Sigma Hack: Infrared Photography with Sigma SD14

PopPhoto has published an article on how you can hack the Sigma SD14 DSLR camera to take infrared photographs easily, and most importantly, keep your camera warranty valid.


“The reason the IR filter is so easy to remove on the SD14 is to allow the owner to clean their own sensor. This manufacturing choice is an awesome side effect that makes the SD14 one of the few, if not only, hot-swappable IR/visible spectrum SLRs available. Unlike with most other SLRs, which have the IR cutoff just in front of the chip, the IR cutoff filter of the SD14 sits in front of the reflex mirror, and it’s a simple process to pop it out. We highly recommend wearing lint-free cotton gloves while removing it to reduce the risk of getting a greasy thumbprint in the middle of the glass for when you re-install it.”



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2 Responses to “Sigma Hack: Infrared Photography with Sigma SD14”

  1. ZAheer Sattar, Pakistan says:

    The IR cut-off removal feature is very very very exciting 🙂


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