Sony CyberShot DSC-N2

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Sony CyberShot DSC-N2 is a point-and-shoot digital camera featuring 10 megapixel CCD sensor, 3x Optical Zoom lens and built-in photo album function. The camera will be available from October 2006 with the price of US$450

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Cameras.UK reviews the Sony CyberShot DSC-N2 (rating: 81/100) and writes;
“I always like to see a digital camera offering something different to the rest. The Sony DSC N2 does this through its touch screen and also its manual exposure mode. Picture quality is good and the camera is stylish as well. Whether or not the camera offers good value for money will depend on how important these extra features are to you…The Sony DSC N2 is a smart looking digital camera with some smart features. It is one of the very few cameras with a touch response LCD screen. It also has a fully manual mode. Shutter lag times are extremely low and this is a good all round pocket sized digital camera.”

Megapixel reviews the Sony CyberShot DSC-N2and writes;
“When we reviewed the DSC-N1, we noted that it might be an indication of things to come: large LCD touch-screens. Yet, aside from this camera, the DSC-N2, an upgrade of the N1, this has not come to pass. A number of cameras nowadays offer large LCD monitors, but these are not touch screens. Yet the interface of the DSC-N2 is responsive, and generally effective, albeit at the cost of monitor that is smudged by fingerprints as fingers are faster to use than the stylus. Changes between this model and the previous one, however, are few. And, although the touch-screens keys work well, the white balance, a key setting, remains buried within the menu instead of being easily accessible, just as it was on the N1.”

Steve’s Digicams have reviewed the Sony CyberShot DSC-N2and write;
“When using the 10M Fine setting the images look great. Outdoors, capturing photos that are sharp from edge to edge isn’t a problem, along with showing accurate exposure and color balance…Bottom line – Like its predecessor, the N2 is a very nice compact digital camera. Offering great performance, pleasing image quality, various exposure modes, and let us not forget the massively “Cool” 3.0-inch touchscreen LCD, I do believe that the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-N2 is sure to be a very popular model this year. With an MSRP of US$399, there won’t be too hard of a tug on your pocket book, especially for a feature packed 10-megapixel digicam. And with that much resolution, printing ideas are almost endless! “

CNET Asia have reviewed the Sony CyberShot DSC-N2 where they rate the camera 7/10 and write;
“We got rather nice-looking pictures with good color, saturation and exposure with this Cyber-shot, although some of our shots turned out slightly warm. Noise at ISO 800 and ISO 1,600 marred image quality, but our shots were still fairly usable at ISO 800. The automatic white balance was accurate on most occasions, failing only under incandescent light and producing a yellow tinge to photos. “

DPInterface has reviewed the Sony CyberShot DSC-N2 and writes;
“Focusing and overall performance is overall above average with the exception of continuous shooting which was extremely disappointing. Image quality was overall good (despite the N2 offering a high 10 megapixels), photos were useable at settings up to ISO 400. The only concerns are redeye and distortion. I think the Sony N2 is geared more to the snap and share group of people. With the fancy playback feature paired with the large touchscreen along with the paint ability and 500-shot album, you’ll quickly have a group of friends crowded around you and your camera. Those who want some manual control with high resolution may also want to check out the N2. Unless you’re shooting studios or sports, you’ll find the Sony N2 appealing and on your considerations list. “

CNET have reviewed the Sony CyberShot DSC-N2 where they rate the camera 7/10 and write;
“The Sony Cyber Shot DSC-N2 is a responsive, 10-megapixel shooter you can easily fit into your pocket. Unfortunately, compression artifacts hurt its images, and its touch screen controls feel awkward. The slightly smaller and more conventionally designed Canon PowerShot SD900 offers cleaner shots at the same resolution…The bottom line: The Sony Cyber Shot DSC-N2 is small and fast, but compression artifacts and an awkward touch screen hinder its use. “

CameraLabs have reviewed the Sony CyberShot DSC-N2 where they rate the camera 82% and write;
“…keep the Sony N2 at 100 or 200 ISO and it’ll deliver great images, although you might wish to turn the somewhat enthusiastic default sharpness down a notch.So like many new cameras this year, much of what’s best about the N2 was present in its predecessor, and while the N2 is capable of recording more detail, the difference between 8.1 and 10.1 Megapixels isn’t great in practice. Ultimately the N2 is a gadget-packed, stylish compact that delivers great quality pictures at lower sensitivities, and as such comes Highly Recommended, but if you happen to find an N1 at a bargain price, you might want to snap it up instead.”

ImagingResource have reviewed the Sony CyberShot DSC-N2 where they write;
“PRO: Responsive with a good shutter lag time, very good shot-to-shot speed, Good overall color accuracy, Very good low-light shooting capabilities, Image noise at ISO 200 and below is pretty good, ISO up to 1,600, touchscreen LCD is efficient and simple to navigate, Very fast Multi-Burst mode. CONS: Slow continuous shooting speeds, High chromatic aberration lens distortion, noticeable in some images at the edges, Slightly warm skin tones, Auto white balance had a hard time with household incandescent lighting, Contrasty default tone curve, Image noise high at ISO 400 and up; at 800 and 1,000 images are almost unusable, Anti-noise processing trades away some subtle subject detail at all ISO levels.”

DCRP have reviewed the Sony CyberShot DSC-N2 where they write;
“Camera performance is excellent. The N2 starts up in 1.6 seconds, focuses very quickly, and has no shutter lag to speak of. The camera focused well in low light situations thanks to its AF-assist lamp. Battery life was above average. The one downside in terms of performance is the N2’s burst mode. It takes just three shots in a row at a very slow 0.7 frames/second. Just about every other compact camera on the market does a better job in this area. Photo quality was very good for the most part. The DSC-N2 took well-exposed photos, with accurate colors and pleasing sharpness. Purple fringing wasn’t a problem, and noise levels were well controlled through ISO 400. Downsides include some corner blurriness and substantial redeye in flash photos.”

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Sony Cybershot DSC N2 video tour

Sony DSC N2 Video Guide

Five TV tested the following cameras: Canon ixus 900ti, Sony DSC-N2 and FinePix F31fd

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– Download Sony CyberShot DSC-N2 User Manual

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Cyber-shot DSC-T50 and DSC-N2 digital cameras, featuring three-inch touch-screen displays and built-in slide show capability.

The new models’ extra-large screens with intuitive menu options allow for less physical buttons on the camera bodies, resulting in a sleeker design. They also incorporate Sony’s Clear Photo Plus LCD technology for higher resolution (230K), higher contrast and optimal viewing from various angles.

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  1. Great camera ! I recommend it !

  2. Felipe - Brazil says:


    I m bought a N2, but language of the camera is only japonese. I want to chage the language to english but i cannot change because i dont have the firmware.

    Do you have the firmware in english or do you know where i find this?


  3. Anna says:

    i have a sony cyber-shot DSC-N2 when i take any pictures that have a (daytime) window with light coming through (or anything for that matter that is bright, ex. TV)it turns out very BRIGHT in the picture. How do I fix this. Thanks, Anna

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