Sungale ID800WT Digital Photo Frame

Sungale ID800WT is 8-Inch Touch Screen Digital Photo Frame features 512 MB internal memory, 800×600 high-resolution picture display, Brightness: 500:1, Contrast: 250 cd/m2, built-in USB port, and Internal stereo speakers. This digital photo frame also supports SD, MMC, MSXD, CF, and USB Thumb Drives; Plays JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, WMA, AVI, and MP3 media files. The Digital Photo Frame measures 13 x 9.4 x 2.8 inches and weight 2.6 pounds.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Sungale ID800WT Digital Photo Frame Expert Reviews

Geardiary reviews the Sungale ID800WT Digital Photo Frame and writes;
“Overall I was very impressed with the image quality. Once I had my Wi-Fi information stored I did not experience any issues with connectivity… While the Wi-Fi is a nice touch – connecting it requires some manual steps. When I disconnected the power from the frame and went to use it again I had to go through the Wi-Fi connection process of entering my Wi-Fi network name and password all over again. The touch screen, while much more helpful with data entry than the back panel buttons, still takes some concentration and might frustrate someone without technical skills (and patience).”
rating: N/A

Overclockersonline reviews the Sungale ID800WT Digital Photo Frame and writes;
“With a large, vibrant 8′ screen with 800×600 resolution, your pictures will be displayed with great clarity. In terms of physical design, there are no flaws. The 512MB of internal storage capacity is a bit on the small side. You can, however, plug in your large capacity memory card or flash drive and easily display the photos from that, which is nice. The menus are easy to navigate thanks to the responsive touchscreen. Its ability to play videos and music is also a plus.”
rating: N/A

I4U reviews the Sungale ID800WT Digital Photo Frame and writes;
“The Sungale ID800WT is easily one of the better digital photo frames on the market with great image quality and video playback capabilities. The Sungale ID800WT is a very good product that will be welcome in any home or office.”
Rating: ★★★★½

User Opinions

Sungale ID800WT Digital Photo Frame User Reviews

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Sungale ID800WT Digital Photo Frame User Manual (PDF)

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Features & Specifications

Sungale ID800WT Digital Photo Frame Features & Specifications

The newly designed Sungale ID800WT Wi-Fi Enabled Touch Screen digital media frame hosts a bevy of handy Wi-Fi widgets along with Hi-Resolution Photo, Music and Video Playback options. With the Sungale ID800WT Digital Media Frame, accessing information from the internet and displaying your cherished memories have never been easier with its Hi-resolution multi-touch screen and convenient Wi-Fi connection.

Access RSS feeds from Google and Yahoo news, Search for current weather conditions and forecasts, listen to hundreds of local and international IP radio stations for free, watch your favorite streaming YouTube clips, Read G-mail alerts without having to turn on your computer, look up stocks by stock symbol or company name and download your photos straight from Picasa all at the tips of your fingers.

The Sungale ID800WT displays photos in clear, crisp hi resolution color on its 8-inch TFT LCD screen and with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and brightness of 500:1 viewing your favorite video clips are shown in the highest quality. The Sungale ID800WT matches any home décor with its interchangeable frame and its wall-mountable option.

Sungale Wi-Fi Touch ID800WT Highlights

Stay Connected
* Have Access to the Internet with Wi-Fi Widgets- Access news, weather, YouTube Videos, IP Radio Stations, Stocks, G-mail Alerts and Picasa using the ID800WT Wi-Fi Connection Set-up.
* Standard Features Included-Stay organized with the Digital Calendar and analogue clock with alarm features.

Easy To Use
* Download Photos, Videos and Music in a Snap-Plug in and Play using the easy PC management Program that lets you quickly browse for content and upload it into your frame. No difficult file conversions here.
* Navigate using the full Multi-Touch Screen-Make navigating through your Wi-Fi Widgets, photos, video and music files fun with the user-friendly interactive multi-touch screen interface.

Multi Media Playback Features
* View Your Contents Right Away-Upload contents into your frame via the provided USB cable or pop in your SD, MMC, MS or XD memory card from your digital camera to manage and view your photos.
* Select How and When you View- With different slide show timed sequences, background music options and fun slide show transitions customize your photo viewing experience.

Store more Videos, Music and Photos- Store more with the 512 MB of internal memory and up to 8 GB of expandable memory using an SD/MMC/MS/XD Memory cards.

Quality Viewing
Clear Hi Resolution Display- With an 8-inch (4:3 Aspect Ratio) hi-resolution TFT LCD full color screen and a hi-resolution of 800 RGBx600 pixels your memories never looked so good.

Youtube: Top ten Youtube programs for your entertainment
RSS news: Google & Yahoo
IP Radio: Thousands of stations for your selection
Picasa: View and download your photos
Gmail: Watch your email without a PC
Weather: Real time weather report in your area
Video: AVI
Music: WMA / MP3
Calendar: Digital Calendar
Clock: Analogue Clock display
Touch Screen: Touch screen to do your operation

* Auto link to your home wireless router, auto configuration
* View and download your photos on internet
* Listen thousands of IP Radio stations on the global
* Input Zip code to find real time weather report in your area
* RSS to view your favorite and personal YouTube
* Top ten YouTube programs for your entertainment
* Display Google news and Yahoo news
* Gmail watchable
* Touch screen make you enjoy your operation
* Digital Calendar
* analogue clock display
* USB Slave for PC to manage your files
* 8-inch hi-resolution LCD screen/Slide show/video/music

Display type: TFT LCD
Screen dimension: 8-inch (4:3)
Resolution: 800RGBx600pixels
Brightness: 500:1
Contrast: 250 cd/m2
Photo file formats: JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP
Music file formats: WMA / MP3
Video file formats: AVI
USB connection: USB Host and USB device
Power supply: AC 100—-240V DC 5V 2

What’s in the Box:
* Sungale ID800WT Wi-Fi Enabled Touch Screen digital media frame
* Outer Interchangeable Frame
* Cleaning Pad
* USB cable
* User Manual
* Quick Start Guide.

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