Sony DPP-EX50 Digital Photo Printer

Sony DPP-EX50 Digital Photo Printer is a Photo Printer features Dye-sublimation technology with 403 x 403 dpi resolution, Prints 4-by-6-inch photo in just 80 seconds, Black-and-white LCD; set options and print without a PC, PictureGear Studio Version 2.0 photo editing software, USB 1.1, Memory Stock, and CompactFlash interfaces; PictBridge compatible. The Sony DPP-EX50 Digital Photo Printer measures 2 8/15″ x 7″ x 11″ (64 x 203 x 280mm) and weighs 7 lbs, 8 oz (3.4 Kg) without paper tray.

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Sony DPP-EX50 Digital Photo Printer Reviews

CNET reviews the Sony DPP-EX50 Digital Photo Printer and writes;
“The Sony DPP-EX50 performed really well overall. It took only 1.5 minutes to print our standard 4×6-inch borderless photo, or about 0.7 page per minute (ppm), which makes it one of the fastest snapshot printers we’ve tested and only a tad slower than our current portable champion, the Canon CP-300. The printer worked flawlessly, but it was a little noisy for its size.”
Rating: ★★½☆☆

PCworld reviews the Sony DPP-EX50 Digital Photo Printer and writes;
“The DPP-EX50 printed a 4-by-6-inch photo from a PC in a snappy 89 seconds–almost twice as fast as the Epson PictureMate. The print showed very sharp detail and the luminous quality we expect from dye-sublimation prints, though it had an almost oversaturated look with a slightly orange tone.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

User Opinions

Sony DPP-EX50 Digital Photo Printer User Reviews

Amazing little printer
“If you want photo lab quality pics in the comfort of your home–this printer is it. It is Exif and Pict bridge compatible. You can print from your TV, PC (you will need to buy a USB cord), camera or memory card. The colors are gorgeous and the images are crystal clear. The printer is small enough and light enough to take with you–just plug it into your camera or TV-and you have instant pics to give everyone on your vacation. The photo packs are easy to install and if you don’t like the color or contrast of the picture no need to take it back to the lab—fix it on the computer and make another print.” – by Laure Ross
Rating: ★★★★★

Great Portable Printer
“If you’re going to a wedding or birthday party and want to leave some prints for the celebrants, the EX50 is a great toy to have. You can print up to 4×6 with very high quality on smudge-free paper – and for its intended use, that’s important. You can print directly from Memory Stick or Compact Flash, or you can strap it to your laptop and work that way. You can use the video out jack to view the images on a TV. All this in a compact little package for about $180 – not cheap but this is a good quality tool.” – by Mad Dog
Rating: ★★★★☆

First impressions for the Sony DPP-EX50
“It also includes a printer driver for Windows that allows other applications, presumably for photos, to print using the DPP-EX50. However, while it worked, it had a little annoying problem where the image was slightly off centered. This results in “borderless” prints actually getting a thin white border on the bottom and right sides. I found no way around this bug, including trying to manual re-size the image slightly larger, and trying to move it slightly down/right. While the DPP-EX50 prints absolutely wonderful pictures, I am patiently waiting for Sony to release some software fixes.” – by A Customer
Rating: ★★★★☆

So far So good
“I’ve had this printer for about 6 weeks. I do think it’s strange that it doesn’t come with ink and paper but I was warned before I bought it. I do find the prink packs a little hard to find and too pricy on sony’s website but the printer itself is wonderful and fairly simple. I love the quality of the photos, I think they’re comparable to other regular 1 hour photo shops.” – by Cv
Rating: ★★★★☆

Great little photo printer
“If you want really great color and image sharpness and do not want anything larger than 4″ X 6″ prints, then this printer is a good choice. I’ve used it for about two years with no problems. I figured that if I ever wanted a larger print, like an 8″ X 10”, then I would have a lab do it. Sony does make the ink and paper for this–Look up “Sony SVM-75LS”–it is available from Amazon, among other places. I have to say that the supplied “Picture Gear Studio” software is pretty awful.” – by Christopher Altermatt
Rating: ★★★★☆


Sony DPP-EX50 Digital Photo Printer Brochure & User Guide

Sony DPP-EX50 Digital Photo Printer User Guide

Features & Specifications

Sony DPP-EX50 Digital Photo Printer Features

Why go out to process your pictures when you could have the DPP-EX50 digital photo printer as your all-in-one photo lab? Featuring built-in photo editing features such as red-eye reduction and automatic color correction, the DPP-EX50 makes printing the perfect picture easier than ever. Connecting the DPP-EX50 is a snap. It includes both Memory Stick® and CompactFlash™ media ports, so you’re assured maximum compatibility. It also features a USB 1.1 port for PC connection and a video port for previewing your photos in a slideshow on your television. You can even print directly from your Sony digital camera thanks to its built-in PictBridge™ software.

Lab-quality Prints from your Digital Pictures
Produce beautiful high-quality prints in the convenience of your own home. The DPP-EX50 makes it simple, easy and cost-effective.

3.8 Megapixel High Resolution Photo Quality
The DPP-EX50 photo printer can print images with up to 16.7 million colors in a continuous tone dye-sublimation process, providing outstanding print quality.

LCD Display Panel
Offers easier stand alone operation, and printer status when not connected to a computer or monitor.

SuperCoat 2 Protective Lamination
SuperCoat 2, a unique Sony Lamination process, is applied as a final step in the printing process, protecting the photos from color-shift and fading. Sony photo prints are built to last, resisting moisture, fingerprints and fading.

Memory Stick® Media and Memory Stick PRO™ Media
Digital. Powerful. Transportable.™ The DPP-EX50 supports both Memory Stick® media and Memory Stick PRO™ media–connecting a variety of hardware and software applications.

Slide Show Mode
Connect the printer to a TV using the supplied A/V cables for personal slideshows of your favorite images.

Print Images In Three Sizes
The DPP-EX50 can print borderless 4″x6″ postcard sized prints, borderless 31/2″ x 5″ prints, or economical 3 1/2″x4″ prints.

High Speed Printing
Sony’s new and improved Photo Quality Processor allows you to print a 4″ x 6″ picture in about 80 seconds–including processing time.

Image Optimization Functions
Image Optimization functions through Sony’s Photo Quality Process helps to improve picture quality including sharpness and automatic color correction.

Easy-to-Use Interface
Core printer functions displayed on TV screen via video output for ease of use and improved functionality. The on-screen Graphical Interface menu system makes image editing easy. Create personalized greeting cards and calendars with the printer’s built-in editor.

Compact Size
At just 2 1/2″ x 8″ x 11″, the DPP-EX50’s small size fits easily within your lifestyle. Whether next to your TV, or near your PC, the DPP-EX50 makes it easy to print your digital pictures. (Dimensions do not include paper tray.)

PC-Free Direct Printing
Print images directly from Memory Stick® media, CompactFlash®, and other popular flash media (using adaptor). Or, connect your camera directly to your printer using PictBridge™. You can even connect the DPP-EX50 to your TV for easy image preview and editing.

Dye Sublimation Printing
Dye-sublimation technology uses layers of color dye to create continuous tone images with color richness that rivals traditional photo prints.

PictBridge™ Compatibility
Connect your PictBridge compatible camera to the DPP-EX50 via USB cable for a simple photo printing method without the need for a computer.

PC Compatible via USB
For added use and function, the DPP-EX50 can be connected to your PC using the USB connection and the supplied Sony Software driver.

Auto Feeder Tray
Print up to 30 images in one session, without having to feed paper into the printer one sheet at a time. The supplied auto-feed tray will accommodate three different sizes of paper (4″ x 6″, 31/2″ x 5″, and 31/2″ x 4″) for simple, quick and quiet printing.

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