SLIK Master Classic

SLIK Master Classic is a tripod that compact and remarkably sturdy for use with 35mm SLRs with long telephoto lenses. The tripod features Multi-faceted panhead with rotating camera platform & single arm operation, Simple, quick and light spring-loaded 1/4″-20 camera screw, Wonderful geared column action, Angled rubber leg tips, and has Maximum upper leg diameter of 28mm. The SLIK Master Classic has maximum height of 64.0″ (162.6 cm), maximum height (with center column down) 52.4″ (133.1 cm), minimum height 24.2″ (61.5 cm), Folded Length 25.5″ (64.8 cm), and weighs 5.50 lb (2.49 kg).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

SLIK Master Classic User Reviews

A real photographic instrument
“To be honest I have pretty much beat the hell out of this tripod and it still works perfectly. I have even used it with the legs extended as a pole to brace myself as I was rock hopping once. I have used it in pretty rough water about waste deep to freeze water and the surrounding rocks have come out crystal clear. Although I do have to say that my new 70-300mm VR doesn’t get along with my tripod because it vibrates ever so slightly. Although I did learn the hard way that VR actually will blur a picture if it is mounted on a tripod… This is a true piece of photographic equipment, I’ve beaten it up, dunked it in salt/fresh water, and covered it in various kinds of dust and it’s still awesome. It truly deserves the title of “Master,” and “Classic.” This may sound dorky but this tripod is a legend, I went from a target tripod to this one and wow what a difference it makes.” – By C. Crawford
Rating: ★★★★★

Good tripod
“Bought this for photography and as base for an easel. It works well for my DSLR and has worked outstandingly as a base for my painting easel. Very steady and the ball head is a solid performer. Recommended.” – By D. G. Adams
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

SLIK Master Classic Expert Reviews

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SLIK Master Classic User Manual

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Features & Specifications

SLIK Master Classic Features & Specifications

Surprisingly compact. Remarkably sturdy. Attractively priced. The Slik Master Classic tripod is a quality instrument pleasing professionals and advanced amateurs alike. As an enduring classic, it is Slik’s definitive example of how good their fit and finish can be in an everyday walkabout: if you come to love working with the Master Classic, as so many eventually do, you’ll also love its bigger sibling “Professional” lineup of exemplary studio tripods.

Portable yet sturdy, the Master Classic features a removable multi-action head with a single pan/tilt adjustment; screw the knob counterclockwise to allow left/right or up/down movements, and achieve vertical orientation of the camera through the rotation of the camera mount plate incorporated in to the head. This allows for photography at any angle with no blind spots, and less total parts for more reliability and lower mass.

While not a quick release design, the Master Classic’s camera mount post is spring-loaded and can be adjusted by turning the tensioner to match the tread depth of the lens/camera in use, allowing more secure mounting of heavy equipment upon the head.

The rugged grooved tubular leg design prevents turning when unlocking or locking the legset, with beveled aluminum locks that are quick to communicate to your hands in any conditions. Geared action upon the center column is silky smooth and reliable, with 11.6″ (295 mm) of height adjustment that is particularly useful when trying to make small adjustments at close shooting distances or with heavy camera/lens combinations.

Hits the Sweet Spot
Nearly ideal numbers for many an average adult; a 64″ maximum height, 52″ working height, 24″ minimum height and 25″ collapsed length in a tolerable 5.7 lb weight. Why spend too much or perpetually carry what you almost never use? Try some simple enduring quality.

* Heavy-duty construction great for use with 35mm SLRs with long telephoto lenses & medium format cameras
* Multi-faceted panhead with rotating camera platform & single arm operation
* Simple, quick and light spring-loaded 1/4″-20 camera screw
* Wonderful geared column action
* Angled rubber leg tips
* Maximum upper leg diameter of 28mm

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