Tamrac 709 Pro Convertible

Tamrac 709 Pro Convertible is camera bag to carry two film or digital SLR cameras with 6-8 lenses and accessories. The bag features the US-patented Lens-Bridge and LensGate divider systems work together to cradle the cameras and protect them from coming into contact with other photo equipment in the bag includes A full-length LensHatch in back provides quick access to a long telephoto lens. The ZipDrop front pocket has a paraphernalia pocket with internal compartments to store personal items, and a full-length zippered internal mesh accessory pocket holds other small, easy-to-lose items completed with an EasyGrip carrying handle, thickly foam-padded shoulder strap with non-slip patch, or untuck the Tuck-A-Way hip belt to convert to a hip pack. The Tamrac 709 Pro Convertible has Internal Dimensions: 12½ W x 6⅛ D x 8¼ H/32 x 16 x 21 cm, External Dimensions: 16½ W x 10⅛ D x 9½ H/42 x 26 x 24 cm, and weight 3 lbs. 12 oz. (1710 g).

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Tamrac 709 Pro Convertible User Reviews

Great Case, will last for years
“Padding is 1/4 in beneath the ballistic nylon. Hard bottom so case retains shape. Tripod straps on bottom front, never used them after trying, was uncomfortable. Top closes via a zipper and then an outer layer you can clip closed for added protection. Worth the money because even though I have gone through 4 camera systems (Canon EOS 1n – EOS Mark II) the case still is in great condition. Would recommend you buy a separate hip sling for ENG shoots.” – By Mark
Rating: ★★★★★

Long lasting is understatement
“I have used it with two 35 mm outfits traveling, Also had a Pentax 6×7 system and a spare Leica R system packed inside along with medium sized binoculars. Tripod straps on the bottom do work great. Paired with the main strap and fanny strap, you can hike up steep terrain and scree rock just great. Plenty of room for accessories, two padded quick access side car pouches can be over stuffed. Front pocket has sections that are still appropriate for todays smart phones or other electronic devices. Main compartment is more like a 14 x 8 than a 12×6 inch size. Good secure flap cover keeps this from being invaded by unwanted hands, but it also makes for somewhat slower deployment of a camera or a lens change when you want. So plan it out…” – By Green
Rating: ★★★★★

You really never can have too much room
“It is nearly infinitely adjustable, and we are very glad of that with each new, added lens. We were pointed to this bag by our camera store, and have been very happy with it. It is heavy duty, and the advertising leaves some question about the waist strap – it’s there, and it’s well made and durable. The waist and the shoulder straps are made of seat belt material and we embroidered our identification on them with no loss of strength…” – By Ann Warner
Rating: ★★★★★

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Tamrac 709 Pro Convertible Expert Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Tamrac 709 Pro Convertible Features & Specifications

The Pro Convertible is loaded with just about every feature we could pack into it, so the photographer can both travel and shoot with as much ease as possible. The USA patented Double Lens-Bridge® Divider Systems keep two cameras with motor drives ready with lenses attached, while the LensGate® Divider System protects equipment from any damaging contact with each other.

There is a full length Lens Hatch™ in the back for storage and quick access to long telephoto lenses. Inside the Triple Action Top is a large Pop-Off™ pocket that holds accessories in easy view, and can be quickly removed when necessary. The ZipDrop™ front pocket features a paraphernalia pocket with internal compartments to hold personal items such as pens, pencils, checkbook, sunglasses, notebooks, small dictation recorders, and a light meter.

There is also a full length zippered, internal mesh accessory pocket to hold lens cleaners, filters, cable releases and other small easy-to-lose items. Large foam padded end pockets give added space and quick access for additional accessories. The removable shoulder strap is made of 5000 pound test nylon webbing and has a thick foam pad with non-slip leather facing.

There are straps beneath the front pocket for a tripod or monopod. A wide, leather-padded handle on the top provides carrying convenience while extra quick-release buckles at each end distribute the weight and increase security. A torsion bar stabilizer strut in the top helps distribute the weight for optimum carrying comfort.

The Pro Convertible features our Tuck-A-Way™ hip belt so it can quickly convert from a comfortable shoulder bag to a hip pack for hands-free action photography. This versatile bag is the ultimate camera bag for the photographer who needs to be on the move yet prepared for almost any situation.

a. Pop-Off™ Pocket holds accessories and can be quickly removed when necessary.
b. USA Patented Lens-Bridge® with LensGate® divider system cradles camera with lens attached while the LensGates® swing open to protect equipment from harmful contact
c. Removable shoulder strap with thick foam pad.
d. Large foam-padded end pockets.
e. Elastic Accessory/ Light Loops inside top.
f. Total Coverage Top.

Tamrac 709 Pro Convertible

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