Slik Pro 580DX

Slik Pro 580DX is a Tripod with SH-806E Heavy Duty 3-Way Pan Head & Case. The tripod features Omni-directional quick release plate can be mounted in any direction, with dual safety locks, Individual 3-position leg angle locks for low angle work or use on uneven terrain, Lift and lock center column with dual locking control, Rubber leg tips for maximum traction outdoors and protection to surface indoors, and has 2-section center column can be used for low-angle photography. The Slik Pro 580DX has maximum height of 67.3″ (170.9 cm), maximum height (with center column down) 56.3″ (143.0 cm), minimum height 13.8″ (35.0 cm), Folded Length 27.0″ (68.5 cm), and weighs 5.4 lbs (2.5 kg).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Slik Pro 580DX User Reviews

Very Well Made
“I learned the hard way after going through a few tripods it is worth the extra money to have a will made quality tripod. I’m very happy with this Tripode realy well made.” – By Bobbyc
Rating: ★★★★★

Awesome Tripod
“This is a quality tripod that is solidly built. It does exactly what a tripod should do. I shoot with a 40D with the battery grip and it handles it great. I have used it for night photography as well as large group photos. The levels are a nice feature to keep your lines straight. I don’t like to use tripods a lot but when you need one it’s nice to have one that you can depend on…” – By SGT
Rating: ★★★★★

User Friendly and Compact
“I was surprised by how solid this tripod was when I first set it up. I was also impressed by the smoothness of the leg extensions and how tightly they lock. This tripod can clearly support a long telephoto lens with confidence… The craftmanship is simply exceptional. Everything has a nice tight fit, which greatly boosts your confidence when mounting expensive optics to the tripod head. The finish looks exceptional, too. I was quite surprised by the quality considering the price. You really get a lot for your investment here.” – By The Colonel
Rating: ★★★★★

Almost as slick as it’s name
“I’ll keep this brief. For a couple of hundred dollars, this tripod is as good as you’ll get anywhere. It is sturdy and solid enough for the average serious photographer, though obviously not in the $500+ studio equipment range. The carrying bag is fine for travelling to & from a shoot, while the high density foam-coated legs make carrying it on the shoulder comfortable once you’re there. The head both pans & tilts smoothly and precisely with the bubble levels making accurate positioning on all axes quick and painless. The pan & tilt arms are a neat design in that they detach from the head and then one screws into the grip of the other which makes for easier storage into the bag, it does mean that they are both a little short when in use – no big problem though. Very pleased with my purchase and impressed with the construction of this tripod. Highly recommended.” – By David Ian Smith
Rating: ★★★★☆

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Slik Pro 580DX Expert Reviews

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Slik Pro 580DX User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Slik Pro 580DX Features & Specifications

The NEW SLIK PRO 580 DX tripod uses the popular PRO 500 DX legs in black color, coupled with a new SH-806E heavier duty 3-Way pan head. A.M.T. makes all the difference. SLIK’s exclusive A.M.T. super Aluminum-Magnesium-Titanium alloy legs make the PRO 580 DX tripod rock steady, yet lighter than it looks. The A.M.T. alloy has a 40% greater strength to weight ratio than standard aluminum, making it lighter and stronger than the standard metal used in most tripods.

The PRO 580 DX is capable of supporting the weight of professional digital cameras and heavy telephoto lenses up to a 300mm f/2.8. This complete tripod offers advanced amateurs and student photographers the strength and stability they need, while its size and theuse of A.M.T. alloy make it lighter and more portable than many professional offerings from other manufacturers. A tripod should be solid and easy to use, so you spend more time concentrating on your photography than you do your equipment.

The PRO 580 DX black tripod makes setting up easy with secure, speed-release leg locks, gearless center column and 3-position, adjustable angle leg locks allow easy set-up on uneven ground or steps. The PRO 580 DX center column is actually two threaded piecesthat unscrew to convert the top piece to a short column. This combined with the adjustable leg angle locks allows the tripod to be lowered to just 15 inches for very low angle or macro photography in the field.

SH-806E Stable all-metal head with easy-to-use quick release.
Included with the PRO 580 DX is a new SH-806E all-metal 3-way pan head. This head has improved internal components for smoother movements and improved, larger rubberized grips for more comfortable control. The head has well over a solid pound of finely cast and precisely machined aluminum. It uses a fast and easy to use quick-release plate to securely mount the camera on the tripod.

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