Tamrac 5577 Expedition 7

Tamrac 5577 Expedition 7 is camera bag to protect and quick access to an SLR, lenses, flash, and accessories. The bag features Dual Wing pockets feature Tamracs patented Memory & Battery Management System to identify available memory cards and batteries with QuickClip tripod attachment system holds tripod centered and balanced while Tripod Foot Pocket holds two tripod legs secure includes State of the art harness system features Dual Density Comfort Pads and Air Flow Channels and dual-pivoting waist belt. The Tamrac 5577 Expedition 7 has exterior size 13 x 13.5 x 19.5″ (33 x 34 x 50 cm) (WxDxH), interior size 11 x 6.25 x 16″ (28 x 16 x 41 cm) (WxDxH), and weighs 6.5 lbs (2.95 kg).

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Tamrac 5577 Expedition 7 User Reviews

Great Backpack – ALMOST Perfect
“This backpack is very well built, excellent construction and materials quality. The straps are extremely comfortable and designed to place the load on your hips, which is a bonus (and the way a good hiking pack should be designed) if you carry a lot of gear. They are well padded and breathable, with compression straps and a full array of EASY to use adjustments, I will admit in this regard it outshines anything Lowepro has in my opinion. The padding is PHENOMINAL, I carry around about $10K in gear when I go hiking, some people carry more or less, but lets face it – pro, semi-pro, or beginner, camera gear is expensive, and this pack is the FIRST pack I’ve owned that I feel my gear is SAFE…” – By STCImaging
Rating: ★★★★☆

This Bag is made for Heavy hauling
“The 5577 Expedition is well named. You could go on an expedition with this bag and feel very secure that your gear would be protected. This is not a small bag and will carry just about everything you would ever need. Be prepared though, once it is packed it is a load. More than enough room for my equipment. Very rugged. Very well padded at the shoulder harness and lumbar areas. Very Nice accessory pockets. With the MAS system you can even add more attachments to carry more. I would highly recommend!” – By Dan Couch
Rating: ★★★★★

Very nice photo backpack
“I was upgrading from a smaller microtrekker bag because it wouldn’t hold the longer zoom lens I recently purchased. The Expedition 7 bag is plenty big (too big?) for lots of gear, accessories, etc. It isn’t a light bag (weighs roughly 6 pounds with nothing in it) but it has great shoulder and back support and comfort. I’m using it now for my camera gear as well as a camcorder. I’m happy with the purchase.” – By Blazing
Rating: ★★★★☆

“I used this backpack to take pictures in the Anartic, South Georgia and Falkland Islands. It was extremely comfortable (I had a Nixon with a telephoto lens plus three more lenses – tripod, etc. Equipment was accessible and the weight was nicely distributed for ease of carrying. This was more important for me as I am an above the knee amputee and walk with a prosthesis and walking sticks. “ – By Louis Krodel
Rating: ★★★★★

Tamrac Expedition 7
“First, I love Tamrac!!! I have a small bag that I have had for years and love! The Expedition 7 is HUGE and I know I looked at it and it said it was large but it is really big and when you fill it up, it is heavy. I like it a lot and will use it to store and keep all of my equipment safe and all in one place. It won’t be as handy as I was expecting, but it is a really nice bag with lots of storage space which was what I needed.” – By Ibappy
Rating: ★★★★☆

It does say EXPEDITION
“Finally, I have a pack that I can take all my gear to the mountains in! I needed a pack to carry photo equipment as well as necessities for long hikes and climbing trips – comfortably. This bag does the trick. I’m 5’8″ and used to hiking with a lot of climbing and photo gear. This bag makes the job much easier. A few things I wish it had are mesh pockets, slightly larger outer storage pocket, and a water-resistant bottom (e.g. a rubberized bottom) for the occasional stream crossing.” – By Steve Woods
Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent bag-very happy with purchase
“I was able to fit my 40d with tele lens, 2 other tele lenses, a 50mm prime, a 70-200 sigma ex zoom, a bogen grip head, filters, hoods for all lenses, a battery charger, 420 flash, remote shutter release, 8 flash cards, lens cloth, dust-off, 16 AA batteries, and attached my manfrotto 055x tripod. I also attached 2 Tamrac water bottle holders and 2 medium accessory pouches (for lunches). Plenty of room for this and more. The accessory mounting system is excellent with this bag.” – By Thomas Graves
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Tamrac 5577 Expedition 7 Expert Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Tamrac 5577 Expedition 7 Features & Specifications

The Expedition 7 is a large pack that accommodates a full complement of photographic equipment. Dual “wing” pockets with water-resistant zippers organize and provide quick access to important accessories without disturbing your other gear. These “wing” pockets feature Tamrac’s Patented Memory & Battery Management System¿ that uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries.

Tamrac’s QuickClip¿ tripod attachment system holds a tripod centered and balanced, while the lower, plastic-reinforced Tripod Foot Pocket holds two tripod legs secure. The main compartment protects multiple pro-size digital or film SLRs, a full range of lenses, and flashes. Two Windowpane-Mesh pockets inside the front flap visibly organize filters, film and other accessories. A plastic, foam-padded platform in the bottom provides shock protection while a LockDown¿ Rain Flap protects the zipper from the elements.

The state-of-the-art harness system features Dual-Density Comfort Pads to provide maximum carrying comfort while Air Flow Channels help keep you cool and dry. A BioCurve¿ dual-pivoting waist belt provides a wide range of adjustment. Compatible with Tamrac’s Modular Accessory System¿ and Strap Accessory System¿ products.

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