Sony HVL-F58AM

Sony HVL-F58AM features Flash Coverage : GN58 = up to 58 meters (190 ft) at ISO100 with 105mm lens; Flash Modes: Control: Bounce angles: Upward – 90 degrees; Downward – minus 10 degrees; Left/ Right (Front/Back) – 180 degrees; Automatic Light Control; Storage Temperature : (-4 to +140°F (-20 to +60°C). The Sony HVL-F58AM measures W x H x D (77 x 147 x 106 mm) and weighs 15.6 oz (440 g).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Sony HVL-F58AM User Reviews

I love this flash
“Using indoors, the built in flash card works great when bouncing it off ceiling & walls which makes for a more natural looking picture with a little catch-light in the eyes. The wireless function works great also. I’ve used it off-camera (wireless)with another flash I own for even more fun. After having finally getting my hands on this flash & using it, I am well satisfied with my decision. “ – By K. Dresang
Rating: ★★★★★

Best Flash you could ever find
“This is without a doubt the best flash you could ever find and own… I am an enthusiast amateur and I can tell to anyone without a photographic knowledge that you will be fascinated with this and to the people that do know a little bit more (or a lot) you can just relay on the specification because they are all true and they are AWESOME. You wont regret the buy of this flash!! “ – By Guillermo Valdes
Rating: ★★★★★

Good Flash
“This unit works well. It is bright enough to light up a wide angle shot in a small hall with some ambient light, without blowing out close up shots. It has a fast recharge, and good color balance. I prefer the results obtained when using an aftermarket opaque white diffuser, reducing mirror/glass glare or “stars”, and providing a more uniform exposure.” – By D. Clewley
Rating: ★★★★★

This is a fantastic flash!
“This is a fantastic flash. It does well with battery power and the only negative thing I can say is that in all the times I’ve used it (and that’s been ALOT) I’ve had it overheat twice. Once at an outdoor summer wedding and once at an indoor baby shower. I turned it off and could resume using it again in about 5 minutes. This is not a defect of the flash, just hot environments with heavy use. I would NOT let this stop me from buying it or buying a second one to have in case this happens. I would HIGHLY recommend this flash!” – By Kathy Adams
Rating: ★★★★★

Word the extra $$$ over the F42
“I’ve used the HVL-F42am for quiet some time now and I am starting to play with off-camera lighting with small flash unit. Decided to get this flash for it’s capability of acting as a master control unit to utilize my F42 as a slave. I also do on-camera lighting for family events which I love bouncing light all over the place… All I have to say is WOW!! I think this is the most flexible flash out there. The quick bounce helps you direct light in almost any direction you want withough nuking your subject with direct flash.” – By B. Valenzuela
Rating: ★★★★★

Best camera flash for Sony Alpha DSLR
“The Sony HVL-F58AM Camera flash provided flawless service during the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco. Due to the poor lighting in foggy San Francisco I needed fill flash to light the runners. I had a Sony battery pack which provided a re-cycle time of about two seconds at full power. I shot 1845 fill flashes and used up 20 rechargeable batteries and did not have any over heating problems. “ – By Manuel A. Hernaez
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Sony HVL-F58AM Expert Reviews

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Sony HVL-F58AM User Manual

– Download Sony HVL-F58AM User Manual (PDF – 9.9MB)

Features & Specifications

Sony HVL-F58AM Features & Specifications

The HVL-F58AM flash unit delivers flexible lighting control for α DSLR photographers. The innovative new Quick Shift Bounce system allows the flash to pivot 90 degrees left and right to maintain a proper lighting position, even when shooting vertically. The HVL-F58AM can also wirelessly control up to three groups of flashes, and Wireless Ratio Control allows you to specify luminosity ratios for each group. Additionally, the HVL-F58AM features an effective range of more than 45 feet (14.5m) and a fast, five-second recharge time. A built-in wide panel and bounce sheet provide an even greater degree of creative control.

Designed specifically for Sony®
The HVL-F58AM Flash Unit is designed specifically for Sony® α DSLR cameras.

Wireless Ratio Control
Wireless Ratio Control allows customers to wirelessly control up to three groups of flashes, as well as specify the luminosity ratio for each group, so they can enjoy multiple-flash lighting techniques without the need for special equipment or tedious exposure settings.

Modeling light capability
Modeling light capability allows the HVL-F58AM to pulse, helping photographers determine where shadows will fall before taking the picture, so they can alter lighting or subject positioning as necessary.

High-Speed Synchronization
Conventional flashes only work well at shutter speeds from 1/125 to 1/250 of a second. The Sony® HVL-F58AM Flash Unit provides High-Speed Synchronization mode that enables flash sync with shutter speeds from 1/500 to 1/4000 of a second to catch fast-moving subjects.

Large LCD
The large, easy-to-see LCD display and intuitive button layout make it easy to configure the HVL-F58AM for a variety of shooting needs.

High-illumination output
Delivers high-illumination output in a compact, lightweight body, with an effective range of more than 45 feet (14.5m) and guide number 58. (Guide number measures the illumination capability of the flash; the higher the number, the higher the light output. Tested at ISO100, 105mm).

Quick re-charge
The HVL-F58AM Flash Unit recharges approximately 55% faster than the previous Sony® high-end accessory flash (HVL-F56AM), so customers will be ready to catch the next great moment. And because it features a quiet recycle charge, there’s no whine to distract them from their subject.

Stroboscopic lighting control
Stroboscopic lighting control lets the HVL-F58AM fire multiple times during a single exposure, allowing customers to capture stroboscopic images where moving subjects are frozen several times in the frame.

Automatic focal-length adjusting
The HVL-F58AM automatically adjusts flash for focal-length settings from 24mm to 105mm — and a built-in, slide-out wide-angle panel increases wide-angle coverage to 16mm.

The HVL-F58AM comes with a mini-stand that can stand on its own or be mounted to a tripod or lighting stand for increased wireless freedom. Folds up for easy storage.

“Quick Shift Bounce”
The innovative “Quick Shift Bounce” system allows the HVL-F58AM to orbit 90 degrees left and right, allowing you to maintain horizontal light distribution even when shooting vertically. In addition to pivoting side-to-side, the flash unit can also tilt down 10 degrees or back 150 degrees, ensuring customers the lighting freedom they need to capture that perfect shot.

Auto White Balance compensation
Auto White Balance compensation allows for more accurate white balance in flash photography sending color temperature information from the HVL-F58AM to the camera, where it is incorporated into the camera’s white balance settings.

Advanced Distance Integration
ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) metering enables the HVL-F58AM to work more effectively with lenses equipped with distance encoders — combining TTL (through-the-lens) flash metering with guide number control calculated automatically according to the distance to the subject, the ambient light and the pre-flash reflectivity of the subject.

Side-out bounce
The HVL-F58AM features a slide-out bounce sheet built into the flash head, and can be used in portraits and other bounced light shots to direct light at a subject’s pupils to deliver more lively expression.

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