SLR Magic Launches HyperPrime 23mm f/1.7

Hong Kong, China (December 8, 2011). SLR Magic has launched the new SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm F1.7 wide angle lens for E-mount series cameras. As the world’s fastest interchangeable camera lens with APS-C coverage in this focal length, the SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm F1.7 is now comprised of four focal lengths. It offers a field of view similar to a 35mm lens in 35mm format and the wide angle of view offers many new creative composition opportunities, especially in the fields of candid, street, and landscape, even in the cinematography and photography. In addition, the minimum focus distance of 0.15m lets you get pleasing background. The lens will be available on sale from authorized SLR Magic dealers by the end of January 2012.


The HyperPrime 23mm f/1.7 is one of the fastest interchangeable camera lens that compatible with all E-mount cameras. The lens construction consists of 8 lens elements (including five “Tantalum” glass elements) arranged in 7 groups with a minimum focus distance of 15cm and has dimension L x D (50mm x 61mm) with weight approx. 240g.


* Lens Type:

Fast wide-angle lens with five Tantalum glass elements to ensure superior cinematic performance.

* Compatible Cameras: All E-mount cameras

* Optical Design: 8 elements in 7 groups

Distance Settings:

* Distance range: 0.15m to ∞, combined scale meter/feet

* Aperture:

Manually controlled diaphragm, 12 aperture blades (circular), Lowest value 22

* Bayonet: E-mount

* Filter Mount: 49mm; filter mount does not rotate.

* Surface Finish: Black anodized


* Length to bayonet mount: approx. 50mm (approx. 1.97in)

* Largest diameter: approx. 61mm (approx. 2.40in)

* Weight: approx. 240g (approx. 8.47oz.)

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