Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 Firmware Update

Sony has recently released its DSLR-A100 latest firmware. The Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 Firmware Ver 1.01 will Address the symptom that in very rare cases, RAW format files may not be opened by the supplied image control software, Picture Motion Browser, Improve image gradation when the shutter speed is 1 sec or longer, and Improve printed picture quality when the image is printed by Epson(R) printer under PRINT Image Matching.

>> Download Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 Firmware Ver 1.01.


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2 Responses to “Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 Firmware Update”

  1. Althine Parades says:

    Last December I purchased the a100 model camera and two Quantaray lenses at Ritz.. When I started using the camera I discovered that one lens (20-105mm Asherical IF) does NOT work insync with the camera. Ritz assured me that Sony would be informed and a firmware update would correct the problem. That was six months ago and I still have a lens that I can’t use with the flash.
    Please can anyone tell if Sony is aware of this problem and if help is on the way.
    I love the camera! I would also like to keep the Quantaray lens because it has metal mounts and a macro feature . But that is not possible unles I can get the flash insync.

  2. FW Parker says:

    I attempted the update, carefully following all instructions and after turning the camera off, it refused to start with the red light flashing angrily…SONY said, return for service…new camera…determined not to upgrade new one…today new one opened and when I went to hit menu, it said you’re 1.0.1 do you want to upgrade? Not connected to the computer!!!! thought it was set to no…it was set to yes…when it starts, no option for out….it finished and said turn off the camera…I did and once again nothing but the angry red light flashing even when the power is off…solution???Authorization to send back once again……Fail safes should be built in….As for the lens not not synching….it’s got to be a Di or Dii class lens or it will not work…our Minolta Autofocus are only good for daylight….Learned that at the loss of $300.00 also

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