Shooting with White Background for Stock Photography

To be serious about stock photography I need white background photos (food shots, everyday objects and things like that). I have a soft box that came with a couple of tungsten lamps. The softbox is 16″ square, open in the front, white sides, and I velcro the background sheet to the inside. I set this up for the first time last night with the lamps aimed through the fabric on either side, and took some test shots. They’re terrible. The background is not white, but pink and shadowy, it looks like an interrogation room, I think the box may be too small to photograph an object as large as Indian corn (one of the things I shot), in short I need advice. If I need more lights how do I “blow out” the background in the box when the box is so small? Should I just forget the box and set up a background drape by itself and fix lights around it? There’s no need to load the test shots here, they look like I shot them with a polaroid camera on a grimy pillowcase in prison.

The tungsten lamps will need to be ditched – they smoke and smell after mere minutes and one doesn’t want to stay on. Cheap.

I need photos with that happy, clean, generic Steven Spielberg white in the background so all you see is that clean, evenly bright white behind the photo subject.

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Shooting with White Background for Stock Photography
Posted by LorettaW on November 6, 2008 at 1:19am in DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES

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  1. Shawn Grimes says:

    Zack Arias has a great white background tutorial:

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