Sigma SD14

Last Update: New Firmware V1.08 (07 August’08)

Sigma SD14 is Digital SLR camera from sigma with 14 megapixel Foveon X3® direct-image-sensor, can reproduce high definition images rich in gradation and impressive three-dimensional detail. The SD14 features 5-point AF system, Image Sensor Dust Protector, shooting speed of 3 frames per second, Built-in Flash, and a large 2.5” 150,000 pixel resolution LCD monitor. The camera is running on Lithium-ion Battery BP-21 which can shoot approximately 500 images on one full charge. (Download Brochure)

Sigma SD14
Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ | Latest Price Info

Sigma SD14 Price Comparison

Sigma SD14 Reviews

PhotographyReview reviews the Sigma SD14 and writes;
“The new Sigma has improved noise and bloom control for cleaner, smoother images with better controlled color saturation and detail…The shutter speed capability of the SD14 is greatly increased over its predecessors and will meet most needs, short of astrophotography or other very long exposure work.”
Rating: N/A

GoodGearGuide reviews the Sigma SD14 and writes;
“The Sigma SD14’s Foveon sensor manages to capture exceptional colour, however in terms of image noise, sharpness and general ease of use, it is a little lacking. Considering the price tag there are much better buys in the SLR space unless extremely strong colour reproduction is your focus.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

PocketLint reviews the Sigma SD14 and writes;
“Noise issues are not significant at ISO 100 and just starting to appear in shadows at ISO 200; by ISO 400 it’s noticeable with evenly spread noise speckles and, at ISO 800, noise becomes obvious. And, at the extended ISO 1600 mode, it’s very poor indeed…The SD14 looks and, more importantly, feels like a step towards another, more polished camera. Foveon enthusiasts will like it perhaps and the sensor is good at what it does, faithful colour capture.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

TrustedReviews reviews the Sigma SD14 and writes;
“The Sigma SD14 is a unique camera with some unique capabilities. It is solidly made, well designed and handles considerably better than its forerunners. Performance is generally good, although the slow write times are a handicap. In terms of image quality, overall detail and sharpness are superior to any 10MP DSLR, but it is colour reproduction and dynamic range that are the camera’s real strengths, with an almost film-like quality.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

CNET reviews the Sigma SD14 and writes;
“The good: Removable IR-cut filter lets you use the SD14 for infrared photography and acts as a dust shield for the sensor during normal photography. The bad: Slow performance overall; overly noisy images at ISO 800 and ISO 1600; poor control scheme; inelegant design and ergonomics. The bottom line: Sigma and Foveon fans, who have been waiting eagerly for this camera, might be interested in the SD14, but consumers can easily find more bang for their buck from other SLRs on the market. ”
Rating: ★★½☆☆

PopPhoto reviews the Sigma SD14 and writes;
“Our image quality tests came down in favor of RAW files over JPEGs. In JPEG mode at ISO 100, the SD14 captures detail on par with an 8MP DSLR such as the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. Combined with an Extremely High color accuracy (9.9 Delta E), JPEGs earn an Extremely High image quality rating. But in RAW, also at ISO 100, the SD14 performs more like a good 10MP DSLR, capturing about 10 percent higher resolution and Excellent color, earning it an Excellent image quality rating. Still, NEF RAW files from the $920 (street) 10.2MP Nikon D80 show higher detail. ”
Rating: N/A

ePhotozine reviews the Sigma SD14 and writes;
“Designed for the experienced photographer, the SD14 is, thankfully, free of preset scene modes but does have designated settings for things like Mirror-up, 2sec self timer with auto mirror up and a 10sec self timer, which are all useful. Sigma are well known for their lenses but are a very small camera manufacturer and to apply the advances in the SD14 over their previous models without going to a major manufacturer for the hardware speaks volumes for their ingenuity. It is not the fastest camera out there but for many forms of photography speed is not essential. What the SD14 does have, apart from the advances in handling over its predecessors, is superb image quality and colour fidelity when used in its intended RAW format.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PCW reviews the Sigma SD14 and writes;
“Most importantly, the image quality from the SD14 at its best is simply superb. It’s right up there with the best you can get from digital SLRs today and capable of producing stunning, professional results, albeit without some of the advanced features found on top of the range professional cameras… Pros: Superb professional-level image quality; 14-megapixel sensor; big improvement on SD10. Cons: No image stabilisation; basic features; some software issues. Overall: A vast improvement over the SD10, the SD14 delivers stunning image quality but is not for everyone”
Rating: ★★★★☆

SigmaUser.EU reviews the Sigma SD14 and writes;
“Well, I’ve had a week of (occasionally) playing with the camera and, to be honest, it’s growing on me. It is much easier to use than the previous models, and much much more reliable! No hissy fits with the batteries which, although the indicator in the top LCD quite quickly shows only ½ charge, has lasted me all day on a couple of occasions. And to be truthful, I rather like the output from the Jpeg option!”
Rating: N/A

PhotoReviewAU reviews the Sigma SD14 and writes;
“Sigma’s SD14 is an interesting camera that is most likely to appeal to photographers who prefer to use manual controls and shoot raw files. It will also suit photographers who want rich, eye-popping colours, subtle pastels and delicate tonal nuances – but they’ll need to work hard to obtain the best results. The supplied Sigma Photo Pro 3.0 software is a good starting point for processing X3F raw files but we suspect most users will opt for a third-party application that offers a wider range of adjustments plus useful functions like cropping and straightening. Relative to other DSLRs on the market, the SD14 is pretty pricey. Potential purchasers will need to weigh up the advantages of this camera against the many functions that are either missing or limited when compared with DSLRs from some other manufacturers.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Sigma SD14 Preview Video by rytterfalk

ePhotozine have published their hands-on preview of the Sigma SD14 and write;
“Gone are the brick like features of the old camera, having been replaced with a body that can best be described as being somewhere between the D70 and D80 from Nikon in styling, although the build quality is somewhere around the 20/30D from Canon. Along with a new, optional, battery grip it is a very comfortable camera to hold and use. Also gone is the clunky shutter mechanism of the older models, being replaced with one that is much quieter and smoother…”

Sigma SD14 Samples

Sigma SD14 Sample Photos @ PhotographyReview
Sigma SD14 Sample Photos @ PocketLint
Sigma SD14 Sample Photos @ TrustedReviews
Sigma SD14 Sample Photos @ ePhotozine
Sigma SD14 Sample Photos @ SigmaUser
Sigma SD14 Sample Photos @ PopPhoto
Sigma SD14 Sample Photos @ Sigma SD14 Official Site


SIGMA SD14 Firmware Ver.1.08
1. Corrects the occasional phenomenon of an image recorded in RAW format appearing to have an unnaturally large file size.
2. Corrects the rarely occurring error of camera freeze and image recording failure when shooting continuously or if the shutter button is pressed when the CF Card Busy Light is blinking.
3. When Bulb Mode is used Sigma Photo Pro now displays the actual shutter speed used in the exposure rather than just showing the word “Bulb”.

Sigma SD14 User Manuals (PDF)

Click to view or right click and select Save Target As.. (Firefox) or Save link as.. (IE) to download

Download Sigma SD14 User Manual in English (PDF – 3.52 MB)


The Imaging Resource at PMA 2007: Sigma SD14 Camera

Sigma SD14 – interview with Sigma’s Section Manager

Sigma SD14 Firmware

– Download Sigma SD14 Firmware Ver.1.04 (click here for update manual)
Benefits of Sigma SD14 Firmware Ver.1.04:
1. Corrects the phenomenon of the intermittent camera freeze with Err message in the top LCD panel under certain conditions.
2. Corrects the problems related with video output display and functionality.
3. Corrects the display problem for the number of remaining shots on the CF card.
4. In the case of Mac OS 10.4.9 with Intel core processor, the SD14 was not recognized as a Removable Disk. Now the SD14 is mounted to the desktop as Removable Disk icon.

Sigma SD14 Specifications

– Download Specs Sheet (PDF – 1.8 MB)
– Download Sigma SD14 Video (MOV – 114MB)

Sigma SD14 Press Release

The SD14, 14 megapixels (2,652 × 1,768 × 3 layers) Digital SLR camera

The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the new Sigma SD14 Digital SLR camera.

The new SD14, powered by the 14 megapixel Foveon X3® direct-image-sensor, can reproduce high definition images rich in gradation and impressive three-dimensional detail. The SD14 Digital SLR camera features four JPEG recording modes, a large and bright pentaprism viewfinder with 98% coverage, a built-in flash with a Guide Number of 11, 5-point AF system, a large 2.5” 150,000 pixel resolution LCD monitor as well as a new user friendly design. The durable shutter mechanism has over 100,000-cycle life and is ideal for the demands of digital photography.

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