Sony Cyber-shot DSC S600 – Review @ Imaging Resource

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S600 has been reviewed at ImagingResource. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S600 is a 6.0 megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera with 3x optical zoom (31-93mm) and and 2″ LCD screen.


Pros: Attractive design, well-built and compact, Good-quality lens, High contrast, slightly limited tonal range on the shadow end, Good shutter lag and autofocus response times, AF assist lamp allows accurate focusing in very dark conditions, Good exposure accuracy, generally less positive compensation required than average, ISO 400 performance is a bit better than average, (marginally) usable for 8×10 inch prints

Cons: Very “tight” optical viewfinder, shows only 80% or less of the final image area, Flash recycles a little slowly, Some image noise even at low ISO, but most users won’t notice it, ISO 800 and 1,000 images are quite noisy. (ISO 1,000 shots are only usable for 4×6 inch prints.), Maximum one-second shutter time limits low-light capabilities, High barrel and pincushion distortion”

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