secretly flattered. Especially if you are shooting digital, as you can show them an instant result.
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