Sony Alpha A700

Last update: Review by DevHardware (18 April’08)

The Sony Alpha DSLR A700 is a 12.2 MP DSLR camera from Sony (announced September’07) features a new 23.5 x 15.6 mm (APS-C type) CMOS sensor, Sony Alpha mount; compatible with Minolta A-type bayonet mount, Super SteadyShot CCD-shift stabilization, IONZ image processor, ISO100 – 3200 equivalent, HDMI Output, Optional battery grip, Wireless Flash support, and a 3″ LCD screen. The camera measures Approx. 141.7 x 104.8 x 79.7 mm and weighs Approx. 690 g. The Sony Alpha A700 will be available for US$1,399.99. (Download Brochure)

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Check Availability

Sony Alpha A700 Reviews

DevHardware reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“The body of the A700 is very durable and should stand the test of time. Also, the inputs and outputs on the A700 are covered by rubber flaps which helps to keep dust and moisture out – again, adding to the longevity of the camera. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PCAuthority reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“the A700 takes excellent pictures. Colour reproduction is faithful, and Sony has done a good job of keeping image noise down. Even at the maximum sensitivity of ISO 6400 (the highest the A700 goes).. ”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

MacWorld reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“The Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 is close to being a strong competitor in the DSLR market. It can produce good images, but it’s obvious when using the camera that Sony does not have the legacy of interface development that Canon and Nikon have. The DSLR-A700 has enough handling quirks to frustrate photographers, especially those who suddenly find themselves in a photo opportunity. ”
Rating: ★★★½☆

PPMag reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“The bright 3.0-inch TFT LCD is viewable in most lighting, even from extreme angles, to the point that if you can still see the surface of the screen, you can generally see the picture on it. One handy little feature, when the camera is placed at eye level and the LCD information screen is on, the screen goes dark so the eye doesn’t get distracted.”
Rating: N/A

PCAdvisor reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“With its sharp, 12Mp imaging and with more exposure controls than most photographers – amateur or professional – will likely use, the beefy and finely designed Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 rises to nearly pro-level photography, making it well worth its £1,124 price tag. It is limited mostly by its relatively narrow range of available lenses and accessories. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PCWorld reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“My informal test shots with the A700 were mostly up to expectations. I was impressed with their overall sharpness, especially in macro (close-up) images. In photos with deep shadow and bright highlights, the A700 delivered significantly more shadow detail than did the Panasonic Lumix DMC-L10K, the Samsung GX-10, or my Canon 30D reference camera. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PhotographyBlog reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“Indeed, the A700 is one of the most well-designed and intuitive DSLR cameras that I’ve reviewed, with everything falling to hand, and generally responding to user input immediately. High praise for overall ease of use then..Offering a compelling combination of intuitive design and handling, sophisticated functionality and excellent image quality, the Sony A700 is an easy DSLR camera to recommend. ”
Rating: ★★★★½

Shutterbug reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“The original A100 remains a very fine 10-megapixel entry-level D-SLR but the new enthusiast-level 12-megapixel model is even more desirable because of more effective technology, much greater speed, more rugged construction, and a richer feature set. It should be a strong contender in the mid-range category in spite of fierce competition from other recent 10- and 12-megapixel models. ”
Rating: N/A

ThinkCamera reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“The Sony DSLR-A700 is fantastic to use and comes highly recommended – however, if Sony’s gameplan is to be at the top of the DSLR tree, this one climbs a couple of branches, not the whole redwood. Plus, there’s some stiff competition to contend with, such as the Canon 40D, which manages to include Live View and cost less in the process. But, if you’re thinking of buying a camera, then go and actually handle the Sony – that is where you will feel the functionality of the design.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

WDH reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“There’s very little to complain about on the Sony Alpha 700. The time spent with it was an absolute pleasure – we found it very intuitive. Everything you need is easily to hand, so you can concentrate on picture taking rather than scrolling through menus. Images have excellent resolution and good exposures and tone”
Rating: ★★★★½

LuminousLandscape reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“The A700 is a beautifully crafted photographic instrument. In my time with it I grew quite comfortable with the camera and found it’s output to be very dependable.. the Sony A700 generates great looking photos. It’s an impressively capable camera that produces images with a unique Alpha look. ”
Rating: N/A

DigitalTrends reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
Taking photos with this camera is a joy. It felt solid, nicely balanced with the 16-105mm lens and, as noted, the controls are readily available. The large LCD makes it easy to move through the various options…The alpha DSLR-A700 is an excellent camera and I recommend it without reservation.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Megapixel reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“Heavy and big, the Sony Alpha 700 nevertheless has a good ergonomic design that makes it feel like a professional’s tool. The external controls are well-positioned and easily remembered, and even the On-Off switch is well placed.”
Rating: ★★★★½

TrustedReviews reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“High-ISO noise control is excellent, with printable images showing good detail and colour at 3200 ISO. The actual gain in overall detail compared to a good 10MP DSLR is marginal, but there’s no denying that overall image quality is up there with the very best. If you were considering buying a Nikon D300, Pentax K10D or Canon EOS 40D, you really should take a look at the A700. You will not be disappointed.”
Rating: ★★★★½

CameraLabs reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“When comparing Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 vs Canon EOS 40D vs Canon EOS 5D real-life noise, the A700’s crops appear softer than those from the Canon bodies, although much of this is due to lower in-camera sharpening. If you increase the in-camera sharpening level or apply sharpening later, the A700’s results here at lower sensitivities can look remarkably close to those from the Canon bodies.”

Rating: ★★★★½

NeoCamera reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“Another important aspect of this DSLR is its ergonomics. The camera is easy to hold with numerous well-placed buttons giving access to all important functions. The LCD, which serves as a status screen and is controlled by the eye-start sensor, greatly contributes to this Alpha’s overall ergonomics. Having two control wheels also adds to this camera’s professional feel.”
Rating: Excellent

ePhotozine reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“In terms of shutter lag, it’s negligible, at around 0.04secs with pre-focussing and metering lock and even with just having focussed and not locked the metering it’s only 0.12secs, though that will cause you to miss shots at long focal lengths if you haven’t already got the focus and metering locked. Also, if a photo opportunity presents itself the camera can turn on and shoot the picture, on manual focus, in under a second. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PopPhoto reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“The Alpha 700 will most likely appeal to photographers who value fast response — namely sports, news, and wildlife shooters. Available-light photographers also will like the upgraded image stabilization and ISO 6400 setting that maintains resolution of more than 2000 lines. ”
Rating: N/A

Let’sGoDigital reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“My conclusion after extensively using the Sony DSLR-A700 in practice and testing it thoroughly can be short. Sony’s Alpha 700 is a beautiful DSLR and offers the demanding photographer as well as the amateur a perfect tool to practice photography on a high level…If you are looking for a new DSLR or ready to get acquainted with an advanced camera system you definitely ought to put the Sony Alpha 700 on your wish list. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

CNET reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“The good: Exceptionally streamlined, comfortable shooting design; broad, functional feature set, including sensor-shift image stabilizer; excellent photo quality; generally fast performance. The bad: A few design quirks; proprietary hot shoe. The bottom line: A top-of-the-line amateur digital SLR camera, the Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 will delight Konica Minolta diehards and makes a great choice if you don’t already have a stake in other lens systems. ”
Rating: ★★★★½ reviews the Sony Alpha A700 and writes;
“Image noise was remarkably low at high ISO settings, even without the in-camera noise-reduction processing activated. We found slight colour noise at ISO settings between 2500 and 6400 but, at ISO 1600 it was no more obvious than the ISO levels we have found at ISO 400 with some DSLRs we’ve reviewed. Even at ISO 6400, both pattern and colour noise, though noticeable, were very well controlled and shots taken with this setting would be usable as long as they were not enlarged too much. ”
Rating: ★★★★½

TrustedReviews has a preview of the Sony Alpha A700 (pre-production) and writes;
“The body is made of magnesium alloy for strength and lightness. It weighs 690g without battery or card, which compares to 740g for the Canon EOS 40D and 825g for the Nikon D300.”

CameraLabs has a preview of the Sony Alpha A700 (pre-production) and writes;
“The A700’s noise levels also remained lower than the A100, with very clean results from 100 to 400 ISO and only a slight reduction in quality at 800 ISO. If you compare the 800 ISO crops and onward from both cameras, you’ll notice the A100 exhibiting greater chroma noise in shadow areas than the A700….”

Press the play button to play the video

ImagingResource has a preview of the Sony Alpha A700 (pre-production) and writes;
“The Sony A700 is very fast internally too, able to take good advantage of the fastest memory card we threw at it, a 266x Kingston 2 GB card. Often, cameras will “top out” as you increase the speed of the memory cards used with them: At some point, the buffer clearing time gets no shorter despite increases in card speed.”

PopPhoto has a preview of the Sony Alpha A700 (pre-production) and writes;
“..we were all impressed with the build quality and ruggedness of the new 12.2MP DSLR, and the well-designed control layout. And the shots we were chimping on the fine-grained 3-inch LCD monitor looked wonderful.”

Sony Alpha A700 Samples

Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ PhotographyBlog
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ Megapixel
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ TrustedReviews
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ CameraLabs
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ NeoCamera
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ ePhotozine
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ PopPhoto
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ Let’sGoDigital
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ ImagingResource
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos by Carl Garrard
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ Let’sGoDigital
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ TrustedReviews
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos (ISO 100-6400) @ Fotopolis
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ ePhotozine
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ CameraLabs
Sony Alpha A700 DSLR Sample Photos @ PopPhoto

Sony Alpha A700 User Manual (PDF)

Click to view or right click and select Save Target As..(Firefox) or Save link as.. (IE) to download

– Download Sony Alpha A700 User Manual (PDF – 4.56 MB)

Sony Alpha A700 Firmware

V.3 Improvements:
* Resolves an issue where the Access Lamp remains lit and the camera stops responding when several pictures are taken in rapid succession.
* Resolves an issue where powering the cam * Sharper images for pictures taken under low contrast conditions
* Reduced noise for pictures taken at ISO 3200
* Improved flash control for objects closer than 1 meter with non ADI controlled lenses

– Download Sony Alpha A700 Firmware V.2 for Windows

Sony Alpha A700 Press Release

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 5, 2007 — Sony is expanding its a (Alpha) digital SLR system with the introduction of the DSLR-A700 camera, which is aimed at photo enthusiasts or serious photo hobbyists.

The new model features advanced imaging technologies and ultra-responsive operation, as well as a lightweight, dust- and moisture-resistant, magnesium alloy construction common to enthusiast-class D-SLR cameras.

Like Sony’s mainstream DSLR-A100 model, the new A700 unit incorporates Super SteadyShot® Inside image stabilization in the camera body and is compatible with most Minolta Maxxum® mount lenses in addition to Sony lenses.

“Discerning photo enthusiasts will be impressed with the rugged construction and outstanding performance of the A700, said Phil Lubell, director of marketing for digital cameras at Sony Electronics. “We also expect that this new camera will re-define the post-capture experience with HDMI™ output for high-quality playback of images on high-definition televisions.”

Picture Quality

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14 Responses to “Sony Alpha A700”

  1. zbigniew says:

    samples ISO 3200 & 6400 on


  2. Thanks for the note. We’ve added your link to the list..

  3. Sony-Fans says:

    Samples look good..BUT Sony…., why no life view LCD? I don’t think this camera will compete to D300 or even 40D.


  4. otto uberswengen says:

    WHY do people complain about 0 live-view?
    Who needs it should just buy something with it,including any compact/”bridge” cam.
    No live-view =not competitive?
    When was the last time ANYONE used live-view to capture ACTION?
    READ the fine print(not found in the manual!)…DSLR is about speed and capturing action on the move, with the quickest reponse time.
    If you want to capture dead museum pieces which don’t move, use medium/large format!
    Then you might complain about “NO TRIPOT!”

  5. Stephen Crawford says:

    I have just recemtly aquired a Alpha 700(new), I am an old Canon user have a 20D and 3OD and qulity 2.8 lenses. I had from my Analog Dynax 7 days a Sigma APO Chromatic 70-300 and 175 -500 both F4 lenses. I find the focusing on the Sony very slow with these lenses , and easily confused when trying to focus on a fast moving subject like a bird in flight or running animal or subject moving towards you (running child. Is any one else experiencing these problems. When I focus on the same subjects with my Canon 20D the focus is crisp and follows any moving subjects and does not get confused with branches or blue sky. Any help would be welcomed

  6. will rose says:


    I am thinking of getting an A700. Have you figured out you problem? the focus is very important to me. My old maxum 7000i is a great focusser which I hope to duplicate in the a700.

  7. Paul says:

    The focusing problem could be a number of factors.This camera normally focuses fine. It could be the lens combination or there could be a problem with your camera. You might want to call Sony support and ask.
    As far as the live view on the camera, not all people want this. It is made for amateur cameras. I agree with the comment “have you ever tried to photograph a moving subject using live view?” Live view is crap for this purpose. It blacks out and you can’t even see what you are panning on. I will take a big bright optical viewfinder that Sony is known for over a live view any day!
    When they get live view to work right, it will be great but until then leave it off the pro cameras. The a700 is an awesome camera the way it is!

  8. Paul says:

    Buy the 700. It is a great camera!

  9. will says:

    I bought it. It’s great. I’ve played with it for about 1000 shots. Feels great. nice button options and the autofocus is good. I’ve never been satisfied with the camera deciding what to focus on, so spot remains my favorite. The wireless flash is one cool upgrade to my old 7000i setup.

  10. will rose says:

    i did indeed buy the a700. It is an excellent camera, and the focus is quite good. the menus and metering functions are incredible. My thought is that the reviewers are digging so deep into the specs that the criticisms are largely irrelavent.

  11. Paul says:

    I think the camera now speaks for itself! It is still in high demand even after it has been discontinued. They are hard to find now. Live view is not for everyone. Some of us like a viewfinder that is big and bright. Live view will be good when it works right but so far no one has got it right. I think the next Sony will change all that. I think they will make the first camera with live view that works right and has a big optical viewfinder also! Canon almost got it right with the 7D but it still doesn’t work completely right. Sony will come through. That’s my prediction.

  12. Arto says:

    Here is happy sony a700 owner, good camera!

  13. I have used this camera for professional work, and it is a fine camera. I will continue to use it for weddings and portraits. Eventually I wish to get an a900, but the a700 meets my current needs with its 12 mp sensor, 5 fps, rugged body, & its iso capabilities.

  14. Paul says:

    I think you will like it. I love mine! You are right, they are having to dig deep to find a problem with it. I think the 700 replacement will solve all the problems mentioned above but I am sure there will be something else that it doesn’t have by then. I think when Sony does put live view and video, it will be done right. But for now, the 700 is a great camera!

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