Sigma 10-20mm Vs Tamron 11-18mm Vs Tokina 12-24mm

Peter K Burian has done some tests comparing the the Sigma AF 10-20mm, Tamron SP AF11-18mm, and Tokina AF 12-24mm.


Sigma AF 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM: The images also exhibit great clarity and impressive definition of intricate detail. This Sigma lens seems to be optimized for the very finest results at focal lengths from about 10-14mm at most apertures. By 15mm, edge sharpness is a bit softer, although central sharpness remains very high.

Tamron SP AF11-18mm f/4.5-5.6 Di II LD Aspherical (IF): My best images—made at any focal length at f/4.5 to f/11—exhibit remarkable contrast and clarity, plus moderately high sharpness and resolution of intricate detail. This consistency indicates a particularly effective optical design.

Tokina’s AF 12-24mm f/4 AT-X PRO DX: The Tokina 12-24mm zoom produced remarkably high sharpness and resolution at every zoom setting—particularly at longer focal lengths—at all apertures from f/4 to f/11. Consequently, I never hesitated to shoot at f/4 for fast shutter speeds in low light. Performance at f/16 is not as stellar but still acceptable. After selecting my technically best images, I was able to make absolutely superb 12×18” prints that look sharp and finely detailed even under close examination. “

4 Responses to “Sigma 10-20mm Vs Tamron 11-18mm Vs Tokina 12-24mm”

  1. ForestWander says:

    Looking to buy ones of these for my Forest Photography projects. I saw it somewhere for around $300

  2. geoffL says:

    i have the tamron 11-18 and its amazing. its my daily lens right now. i feel its worth it and can do more than most “wide” lenses.

  3. Dennis says:

    I own 2 Tamron lens (20-40 & 11-18mm) and I think they are very good lens and build. Where as Sigma lens, due to quality control issue and well know mechanical as the barrel stiffness so the lens does not creep, and plastic gears break or worn out fast. I find Tamron lens usually are little more expensive then Sigma, but trust me it worth it, less peoples are letting go Tamron lens on Ebay then Sigma…and if you see Tamron goes on sale on Ebay it usually sale pretty quick and it keep it value too.

  4. Rainer says:

    Tamrons” I have two. The 70 – 200mm f2.8 and the 17 – 50mm f2.8 Both are excellent in their optics. Unfortunatily they tend to break more easily. I have both in for repairs now. I tried to tighten a UV Filter just that little more and CRACK she went! Now the zoom focus has become a push in and out one. Lol The 200mm toppled over on to a wodden Rafter. I expected the Glass to break but it was fine. Instead the obvious cheap Plastics inside screwed up and the Lens Barrel guides are stuffed. Tammys can be biuld a little tougher than that. perhaps similar to the Tokina, just the optics in Tokina are not as good as the Tamrons.

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