Sunpak PZ40X II

Sunpak PZ40X II is a flash (guide number of 65′ (20 m) at 24mm – 133′ (40 m) at 80mm at ISO 100) with a fast recycling time in a compact, durable body. It features Flash Control Mode Canon: E-TTLII, E-TTL Nikon: i-TTL, D-TTL Sony(α): ADI, P-TTL; Angle of Coverage 84° to 30° (24-80mm in 35mm format); Vari-Power Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 & 1/16; Bounce Head with 90 degrees tilt; Zoom Head 24-80mm (flash senses focal length & adjusts), with Manual overide; Recycle Time 10 Seconds with fresh alkaline batteries & full power, 8 Seconds with fresh NiMH batteries & full power; Power Source Two 1.5-Volt AA batteries. The Sunpak PZ40X II measures 2.5 x 3.6 x 3.5″ (63 x 93 x 90mm) WxHxD and weighs 7.2 oz (205 g) (without batteries).

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Sunpak PZ40X II Expert Reviews

Techrevu reviews the Sunpak PZ40X II and writes;
“I found the 130 guide number (ISO 100/feet) @ 80mm completely adequate for lighting interior rooms, and the zoom head faithfully working to match the camera’s lens, at least within its range of 24-80mm. The minimum auto range for the unit is 4.9 feet, but I had no trouble shooting right down to my camera’s minimum distance, well under two feet. The autofocus assist light is a help in low-light situations, and the display is well-lit and easy to read. The unit does an auto-shutdown after 5 minutes to keep you from running down the batteries, a nice touch. “
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User Opinions

Sunpak PZ40X II User Reviews

For older Nikon and Nikon digital cameras
“A compact flash unit for older Nikon film (IE: F4 or F5) and early digital Coolpix non-dedicated hot shoe flash enabled cameras. If you have a newer Nikon digital (IE: D60) or Nikon compatible camera, this flash will not work in automatic mode. Older Nikon cameras with TTL capability – this flash works great. The strobe voltage at the hot shoe when fully charged is 4.6 volts, well below the harmful voltage threshold to cause damage to your digital camera. “ – By The WB
Rating: ★★★★★

Sunpak PZ40X II digital flash
“I bought this little flash to use with my Nikon D90. This flash works well with the camera. It does not have many bells and whistles for special effects, but it’s light, simple and the price is right. Recycle time is reasonable for quick burst at close range. I used it on around 1,200 shots without a single problem. “ – By Ky D. Ngo
Rating: ★★★★☆

Works great with Nikon D40
“Best way to describe this flash is that it does what it says. I have owned it for about 3 months now with no problems. I use rechargeable batteries and get pretty good use out of one charge. I keep it in the auto mode so not sure about everything its capable of but I do know it has a lot of options. I would recommend this not just for the price but for the great pictures it relievers” – By Robin Lee
Rating: ★★★★★


Sunpak PZ40X II User Manual

– Download Sunpak PZ40X II User Manual (PDF – 5.1MB)

Features & Specifications

Sunpak PZ40X II Features & Specifications

The Sunpak PZ40X II–an upgrade over the original PZ40X–is a powerful, full-featured, lightweight, shoe-mount electronic flash unit designed for all Nikon TTL, D-TTL, and i-TTL cameras, including the top-selling Nikon D200, D2X, and D100. The flash is backwards-compatible, with TTL metering for all TTL flash Nikon cameras, but also works manually with nondedicated cameras employing a single-contact hot shoe. And even though it’s 40 percent smaller and significantly lighter than previous flash units with the same features, the flash offers an impressive ISO guide number that ranges from 60 at the 24mm zoom-head setting to 120 at 80mm.

The PZ40X II offers such advanced features as i-TTL auto flash; a large, full-info, backlit LCD for controlling and monitoring all settings; and a power zoom-bounce flash head covering 35mm focal lengths (from 24 to 80mm) in continuously variable auto mode or five manual steps. Tilt positions range from zero to straight up for maximum bounce flexibility, while the built- in, near-IR auto-focus-assist beam turns on automatically when needed.

Other details include five power ratio settings down to 1/16, flash exposure confirmation, a bar graph flash range display, and power-saving circuitry that automatically sets the unit to standby mode after five minutes. The Sunpak PZ40X II is powered by two AA alkaline, NiMH, or ni-cad batteries and comes in an all-black finish.

Features include:

* Guide number: 60 at 24mm zoom head to 120 at 80mm
* Rounded and functional design
* Compatibility with i-TTL, D-TTL, multi-sensor balanced fill-flash (Nikon), and standard TTL auto
* Multi-step auto power zoom works with 24mm to 80mm focal length lens
* Power ratio can be set 5 steps
* Equipped with vertical-up 90-degree bounce function
* LED backlight illuminates by pressing mode select button
* AF assist light supports better autofocus performance in the dark
* Auto power save function

Compatible with:

* Nikon digital D200, D70s, D70, and D50 cameras (i-TTL)
* Nikon digital D2X, D2Hs, D2H, and D100 cameras (D-TTL)
* Nikon film F5, F100, and F75/N75 3D cameras (TTL)

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