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The Sony Alpha A200 is an entry level digital SLR camera from Sony features 10.2-megapixel (effective) APS CCD image sensor, built-in Super SteadyShot® image stabilization, an auto focus speed 1.7x faster than the previous model; improved predictive control performance; quieter shutter sound; automatic pop-up flash; and a 2.7-inch Clear Photo LCDTM screen. The DSLR-A200 camera’s supplied lithium ion battery offers up to 750 shots per full charge.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Sony Alpha A200 Reviews

PopPhoto reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“Overall, image quality was Excellent from ISO 100 through 800. It slipped to Extremely High at ISO 1600-3200, when noise reduction, a default setting, kicked in at the expense of resolution. This dropped to 1725 lines at ISO 3200 from 2150 lines on average at lower ISOs. ”
Rating: N/A

DCI reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“You’re getting as much resolution as any consumer needs, controls that are easy to use once you’ve learned them, and construction that feels solid and reliable…At the same time, if your photos don’t come out well, you’re not going to be able to blame the camera any more. ”
Rating: N/A

DigitalCameraReview reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“The shutter is “DSLR quick” and auto focus performance is good in normal to marginal light, and acceptable in dim light. The camera posed a few annoying ergonomic quirks for my medium-sized hands, but overall it’s well thought out and designed from a handling standpoint.”
Rating: N/A

RegHardware reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“This is an impressive camera that is ideal for anyone starting on the road to digital SLR photography. It’s got a fair spec and performs well, but it’s in the handling department that this camera really shines. It won’t confuse you with lots of bells and whistles or confusing menu systems, but it will let you take good pictures with little effort. ”
Rating: ★★★★½

ePhotozine reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“A softening of the image occurs at ISO3200 and this is a new technique to effectively smudge noise out of the shot. It does work as the performance is still very good with no artefacts littering the image as I would normally expect to see. A good result from Sony in the noise test. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

NeoCamera reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“The bottom line is that the Sony Alpha A200 is positioned to satisfy new DSLR owners by giving them excellent image quality and speed in a simple to use model…it has a good feature set, including body-based image stabilization, dust-reduction and most features that are expected from a modern DSLR. ”
Rating: ★★★★½

PhotographyBlog reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“The Sony A200’s first impressive feature in terms of image quality is the extensive and very usable ISO range of 100-3200. ISO 100-400 is noise-free, whilst ISO 800 and 1600 produce more than acceptable results, and the fastest speed of ISO 3200 is OK for emergency use. ”
Rating: ★★★★½

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“The internal flash unit did well when shooting some indoor portraits. It provides sufficient coverage for the 18mm wide angle of the kit lens, and the AF-assist and red-eye reduction functions were both very effective within its limited range.”
Rating: N/A

DCRP reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“The DSLR-A200’s performance was very good in most respects. The camera is ready to start taking photos as soon as you slide the power switch. Focusing speeds were excellent, with the only exception being in low light, where they were on the slow side of things (even with the flash-based AF-assist lamp). Shutter lag wasn’t a problem, and shot-to-shot delays were minimal.”
Rating: N/A

ImagingResource reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“Sony has shipped a digital SLR that I find easy to recommend to anyone, a position previously held mainly by the Nikon D40/D40x and Canon Rebel XT/XTi. The Sony A200’s handsome, compact body fits well in most hands, and it is easy to learn and use on a daily basis.”
Rating: N/A

CNET reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
” The good: In-body image stabilization; supports wireless flash. The bad: Loud; Sony doesn’t have a stable of inexpensive lenses for consumers; oddly located, proprietary USB connector. The bottom line: The Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 is a solid entry-level dSLR that doesn’t really stand out in its very competitive field. ”
Rating: ★★★½☆

DigitalTrends reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“This entry-level D-SLR has a lot of things going for it: quick focusing, fast shutter speed, lots of tweaks for those who want them plus it captures good 10MP stills with accurate colors and nice contrast. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

TrustedReviews reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“..the A200 is a definite improvement over the A100. As with most DSLRs the A200 starts up in well under a second, and shuts down again almost instantly on power-off. The AF system is now much faster and more accurate, and is noticeably better at locking on quickly to low-contrast or poorly lit subjects”
Rating: ★★★★½

CameraLabs reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“..especially with its superior high ISO performance, but with built-in stabilisation at a similar RRP, the Sony still looks strong. It’s also looking good against Nikon’s new entry-level D60..So as it stands, the A200 may be unremarkable, but remains a good, solid, entry-level 10 Megapixel DSLR we can easily recommend..”

Rating: ★★★★☆ reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“The DSLR-A200 represents excellent value for money and provides all the adjustable controls a keen photographer requires in a compact, affordable body. It also offers slightly better continuous shooting capabilities than its higher-resolution rival.”
Rating: N/A

LetsGoDigital reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes;
“As far as ISO sensitivity is concerned you will achieve the best results with this sensor using ISO sensitivity up to ISO 800… So if you can’t wait any longer and you want to get going shooting away, the choice for the Alpha 200 is an excellent one!”
Rating: ★★★★☆

CameraLabs has a preview of the Sony Alpha A200;
” In use the A200 certainly felt like it focused much quicker than its predecessor, although while it is indeed quieter, it’s by no means silent with non SSM lenses.”

e-fotografija has a preview of the Sony Alpha A200;
“Images straight out of the camera look good, and the camera isn’t too intimidating for a beginner. Also, metering works really well, making it easy to get images that are sure to astound anyone who just jumped from point-and-shoot digicams to a DSLR.”

DigitalCameraInfo has a preview of the Sony Alpha A200;
“The overall handling of the Sony A200 is excellent. It has a secure hand grip, a comfortable eyecup around the viewfinder, and plenty of space on the bottom to support it.”


Sony Alpha A200 Samples

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Sony Alpha A200 User Manual (PDF)

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– Download Sony Alpha A200 User Manual (PDF – 3.4 MB)

Sony Alpha A200 Videos

Sony A200 DSLR – CES 2008


Sony Alpha A200 Press Release

LAS VEGAS(CES BOOTH 14200), Jan. 6, 2008 – Sony is advancing the digital SLR category for mainstream photographers with today’s introduction of the new α (alpha) DSLR-A200 camera.

The DSLR-A200 model features upgrades influenced by the recently-introduced, enthusiast-class DSLR-A700 camera and replaces the former Sony DSLR-A100 model, which was Sony’s first in the DSLR class.

The new model is designed to be faster, lighter and easier to use. Upgraded features include a wider, 2.7-inch Clear Photo LCDTM screen for easy playback viewing; a more compact body and an easily-accessible mode dial; an easy-to-use function menu (camera function display); improved noise control for higher quality images; an auto focus speed 1.7x faster than the previous model; improved predictive control performance; quieter shutter sound; automatic pop-up flash; and a battery life indicator that displays the percentage of battery life remaining so you know exactly when to recharge.

As seen in all α (alpha) camera bodies, the DSLR-A200 camera incorporates Super SteadyShot® image stabilization in the body to allow shooting at shutter speeds of 2.5 to 3.5 steps slower than otherwise possible – a benefit realized with every compatible lens attached to the camera. Compatible lenses encompass all Minolta Maxxum® mount lenses, in addition to Sony a (alpha) lens lineup – including Carl Zeiss® lenses.

“With the DSLR-A200, we are helping consumers capture high-quality images with advanced technology that’s practical and easy to use,” said Phil Lubell, director of marketing for digital cameras at Sony Electronics. “This model is an ideal step-up for point-and-shoot users who are looking for a camera that can capture virtually all of the photographs they want.”

High-Quality Images

With its 10.2-megapixel (effective) APS CCD image sensor, the DSLR-A200 camera continues to offer high-quality images by allowing more light to pass through to each pixel – increasing sensitivity, reducing noise, and providing greater detail.

Clean, reduced-noise signals are sent from the image sensor to Sony’s BIONZ™ processing engine, which processes data-rich picture information at high speeds and reduces picture noise in the RAW data stage before image JPEG conversion. The results are high-resolution, detailed images with rich tonal reproduction.

The DSLR-A200 model supports JPEG and RAW file format support. It has a slot for CompactFlash™ Type I/II media cards. An adaptor for Memory Stick Duo™ media cards is sold separately as an accessory.

Get The Photo Results You Want

In addition to Super SteadyShot image stabilization for virtually blur-free photos, the new model incorporates Sony’s D-Range Optimizer (DRO). It helps you capture well-exposed images, especially when shooting high-contrast or backlit scenes that often lead to loss of highlight and shadow detail. Sony’s DRO modifies the range from highlights to shadows, including gain and contrast, through its in-camera hardware processing to produce more natural, evenly exposed pictures. The camera’s image analysis technology studies the captured image data and instantly determines the best exposure and color tonality for the image before JPEG compression.

The BIONZ image processing engine powers the camera up immediately and the eye-start autofocus starts the focusing system before you even press the shutter. The camera can shoot up to three continuous frames per second at 10.2-megapixels at the finest JPEG compression level.

As seen in previous α (alpha) models, the new model carries a static-free anti-dust coating on the CCD filter which is gently vibrated to dislodge any dust that might have collected each time the camera is powered off.

Additionally, the DSLR-A200 camera’s supplied lithium ion battery offers up to 750 shots per full charge.

Bright and Easy Playback

The camera’s smaller, more compact body along with its wider, 2.7-inch Clear Photo LCD TM screen and a new on-screen navigation interface make it easier to carry and to use. The vibrant, easy-to-view screen features 230K-pixel resolution, an anti-reflection coating and glare-reducing layer assures vivid, accurate colors with a wide viewing angle, even in daylight. The on-screen navigation display shows camera settings and key shooting information in large, easy-to-read text. The display’s orientation automatically switches from landscape to portrait position when the camera is turned on its side.

Accessories Expand Creative Possibilities

Sony is providing a full line of accessories for the model, including flashes, rechargeable battery packs and several carrying cases. An interesting addition is the VG-B30AM ergonomic vertical grip equipped with the most essential controls for portrait orientation shooting. It also allows for the use of two InfoLITHIUM® batteries (sold separately) for up to 1,500 shots on a single, full charge.

The DSLR-A200K kit includes the camera body and a DT 18-70mm f3.5-5.6 3.9x zoom lens for about $700. The DSLR-A200W kit includes the camera body, the DT 18-70mm lens and a 75–300mm f4.5-5.6 lens for about $900. Both will ship in February and will be available at, Sony Style® retail stores (, military base exchanges, and authorized dealers nationwide. Pre-orders begin online on Jan. 7 at

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  1. Paulus says:

    bagus deh! ah masa sih.

  2. Sony Alphah says:

    camera takes good pictures, good for the price. It has everything i was looking for in my first digital slr camera. super steady shot image stabillization is a plus for me, you can buy lens for half the price if you are on a budget. I also like the live view with its x 1.4 and X 2 which adds extra zoom to any lens(ONLY ON LIVE VIEW) the flip screen lcd is useful when shooting with live view. to shoot different creative shots, overall i am satisfied with my camera and looking forward to learning how to shoot great pictues and develop better skills in photography.

  3. RMStringer says:

    I love the a200. I shoot most of my photos with it using a Quantaray LD 70-300mm Super Macro lens and the 18-70mm Kit lens. The camera is wonderful and easy to use.

  4. Brittany says:

    I just bought my camera. I need a little help with a few things. Can someone e-mail me that knows alot about the camera?

  5. Debbie says:

    I just got this camera. I can’t figure out why I can’t see the image I want to shoot thru the lcd screen & only thru the view finder. My other sony camera was so easy. Can someone help me?

  6. Matt says:

    You can only view your image your about to take through the viewfinder on the 300 and 350 series.

  7. Kate says:

    What settings should i have my DLSR-as200 on if i was at a concert…

  8. ATG says:

    This is my first DSLR and I like the ease of operation, I am yet to learn a lot about its functions but enjoying it as I learn as the quality of pics taken is automatically very good.

  9. Graham says:

    Just got this camera. I have a 4GB card. When I try transferring the 293 photos from the camera to my PC, I don’t get all of the images. I remove the card and the same happens at Walmart. Worried that I lost the remaining pictures, when i plug the card back into the camera, I can see the pics are still there! How do I get ALL of my pictures saved on a computer or CD? “Help!”

  10. Tim Hall says:


    For an indoor concert I’ve had good results from setting the shooting mode to sports action, and the ISO to 3200. The high ISO will be a bit noisy, but the alternative is blurry from too low a shutter speed. With image stabilisation I find I can go down to 1/30th without camera shake, but frequently the performers are moving so you need 1/60th or 1/125th to freeze them. Most concerts won’t let you use flash; it’s distracting to the performers and other concert-goers.

    If you plan to do a lot of concert photography especially in smaller clubs with poor stage lighting it might be worth getting a fast 50mm prime lens to complement the kit zoom.

  11. prasanna kumar says:

    I am using A200 sony SLR. I could not able to get the good quality picture. In the preview on camera photos are very bright. But the captured pictures are black. Can you pls help me in the setting to get good quality. Give me some tips to use extenal flash
    with regards
    Prasanna Kumar

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