Tamrac 5625 Pro Digital Zoom 5

Tamrac 5625 Pro Digital Zoom 5 is camera bag for carrying a digital SLR, such as Canon’s 5D or 40D or Nikon’s D300, with a longer kit lens attached, like the Canon EF 24-105 IS lens or the Nikkor 18-200 AFS VR lens. The bag features Dual Foam Technology inside combines closed-cell foam for maximum shock protection with open-cell foam with Front pocket features Tamrac’s patented Memory & Battery Management System and has Belt loops in back, EasyGrip carrying handle and an adjustable. The Tamrac 5625 Pro Digital Zoom 5 has exterior size 9 W x 6½ D x 10 H (23 x 17 x 25cm), interior size 6¾ W x 4½ D x 8½ H (17 x 11 x 22cm), and weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. (503g).

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User Opinions

Tamrac 5625 Pro Digital Zoom 5 User Reviews

Camera Case
“The second Tamrac bag I’ve purchased.The first one was a smaller version for a Digital Rebel XTi.
Needed a larger one for my 40D. This one fits the bill. Holds my 40D with 28-135 lens attached(hood reversed), padded strap( folded), and still has room for a few accessories. You won’t be disappointed.”
– By J. Mark Springer
Rating: ★★★★★

Good bag for Nikon D90 with 18-200mm
“Sometimes I want to carry minimal gear, which right now means the D90/18-200 combo. This setup fits nicely into this bag, WITH the lens shade in the normal position (you don’t have to reverse the lens hood to fit the outfit into this bag). I also have a tripod plate permanently fastened to my camera, and it fits as well (Arca Swiss or Kirk Plate style). The strap (Nikon D90 strap) of the camera is collected over the back of the camera before I zip the lid/cover shut on this bag, and it all fits very nicely, just snug.” – By Pablo
Rating: ★★★★★

My favorite all-around camera bags
“I had a smaller size of this same model that I used with my smaller Canon XTi and just barely with a 40d and a short lens, but when I got the Canon 7d I needed a bigger one. It took a lot of searching to find the same model but this one is it, and it works just fine. I think they got the number and arrangement of pockets and the zippers, latches and attachment rings just right on this one too. It currently holds my Canon 7d and 18-55 EF-S lens with hood, CF cards, lens cleaner and spare battery.” – By Terrence C. Watson
Rating: ★★★★★

Perfect fit for Canon 50D & 24-70mm lens
“I was looking for a bag for when I go hiking or wherever, when I just plan on taking along my walkaround lens. This bag fits the bill perfectly. I’m basing this fit on my Canon 50D and 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, which has a wider barrel than most lenses. Once the camera, lens and shoulder strap are all packed into the bag, there is only about a 1/2″ of room. Nice snug fit and works perfectly. Room for my cell phone, keys and extra batteries, too. Bag is very well constructed.” – By M. Kwaterski
Rating: ★★★★★

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Tamrac 5625 Pro Digital Zoom 5 Expert Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Tamrac 5625 Pro Digital Zoom 5 Features & Specifications

The Tamrac 5625 Pro Digital Zoom 5 Bag (Black) is a ballistic nylon holster/shoulder bag designed to carry a digital SLR camera such as: Canon EOS 5D, 40D or Nikon D300 with up to a 5.0″ attached. It uses Dual Foam Technology to provide protection and a custom fit. There is a front pocket that has Memory & Battery Management System, which uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries. It has two side pockets and a smooth nylon pocket in the lid for small items such as lens-cleaning paper. It is carried by an EasyGrip carrying handle, a removable, adjustable, padded shoulder strap and with a belt on the loop in the back. It can use the S.A.S. (Strap Accessory System) items.

Ballistic nylon holster/shoulder bag designed to carry a digital SLR camera with a long lens attached

Uses Dual-Foam Technology to provide form-fitting protection

* Front pocket has a Memory & Battery Management System, which uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries
* Two side pockets
* Smooth nylon pocket in the lid holds lens-cleaning paper.

Carrying options
* EasyGrip padded handle is made from a composite material. The material is exceptionally non-slip, yet soft and easy on the hands.
* Removable, adjustable, padded shoulder strap
* Belt loop

Uses S.A.S. (Strap Accessory System) items

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