Snapizzi Introduces Barcode & Tagging Technology

snapizziSANTA BARBARA, Calif. − April 16, 2009 – A new online photo community called snapizzi enables photographers of any skill level to capture, manage and sell their photos online with a new tagging technology and website.

The service is possible through the company’s patent-pending IZ tag™, a digital barcode and tagging technology that automatically captures and manages photos for sale. IZ tags empower event and portrait photographers of all skill levels to sell their photography online faster and easier than ever before, with no upfront fees or fixed costs to the photographer and no time-consuming manual processes.

“All you need is a camera and a bit of initiative, and you’re in business,” says snapizzi CEO Jesper Sondergaard. Sondergaard, a native of Denmark now living in the United States, has worked in the commercial photo industry for more than a decade, with senior roles at Photodisc, Getty Images and Corbis. “snapizzi is helping fuel the age of people-powered pictures.”

Here’s how snapizzi works for photographers:

• Sign in for a free account at
• Customize and print out your unique set of IZ tag cards.
• Take a picture of one of the cards.
• Shoot your photos.
• Hand the card to the person you want to buy the photograph.
• Repeat – Capture as many photos as you want with IZ tags.
• Upload your photos and IZ tags to the site, select your price and you’re done.

Photo customers just visit the website and enter the number beneath the IZ tag to automatically retrieve and buy their photos.

“Whether you’re a professional portrait or event photographer or an amateur just getting started in this space, snapizzi can transform the way you work,” says Kacy Cole, snapizzi’s SVP of Marketing & Creative Director. “By providing free access to innovative digital photography tools and a web platform, snapizzi liberates photographers from the daily grind and removes the barriers to capturing, managing and selling event and portrait photos online to enable you to focus on what you do best – take great pictures.”

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