Slik Pro 500DX

Slik Pro 500DX is a Medium size tripod for Medium format cameras, 35mm SLRs with long telephoto lenses. The tripod features Individual 3-position leg angle locks for low angle work or use on uneven terrain, Lift’n’lock center column with dual locking control, Rubber leg tips for maximum traction outdoors and protection to surface indoors, Optional short center column for low-angle use. The Slik Pro 500DX has maximum height of 63.95″ (162.5 cm), maximum height (with center column down) 52.9″ (134.5 cm), minimum height 18.5″ (47 cm)/13.8″ (35 cm) with optional short center column, Folded Length 27.4″ (69.5 cm), and weighs 5.4 lb (2.45 kg).

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Slik Pro 500DX Expert Reviews

Ephotozine reviews the Slik Pro 500DX and writes;
“The Titanium gives a stronger feel to it and when it’s in work it certainly feels stronger. I attached an Olympus E-3 with battery grip and 50-200mm lens and it coped admirably apart from a slight shake on the quick release plate where the lock wasn’t fitting snugly enough.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

User Opinions

Slik Pro 500DX User Reviews

Rock Solid, Great Value
“Very solid, stable tripod at a very reasonable price. A little heavy, but as expected for its rated weight capacity. Stability-wise, I feel safe moving away from the tripod with my EF 70-200 2.8 IS mounted. Simple design is a plus. There are better tripods out there, surely, but you’ll pay a high premium for the little improvements.” – By Patrick O
Rating: ★★★★★

A solid tripod
“I was surprised at how beefy this tripod was when I received it. The build quality is excellent. The previous reviewer stated that his did not come with a carrying bag. Mine did. Also, it’s worth noting that the legs on this model are the same as the 700DX model.” – By R. Chappell
Rating: ★★★★★

Slik Professional Tripod with A.M.T. Alloy Legs
“Excellent, strong and light weight tripod for the average enthusiast using heavy lens/camera combinations. Easy to set up and take down. Good quality for Amazon’s reasonable price.” – By Raymond K. Moessner
Rating: ★★★★★

All Included
“Boasting nearly all metal parts, this tripod is well worth the money. The AMT legs are solid, and have no problem holding up heavy cameras, or withstanding moderate wind. The all metal pan/tilt-head and quick release plate instills confidence in it’s reliability. I know I won’t have to worry about over tightening, or breaking a plastic part. If that ended up being the case, the compatability with other Slik parts is there, and for the price, wouldn’t be a loss anyway. In addition to the pan head, I found a nice carrying bag and a card for a three year warranty in the box when I opened it.” – By Alex Buchanan
Rating: ★★★★★

Slik Pro 500DX Tripod
“I started out with a light weight tripod that was great for packing around but soon found it was not stable enough in wind, especially with the center tube extended to get the camera up to eye level. The Slik 500DX is considerably more heavy but it provides a solid support, even with the center tube extended, for those long exposures. On level ground, my camera is close enough to eye level that I (height: 5′-9″) don’t bother to extend the center tube. The ability to independently adjust the angle of the legs and reverse the center tube, if needed, provides for great flexibility in positioning. Also, the center tube is 2-piece so that the bottom half can be removed for lower positioning.” – By R. Murphy
Rating: ★★★★★

Rock Solid
“This tripod is simple to use and rock solid. I use it with my Canon EOS40-D and, as expected, have had no issues. However, I also use it with a 60mm Maksutov-Cassegrain high resolution telescope when I don’t need or want auto guiding capabilities. The stability is most apparent when looking at deep sky objects where a 1/64″ movement in the tripod results in light years of movement in the eyepiece. Even on breezy evenings, this tripod is very solid. In the event I ever need another tripod, I will certainly choose one from the Silk line of tripods.” – By Scott T. Spence
Rating: ★★★★★


Slik Pro 500DX User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Slik Pro 500DX Features & Specifications

The Pro 500 DX is a Medium size tripod for Medium format cameras, 35mm SLRs with long telephoto lenses. Constructed from Slik Super Aloy A.M.T. which offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, more than 40% greater than similar tripods.

The Pro 500 DX is a compact version of the “PRO 700 DX” with a 3 way panhead with a quick shoe. It features a Lever Lock, the easiest to use leg lock Just lift lever to unlock, push lever to lock. It lets you extend or shoten a leg without taking your eyes off your subject.

The groove, in the already dynamically strong cicular tubing, prevents the leg from spinning around, and allows simple and secure locking. It also allows you to extend the leg from any section, regardsless of the order.

The leg angle locks allow you to set the tripod to 3 different height positions.Each lock is independent, so you can set up quickly and easily on steps, or uneven terrain.

With a Gearless Center Column you just loosen the locking collar, and pull up. Camera height, and direction can be adjusted in one motion. Minimum camera height is 47cm with standard center column. Optional short centercolumn brings the height down to 35cm above ground.

Specially designed rubber leg tips keep the tripod balanced, and stable, by always maintaining plane contacts with the ground. The Pro 500 DX has a three way pan head featuring 2 pan & tilt handles. Camera leveling is easy. The easy to operate pan head, has a Convenient 4 way quick shoe. The Quick shoe can be mounted on any direction.

Medium size tripod fo Medium format, or 35mm SLR with long telephoto lenses CONSTRUCTED FROM SLIK SUPER ALLOY A.M.T. Lever Lock, the easiest to use leg lock Grooved tubular legs 3-position leg angle adjustment Gearless Center Column Super low camera height of 35cm with use of optional short center column.

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