SensorScope DSLR Cleaning System Wins DIMA Awards

Delkin Devices, has been honored with the Digital Imaging Marketing Association’s (DIMA) annual Innovative Digital Products Awards for the company’s new SensorScope System.

SensorScope DSLR Cleaning System

Sensorscope System Latest Price

SensorScope enables you to check your sensor to see if it needs cleaning-there’s nothing safer than not cleaning your sensor. The SensorScope looks like a camera lens; however, it allows you to look back into your camera to inspect your sensor. The SensorScope is easily portable and provides a 5x magnification lens and 4 ultra bright LED lights, which are focused to completely illuminate the field of inspection. Although specifically designed for Canon and Nikon DSLRs

Dave Etchells talks to Anna Lopez about the Delkin Devices Sensor Scope System.

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