Tamrac 5608 Pro 8

Tamrac 5608 Pro 8 is compact camera bag to protect two 35mm or digital SLRs with lenses attached, multiple lenses and accessories. The bag features Foam-padded main compartment, Storm-tight zipper, Side-mounted accessory pockets, and has Specialized film pocket. The Tamrac 5608 Pro 8 has Internal Dimensions: 12½ W x 6 D x 7 H/32 x 15 x 18 cm, External Dimensions: 16½ W x 9¼ D x 9 H/42 x 23 x 23 cm, and weight 3 lb. 3 oz. (1446 g).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Tamrac 5608 Pro 8 User Reviews

A Gear Bag that can take it
“The Pro 8 is one tough cookie. My goal in finding a great gear bag was one that could hold 2 SLR bodies and 3-4 lenses, a flash and multiple other goodies. The bag had to hold it securely, be weather resistant and have top-notch foam padding. i.e. Built to last, so my camera gear would, too! I shoot in all seasons, even winter in Minnesota. I can slip one or two of those neat little “hand heater” pads into the bag in the winter and the INSULATING qualities of the Pro 8 keep the gear warm. The opposite is true in summer or when you must leave your gear in the car during warm days.” – By John W. Post
Rating: ★★★★★

Roomy yet light
“Well finished, balanced, beauty… a very very nice camera bag. I’m not fond of back-packs or kangaroo pouches for carrying my photo gear. I prefer the classic, standard, shoulder-hanged bag. I particularly feel this one as a very safe and rugged one. You’ll find enough space in it to accomodate bodies, lenses, flash, and several minor gadgets. Side-slip pocket is a real hit, very handy indeed.” – By Marcelo A. Soto Quiroga
Rating: ★★★★★

Nice bag
“I never tried a Tamrac camera bag before, and I must say that I really like this model. Nice durable construction with a padded interior to protect your camera(s) and equipment. That being said, I am a little dubious about the claim that it will fit two SLRs with lenses attached. Certainly if your lenses are fixed then it shouldn’t be a problem, but if both are equipped with zooms then you may run out of room. I have a Nikon D70s, and with the 18-70mm DX kit lens attached it reaches just about to the center of the bag or slightly past it.” – By Shinseng
Rating: ★★★★☆

A great camera bag for someone with two cameras
“I absolutely love this camera bag! Both of my cameras fit in it very securely, and there is plenty of room for my most important lenses to be safely stored. Pockets line every available space which enables me to take along all, and I do mean all, of my accessories as well as my personal items which eliminates the need to carry a second bag or a purse. Once packed, this camera bag is surprisingly light and very easy to carry. It is truly a dream come true, especially for someone who was previously forced to carry two (2) camera bags as well as a third bag for my personal items.” – By IndyRick
Rating: ★★★★★

versatile, durable, a great bag for two cameras
“The design of this bag is excellent. Spaces are easy to access, gear is well protected, and there is capacity to conveniently carry a large amount of equipment. As with any camera bag, its ultimate usefulness depends on the user, and the particular gear to be carried. Getting hands-on access to different bags is not always possible, so study the photos and diagrams here, or at Tamrac’s website, and make a determination if this bag has enough space for your gear. The 5608 is available in either black or blue color. In general, camera bags are expensive, and prices are on the rise, so if you can afford to wait, try and get one on sale.” – By trebe
Rating: ★★★★★

Tough little bag
“Not quite as big as I expected it to be, I almost wish i would’ve shelled out the extra bucks for the pro 12 to get a little extra comfort room in the big internal pouch. But, I don’t think it would’ve been worth it an extra $40-50 for that little extra room. Nevertheless this is an excellent bag and It’s actually probably better that I went with the pro 8 instead of the 12. It’s big enough to fit it all, but small enough to carry it around everywhere and not be too much.” – By Edward N. Plozai
Rating: ★★★★★

Great bag with plenty of room
“I purchased this bag after trying a few others for my Rebel XT. The problem was, I like to carry my small video camera with me and could not find a bag to hold both without it feeling very cramped with concern that the cameras would bang together. In this bag I am able to carry my Rebel XT with 28-135mm lens attached, my Canon video camera where the second camera body would go, a 24mm lens, 60mm macro lens, 85mm lens and 70-300mm DO lens.” – By T. Ferreira
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Tamrac 5608 Pro 8 Expert Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Tamrac 5608 Pro 8 Features & Specifications

The Pro 8 uses Tamrac’s patented Lens-Bridge and LensGate divider systems to protect two 35mm or digital SLRs with lenses attached, multiple lenses and accessories. Equipment is completely protected beneath Tamrac’s unique full coverage Dual-Action Top that features quick-access Easy Squeeze buckles plus an internal zipper access for extra protection and security.

The Pro 8 is equipped with a Slide Pocket that incorporates Tamrac’s exclusive Memory & Battery Management System (patent pending) for holding memory cards, batteries, a PC Card and other accessories. This unique system uses red flags to identify used memory cards and batteries.

Pockets inside the top keep film and accessories visible and organized. The ZipDrop front pocket is compartmentalized with organizer pockets and a zip mesh accessory pocket. Foam-padded side pockets provide convenient out side storage and a zippered back pocket is a safe place for tickets and documents. A strong plastic platform in bottom provides shock protection. An EasyGrip handle, padded BioCurve shoulder strap with a non-slip patch and tripod straps round out the long list of features. You can add Tamrac accessories using the attachment slots for the Strap Accessory System (S.A.S.) products to customize this lightweight professional-sized camera bag.

* Total Coverage Top
* Storm Tight Zipper for security in heavy weather.
* Easy Squeeze Buckles for convenient access under most conditions Hook and Loop closure for super-fast access.
* EasyGrip carrying handle.
* USA Patented Lens-Bridge with LensGate divider system cradles camera with lens attached while the LensGates swing open to protect equipment from harmful contact.
* Metal “D” rings.
* Curved, foam padded, non-slip shoulder strap.
* Zip Drop Front Pocket Features compartmentalized organizer pockets and a full length zippered mesh accessory pocket.
* Tripod Straps
* Slide Pocket on the front lid for quick access to film and filters.
* Exclusive Windowpane-Mesh pocket inside lid for extra film and accessories.
* Main compartment completely foam padded.
* Smooth Non-Abrasive Back.
* Fully covered quick access end pockets.
* Foam padded rigid platform in bottom for shock protection.

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