Tenba 632-333 Shootout Large Backpack

Tenba 632-333 Shootout Large Backpack is camera bag to carry 2 SLRs, 8-10 lenses (up to 500mm f4) & flash, plus virtually any size tripod, plus a 17″ laptop computer. The bag features Rolling Backpack version features inline skate wheels and retractable mono-tube handle, When not carrying tripod in MSTC System tripod compartment becomes extra full zip-around pocket large enough for a jacket newspapers/magazines etc, with Exclusive, fully-adjustable MSTC Multi-Stage Tripod Carrier System securely accommodates all popular outdoor tripod types and sizes, include Hand-carry straps on top of pack and both sides let you grab and go from any position. The Tenba 632-333 Shootout Large Backpack has exterior size 16.5 x 22 x 13″ (41.91 x 55.88 x 33.02cm) (WxHxD), interior size 13 x 18 x 7.0 (33.02 x 45.72 x 17.78cm) (WxHxD), and weighs 10.5 lbs (4.76kg).

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Tenba 632-333 Shootout Large Backpack User Reviews

Tenba Shootout Rolling Backpack
“This product is an outstanding example of blending the two worlds of digital photography and digital imaging into one incredibly practical rolling unit that held everything I wanted to take to Mexico for taking and processing images. I can’t tell you everything this backpack has or can do. It would take more than I wish to type. Suffice it to say that for both the professional and amateur photographer who wants a package that can hold it all (including laptop and all accessories), protect everything, take on or off the road and be incredibly accessible,this is the unit for you. I love it.” – By Gerald L. Hancock
Rating: ★★★★★

Fantastic Travel Backpack
“This is a well-engineered bag with a lot of flexibility built in. The laptop sits snugly and securely behind the handle plate mechanism so your back never makes contact with the lap top. The compartments offer a spacious configuration with very easy to access side compartments. The compartments come out in single removable shell, allowing you to convert this camera bag into an airline luggage bag in mere seconds. The construction is solid and the handle slides out with smooth precision…” – By P. Wei
Rating: ★★★★★

“First of all, I bought this bag because the price was considerably below comperable rolling photo bags. I believe I paid a bit over $200, compared to over $300 for its competitors. It is a great bag, no doubt. When my gear is in it, I know that it’s all well protected, from my Nikon D200 to my largest lens, a Tamron 200-500mm…” – By Diane A.
Rating: ★★★★☆

An Alaskan Sized Rolling Backpack
“The bag is very well built. I carried two Canon DSLR bodies, a vertical control grip, four lenses (Tamron 28-300 “walkabout”, Canon 100-400 L, 16-35L and a Sigma 150mm 2.8 macro), an EX 550 flash, 2x extender, a Wolverine 100gb storge unit and the usual accessories and cables. For computing, a HP 9000 series 17″ notebook. All this tipped the scale at 43 lbs. Toss in the Manfrotto and its 48 back breaking pounds…” – By Gene O from Chino
Rating: ★★★★★

MUST HAVE for the serious photog
“This bag holds my 2 cameras, all lenses, battery chargers, various cords, flashes AND my 17″ Mac Book Pro!!! I couldn’t live without this bag. Traveling with an entire photography setup either down the street or to another country is a breeze…. keeps everything safe and organized. Also, if you do travel it fits within the carry-on guidelines so it stays with you.” – By D. Sealey
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Tenba 632-333 Shootout Large Backpack Expert Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Tenba 632-333 Shootout Large Backpack Features & Specifications

Backpacks are the outdoor shooter’s mainstay. Shootout backpacks are available in multiple sizes, to accommodate camera/lens/ laptop setups ranging from basic to brutal, plus all the accessories. All styles except Daypack feature our exclusive MSTC™ tripod carrying system. Large and medium sizes are also available in wheeled versions.

The Large size is designed to carry as much camera system as you’ve got, plus a tripod and a laptop up to 17 inches. The Large is identical to the Small and Medium backpacks in every way except for size, and it includes an expedition-grade waist belt and removable photo interior.


* Water-repellent, dobby/diamond ripstop nylon shell – an optimum combination of light weight and durability

* Special, YKK weather-sealed zippers keep the elements out

* Compression straps prevent the load from shifting, and help keep the center of gravity as close to the body as possible

* Jumbo, padded side pods can be used as separate accessory pockets or pass-through hatches for instant interior access

* Exclusive, fully-adjustable, MSTC™ System securely accommodates all popular outdoor tripod types and sizes

* Exclusive WeatherWrap™ cover included – the fastest, easiest auxiliary rain cover around

* Adjustable web straps on pack bottom secure monopod, jacket or ground cloth

* Hand-carry straps on top and both sides of pack let you “grab and go” from any position

* Fully adjustable, densely-padded divider panels and walls create a “custom-fit,” protective interior layout

* Room for multiple camera bodies, lenses and all accessories

* Interior fully lined with smooth, water-repellent nylon pack cloth

* Clear, plasticized mesh pockets and web loops hold accessories, for easy identification and access to contents

* Super-comfort harness system features expedition-grade complement of fit adjustments and load tuning

* Body contact points covered in ventilated, moisture-wicking padded mesh for comfort

* Full zip-around cover encloses entire harness for hand-carrying or storage

* Wide, comfortable waist belt helps support heavy gear loads

* Waist belt features multiple clip-on points for included and/or optional pouches and accessories

* Padded laptop compartment reinforced with polyethylene frame sheet for extra protection

* Photo/laptop insert is removable for reorganization, storage, or to convert the entire bag to a standard, soft backpack for clothing or other “non-photo” travel

* Included Media Wallet and Mobile Phone/MP3 Player Pouch feature removable security tethers

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