Sony SAL135F18Z 135mm F1.8 Sonnar T* Lens

The Sony Alpha Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA lens is a Semi-Telephoto fixed focal length lens (Equivalent to 202.5mm focal length on Alpha 100) featuring Ultra bright aperture (f/1.8) ideal for shallow depth of field, and Ultra-High Quality Zeiss optics. The lens has filter diameter of 77mm and it an be used with either Digital SLR or Film SLR (Minolta) cameras.

Sony Alpha Sonnar T 135mm f/1.8
Sony SAL135F18Z 135mm F1.8 Sonnar T* Lens Latest Price Info

>> REVIEWS (last updated: 08.02.07)

PhotoReview Australia reviewed the Sony SAL135F18Z 135mm F1.8 Sonnar T* Lens and wrote;
“In our field tests the major difference between pictures taken with the two lenses was the higher levels of brightness and colour saturation provided by the Carl Zeiss lens. In comparison, shots taken with the Sony 75-300mm lens looked rather subdued and much less ‘punchy’. (You could probably adjust the zoom lens shots to look like the shots taken with the Carl Zeiss lens but they wouldn’t be quite as sharp.) Flare was well handled by both lenses but here again the Carl Zeiss lens had a competitive edge and out-of-focus areas were a little more attractively rendered. Autofocusing was very fast and very accurate, even in relatively low light levels, thanks largely to the speed of the lens. This also made the depth of field very shallow at f/1.8 – a fact that must be considered if you choose to use this lens for portraiture or close-ups.”

>> SAMPLE PHOTOS (last updated: 08.02.07)

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Sony SAL135F18Z 135mm F1.8 Sonnar T* Lens Photos & Discussion @ ClubSnap
Sony SAL135F18Z 135mm F1.8 Sonnar T* Lens Sample Photos @ PhotoReview Australia


This wide aperture, high-performance telephoto lens from Carl Zeiss delivers F1.8 brightness not seen elsewhere in 135mm class lenses. Its optical design delivers high imaging performance in addition to a beautiful, defocused effect. Using two (2) ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass lenses, the SAL135F18Z lens successfully corrects chromatic aberrations.

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  1. carpeicthus says:

    I have been sorely tempted to get an A100 just to glue the 135mm f/1.8 on. It’s all that tempts me about the A100.

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