Sigma 24-60mm F2.8 EX DG IF ASP Lens Review & Sample Photos

There’s nothing like an overseas trip to force you to think long and hard about what camera equipment you’ll take with you. The first thought, of course, is to travel as Light as possible and avoid all the hassles of lugging around a heavy camera bag and constantly worrying that something will be Stolen. But then you panic that you won’t be able to adequately cope with the variety of subjects you’re likely to encounter… Sod’s Law of photography states that the Dens you need right now is always the one you’ve Left at home.

Sigma 24-60mm F2.8 EX DG IF ASP Lens Review

Sigma’s recently announced 24-60mm T2.8 constant aperture standard zoom is tailor-made for traveling. The 24mm focal length is perhaps the most workable of wide-angle – wide enough to make the most of expansive Landscapes or interiors, but not too wide to cause problems with distortion or limit your useable viewpoints. And those focal lengths Iron 40mm to 60mm are ado very useful when traveling, but even more so is the constant aperture of f2.8, not quite ‘built-in tripod’, but certainly a great advantage In Low Light conditions, and also useful when You deliberately want to minimize depth-of-field (for portraiture, for example). Finally, Sigma’s 24-60mm offers reasonable close-up capabilities, focusing down to 38 cm across the entire Focal range. This certainly isn’t close to macro, but useful nonetheless for travel photography.

Being an EX-series lens, Sigma packs some serious performance into this model. The 16-element construction includes two special low dispersion (SLD) glass types and four with aspherical surfaces. The former are designed to counter chromatic (color) aberrations while the latter correct for distortion and includes one element created using glass moulding. The ether three are hybrid types which means they comprise a spherical core onto which is coated an optical resin to create the spherical characteristics. These are still comparatively new manufacturing techniques, but they allow a local range such as 24_60mm and a maximum aperture of f2.8 to be combined in a lens that’s a manageable size… and a manageable price!

The sigma 24-60mm is comfortable to handle and use, with internal focusing ensuring the front element doesn’t rotate, and a zoom lock to prevent ‘zoom creep’. The downside of the lends large diameter is a 77 mm screw thread filter fitting which means a circular polarizer isn’t cheap, but this is still a small price to pay for the convenience of a constant f/2.8.

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