Tamrac 5588 Expedition 8x

Tamrac 5588 Expedition 8x is camera bag to carry, protect and quick access to multiple SLR cameras, lenses, flash, accessories and a 17″ laptop computer. The bag features A foam-padded front pocket with water-resistant zipper protects laptops with Dual Hinge Divider System adjusts to allow two digital SLRs to be carried with lenses attached and Dual “wing” pockets with water-resistant zippers organize and provide quick access to important accessories include QuickClip™ Tripod Attachment System and the state-of-the-art harness system. The Tamrac 5588 Expedition 8x has Internal Dimensions: 11 W x 6¼ D x 20½ H/28 x 16 x 52cm, External Dimensions: 13 W x 13½ D x 22 H/33 x 34 x 56cm, and weight 7 lb. 4 oz. (3293g).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Tamrac 5588 Expedition 8x User Reviews

Best Bag for a Professional
“If you have a number of cameras, the usual assortment of lenses, equipment, and supplies…. And you need to take your computer into the field with you, this is the bag. It holds everything even the tripods. I have tried four other bags and this one in the best bag for the fully independent and working field photographer.” – By Michael Lighty
Rating: ★★★★★

Great Bag
“I loaded it down with a DSLR, 2 lenses, small under water camera, pro. video camera, audio gear, laptop, extra batteries, and all the gear for a 2 week field trip. Bag preformed great through 50 hours of airline flights numerous plane changes being stuffed in and out of the overhead bins. It was great to have all your gear on your back especially when your out in the middle of nowhere.” – By Papafins
Rating: ★★★★★

Great Bag, Holds a LOT of stuff, and protects it well
“Finally, on the outside of the pack there are two long pockets that hold a ton of batteries (easily 48) & many memory cards (there are four little pockets in each side that could easily hold 3 CF cards each, so that is 24 CF cards…or maybe some more batteries). Between these two pockets there are straps that can hold a tripod, with a bottom pocket/pouch to support the tripod. There are also straps on the sides of the pack to attach additional M.A.S. (or LowePro, or Think Tank) modular components. The shoulder straps and waist belt are well padded, very durably constructed (IDK what happened with the guy who’s strap tore, bad luck, I’d assume), and very comfortable. “ – By BCinDC
Rating: ★★★★★

I can get all my gear on a regional airline
“I recently went to California and back with my Tamrac expedition 8x back pack. I carried my Nikon D-90 a 400mm sigma, a 70-300mm Nikor a 55-200mm Nikor, a 18-55 Nikor, a 50mm Nikor, an Sb600 flash, assorted filters,spare batteries and an apple macbook. It was easy to carry and fit easily in the overhead on all the planes includeing a Brazillian biult 50 seat regional jet from Houston to Florida. The computer was easily reached for the security inspection and for use. I would rate this highly it has excellent padding.” – By K. Herman
Rating: ★★★★☆

Camera Backpacks are largely a matter of preference
“It has good build quality, is very customizable, and can carry alot of gear (meaning I could get all the gear I own in it, including my Macbook pro). I have both a D80 and D700 body, the 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 and 105 f/2.8 lenses as well as the 300 f/4 (all bulky and heavy). Then I have a 50mm, 2 teleconverters, two SB flashes, several filters, batteries, charger and miscellaneous accessories. I also found the tripod holder more functional, secure and to have better weight distribution and balance than some of the other bags I tried. Fully loaded with tripod on board I am at 36 pounds with this bag.” – By DigitalMan
Rating: ★★★★☆

High quality, flexible and carries a lot of gear well
“I am very happy with this product. I’ve loaded it with up to 45 pounds of camera gear (500mm, 200-400mm, large body, and numerous other lens, laptop, etc), and it does hold a lot of gear. It gets uncomfortable although still supports the gear fine over about 30-35 pounds worth of gear, but quite comfortable with loads below 25 pounds. The tripod straps and pocket work well although I wish the tripod foot pocket came out more when open and the straps were sewn in so the buckles didn’t slide out of reach and also not so long.” – By K. Mares
Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent Product – better than expected
“It is comfortable roomy and well constructed. I can’t think of one thing I would do to improve it. It holds 3 cameras (2 Olympus, 1 Nikon & lenses easily. with room to spare for a point and shoot. I don’t have a ton of lenses, but this item has room to spare for flashes and extra lenses should you desire them. The rain flap over the zipper is well designed. The seaming is well made. I heard some that critisized the zippers and difficulty operating them. I did not find this to be true. You have to keep the flap away when zipping up, but that is a small inconveinience to pay when you consider its protection. It is very roomy.” – By J. M. Biles
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Tamrac 5588 Expedition 8x Expert Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Tamrac 5588 Expedition 8x Features & Specifications

The Expedition 8x is Tamrac’s largest backpack for carrying the most extensive collection of photo equipment. The main compartment is completely foam padded with numerous adjustable, foam-padded dividers to protect multiple pro-size digital SLRs, a full range of lenses, and flashes. A camera with a long zoom lens attached is suspended on two vertical, foam-padded dividers that are internally reinforced with rigid plastic. Restraint straps hold the lens firmly in place. Three Windowpane-Mesh™ pockets inside the front flap visibly organize filters and other accessories. A plastic, foam-padded platform in bottom provides shock protection while a LockDown™ rain flap protects the zipper from the elements.

Foam-padded Computer Pocket
A foam-padded front pocket with water-resistant zipper protects laptops with up to 17″ screens and provides easy access without disturbing photo gear.

Dual Hinge Divider System
New Dual Hinge Divider System adjusts to allow two digital SLRs to be carried with lenses attached.

“Wing” Accessory Pockets
Dual “wing” pockets with water-resistant zippers organize and provide quick access to important accessories without disturbing your other gear. These “wing” pockets also feature Tamrac’s patented Memory & Battery Management System™ that uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries from ones that are used up.

QuickClip™ Tripod Attachment System
A tripod is cradled (centered and balanced) securely between these pockets with Tamrac’s QuickClip™ tripod attachment system while the lower plastic-reinforced Tripod Foot Pocket holds two tripod legs secure.

The Harness
The state-of-the-art harness system features Dual-Density Comfort Pads that provide maximum carrying comfort while Air Flow Channels help keep you cool and dry during extended use. The pack is also equipped with a BioCurve™ dual-pivoting waist belt to provide a wide range of adjustment. Cinch straps on the shoulder harness and waist belt, and an expandable sternum strap allow finer adjustments for maximum comfort. The harness also features “D” rings that accept Tamrac’s optional backpack camera strap (Model N-11).

M.A.S.™ and S.A.S.™ Compatible
Strap Accessory System™ (S.A.S.™) and Modular Accessory System™ (M.A.S.™) attachment slots on the pack provide a convenient place to carry Tamrac’s optional M.A.S.™ and S.A.S.™ products (shown on right). Four SpiderTabs™ provide additional attachment points for expedition equipment or extra clothing.

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