Tamrac 5502 Explorer 2

Tamrac 5502 Explorer 2 is compact camera bag for carrying and protecting a film or digital SLR camera with a grip, 5.0″ lens attached, a few additional lenses, small flash and accessories. The bag features Main comparent features Tamrac’s Dual Foam Technology for shock protection and a custom fit to equipment with Tamrac’s patented Memory & Battery Management System, which uses red flags to identify which memory cards and batteries are available include Total Coverage Top with quick-release buckle and zipper closures provides weather protection completed Adjustable, BioCurve non-slip shoulder strap, and an EasyGrip carrying handle provide convenient carrying options. The Tamrac 5502 Explorer 2 has exterior size 9½W x 7¼D x 9H (24 x 18 x 23 cm), interior size 8¼W x 5D x 7¾H (21 x 13 x 20 cm), and weighs 1 lb. 6.3 oz. (632 g).

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User Opinions

Tamrac 5502 Explorer 2 User Reviews

Great little bag
“This is a great little bag for a simple DSLR kit. The 2 adjustable dividers gives 3 snug compartments. Mine carries my Nikon D60 w/18-55 zoom attached, a 55-200 zoom w/hood, an SB-400 flash (inside deep compartments), lens pen, extra battery + charger, remote control, extra SDHC card with reader, lens cloth, USB cable, extra AA’s for flash (in outside compartments). Packing it right–putting 55-200 zoom on camera, then putting 18-55 zoom & flash in same compartment–gives me the 3rd compartment for another lens. “ – By Rob
Rating: ★★★★★

Tamrac Explorer 2 DSLR Camera Bag
“The size of this bag was just what I wanted. Good protection for the DSLR with lens mounted. Room is tight and depending what lens is mounted room for flash and extra lens. Since I will fell up every nook and carny, this is great size for walking around with because you cant make it heavy buy stuffing to much camera gear in it. “ – By Thomas C. Gray
Rating: ★★★★★

Perfect size, lots of compartments
“I have a Panasonic DVC FZ20 and there is room for the camera, flash cards, charger, sun guard, SunPak flash accessory, cords and user manual. Nicely padded and easy to carry. Great for digital cameras that don’t have extra lens attachments. “ – By Y. Griffiths
Rating: ★★★★★

Decent Camera Bag
“This is a decent camera bag. It holds all the camera equipment I have so far. I have a Nikon D60, SB-600, 18-55mm lens, a 55-200mm lens on camera and a lens hood. All these fit in the main compartments and my spare battery and cleaning stuff fits in the front pocket. It is a decent buy and I would recommend it if you have about the same amount of camera equipment. “ – By Mr. Stunner
Rating: ★★★★☆

Roomier than Explorer 1 (Tamrac 5501) for a DSLR with extra lenses
“The Explorer 2 is just a little bigger in all dimensions than the Explorer 1… big enough to comfortably hold all the same equipment for the D90, and the camera does not protrude. The “2” also comes with a pair of horizontal dividers to let you stack things on top of each other, on either side of the camera. Getting to a lower lens might be a little challenging, and my gear doesn’t need these; but they could be useful for some people.” – By Charlie Howard
Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent Bag…better than expected
“This bag has received some excellent reviews, and everything I wanted to say about this bag has already been said by others, so I will keep this short. I was quite impressed with the construction of this bag. The quality of the materials and workmanship was better than expected. The bag fits my Sony Alpha 350 with battery pack and Sigma 18-250mm lens attached perfectly. It has enough room remaining to store my Sony SAL 1118 (11-18mm lens) along with the Sony HVL-F56AM (which is a large flash).” – By L. Barnes
Rating: ★★★★★

Good quality. Be warned: too small for most everyday DSLR use
“Just purchased this bag based on mostly positive reviews at Amazon. It’s indeed a well-made, attractive bag and its material is of high quality. However, if you are even like me, a DSLR novice with limited gears (Pentax K7 with 2 zoom lens and one standalone flash), it will be too small for you. It seems that the bag is intended more for compact camera users than for true DSLR customers. Regrettably I have to return the bag.” – By James Ouyang
Rating: ★★★★☆

right one for my 50D+18-200 lens
“just perfect fits my 50D+18-200 lens with the hood. i can put everything in the bag,even the cleaning kit can be put in the bag separately. and most important, it does its job to protect your camera in every way.” – By Shi Li
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Tamrac 5502 Explorer 2 Expert Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Tamrac 5502 Explorer 2 Features & Specifications

The Tamrac Explorer 2 is ideal for carrying most digital or film SLRs (like Canon’s 20D) with a grip and zoom lens attached, several additional lenses, a flash and accessories. The main compartment features Tamrac’s Dual-Foam Technology for shock protection and a custom fit to equipment. An external front pocket features Tamrac’s patented Memory and Battery Management System, which uses red flags to identify which memory cards and batteries are available and which ones are used up. A Speed Pocket on the front flap secures and provides quick access to small accessories. A Total Coverage Top with quick-release buckle and zipper closures provides weather protection. Inside the lid is a smooth nylon pocket for holding lens cleaning paper and an open pocket in the back holds an instruction manual. An adjustable, BioCurve non-slip shoulder strap, and an EasyGrip carrying handle provide convenient carrying options for the Explorer 2.

Dual-Foam Technology
First instituted in our professional lens cases many years ago, Dual-Foam Technology is used in many of our bags today. It combines closed-cell foam to provide maximum shock protection with open-cell foam for vibration dampening and a custom fit.

Memory and Battery Management System
Many of our camera bags feature the patented Memory and Battery Management System, which provides quick access to memory cards, batteries and accessories. This unique system uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries from ones that are used up.

Total Coverage Tops
Many Tamrac bags offer triple protection against rain, dust and sand. Our Total Coverage Tops offer triple protection against the elements by providing three levels of security: hook and loop closures for quick access, EasySqueeze quick-release buckles for security, and a zipper closure for the ultimate weather protection.

Strap Accessory System (S.A.S.)
Tamrac’s Strap Accessory System has components that attach to the shoulder straps of most of our camera bags and backpacks to allow photographers to personalize and customize their carrying systems.

Modular Accessory System (M.A.S.)
This system allows photographers to customize and personalize their backpacks, shoulder bags, and cases by using accessories that quickly attach to the many Tamrac products that feature the M.A.S. attachment slots. These accessories will also attach to any belt or to Tamrac’s Modular Accessory Belt.

A Look Inside
* A – Total Coverage Top
* B – Smooth nylon accessory pocket
* C – Padded BioCurve shoulder strap with Strap Accessory System attachment slots
* D – Modular Accessory System attachment slots
* E – Adjustable, foam-padded dividers
* F – Main compartment features Dual-Foam Technology
* G – Easy-Squeeze buckle
* H – Full-length, zippered Speed Pocket secures small accessories

(Camera and accessories shown for illustration purposes only. They are not included and must be purchased separately.)

Tamrac 5502 Explorer 2

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