Sunpak 4300 Pro-B Tripod

Sunpak 4300 Pro-B Tripod is an Ultra-lightweight Tritanium alloy tripod for incredible strength-to-weight performance. The tripod features Universal ballhead, Single-action locking lever, Elevation lock knob, Split center column, Angle adjustment latch, Tension adjustment collar, Removable accessory hanger, Quick release leg locks, and Mounting platform with lock knob. The Sunpak 4300 Pro-B Tripod has maximum height of 62.9 inches, minimum height 11 inches, Folded Length 23.2 inches, Load Capacity 11 pounds, and weighs 2.7 pounds.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Features & Specifications

Sunpak 4300 Pro-B Tripod Features & Specifications

Designed for use with conventional 35mm and medium format camera systems, video and digital imaging equipment, the Sunpak 3300 Pro-B tripod sets a new standard for all other lightweight tripods to achieve, both in performance and style. Manufactured from Tritanium (an ultra-lightweight alloy of titanium, magnesium and aluminum), the 3300 Pro-B delivers incredible strength-to-weight performance.

The 3300 Pro-B extends from a minimum working height of 11 inches to a maximum height of 62.9 inches, and folds down to a compact 23.2 inches. Weighing in at an ultra-light 2.7 pounds, the 3300 Pro-B supports up to 11 pounds of equipment, and features 3-position angle-adjustment latches for maximum stability and added strength.

Separate leg extensions with quick release leg locks permit setting your equipment at a comfortable height on even or uneven terrain, and a lift and lock split center column facilitates quick, precise height adjustments, while allowing extreme low-angle capabilities. A removable accessory hanger on the center column permits you to suspend a stabilizing weight to reduce camera/tripod movement when shooting.

Features include:
* Universal ballhead
* Single-action locking lever
* Elevation lock knob
* Split center column
* Angle adjustment latch
* Tension adjustment collar
* Removable accessory hanger
* Quick release leg locks
* Mounting platform with lock knob

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