Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8

Last updated (18 June’10):
– Review by Kurtmunger

Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 is a macro lens features 30mm at focal length with maximum aperture of F/2.8. The lens construction has 6 elements in 5 groups and has diagonal angle of view at 50 degrees. Closest focusing distance at 12.9cm and has a filter size of 49mm. The Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 lens weighs 5.3 Ounces and it measures 2.8 inches in diameter and 2inches long.

Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8
Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 Reviews

Kurtmunger reviews the Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 and writes;
“The lens is a little soft at F/2.8, but sharpens up nicely as you start to close the aperture. At macro distances, F/5.6-8 looks great. The corners are not quite as sharp as the centers at longer distances, but at close focus they look fine, see the stamp shot. Color fringing is very low, and so is flare and ghosting. All things considered, this lens does a very good job, especially for the price.”
rating: N/A

Ephotozine reviews the Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 and writes;
“Overall, this is a very interesting lens, especially when its price is taken into consideration. It offers a macro solution that is capable of producing images of very good quality, so long as it is used within its limitations.”
Rating: ★★★★½

User Opinions

Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 User Reviews

A High Quality And Affordable Macro Lens | Rating: ★★★★☆
“Having the same aperture as the SAL50 and SAL100, the SAL30 is a bright lens, making it easy for you to shoot small objects without the need to attach macro lighting on your DSLR. Most of the time, an external flash is more than adequate to light up the subject.” – by Andrew Siew

It’s a small world !! | Rating: ★★★★★
“This one is Sonys first dedicated macro at an affordable price. It does not disappoint! With a minimum focus distance of 4.1 inches you can get very close. Both my friends and myself are amazed at the quality of the pictures. “ – by seattle tequila

30mm Sony Lens | Rating: ★★★★★
“I have used this twice since I purchased it, and both times I have been impressed with the sharp results I have achieved. I have only hand held it during this test period, and even then it has performed very well. I love the depth of field.” – by James A. Ehle

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Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 Sample Photos

Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 Sample Photos @ Mylensdb
Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 Sample Photos @
Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 Sample Photos @
Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 Sample Photos @


Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 User Manual

– Download Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 User Manual (PDF – 1.9Mb)

Features & Specifications

Sony SAL30M28 30mm f/2.8 Specifications

With a macro lens, you gain entry to another dimension. Focus on close-up objects with 1:1 life-size imaging with the SAL35M28 macro lens with a built-in Smooth Autofocus motor. With a 35mm equivalent of 45mm, this macro lens makes it easy to transform the everyday details of life into photographic works of art, ideal for close-up and portrait shots.

Focal Length
Equivalent 35mm when mounted on an APS format DSLR: 45mm
Lens Groups / Elements: 5/6
Angle of View (APS): 50°

Aperture Blades: 7
Circular Aperture: Yes
Maximum Magnification Ratio: 1
Minimum Aperture: 22
Minimum Focus: 0.129m
Filter Diameter: 49mm

Additional Features
Distance Scale: Yes
Distance Encoder: Yes

Dimensions (Diameter x Length): 70 x 45mm
Mass Approx: 150g

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