Selling Photos Online

Revenue in February’14: US$ 6,006.22
Total Photos in portfolio: +/- 8000 photos
Total Revenue from Microstock in 2014: US$ 12,141.27

It’s now easier than ever to earn extra money from your images by selling them online via micro stock photography sites such as Shutterstock, Fotolia, Dreamstime and many more (please keep reading to find out how much I earn from each stock photography site)..

Make money online by selling your digital photos
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It goes without saying that to be successful your shots need to be ‘good stock photographs’ and available in high resolution format. But presuming that all this is in order, how do you maximize sale ability?

Good Stock Photographs

Firstly, you must know how to take good stock photographs. For those who haven’t heard what stock photography is.. Stock photography is photography or imagery that can be licensed for specific uses. Its use is very popular with designers, graphic artists, art directors, advertising agencies, and marketing professionals, in magazine ads, websites, and marketing brochures. Instead of hiring a professional photographer to create an image, a buyer licenses an image and the photographer is paid a commission. There are many books talk on how you can take good stock photographs, and here are just some of the very basic points;

– No digital noise, please…
Most agencies rank each photo based on it’s overall quality and potential for salability. Make sure your photos are clear, crisp, nicely composed, well lit and most importantly free of digital noise caused by high iso, underexposure, long exposures and over-processing.

– No snapshots or tourist-like photos, please…
Do not ever think that you’ll earn lots of money by selling your snapshots or tourist-like photos. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Your photos must be commercially in demand and highly usable for art directors or designers. You can take a look at the most popular files once you’ve signed up to an agency to get an idea of what is selling. You can also review other professional sites like GettyImages, Corbis, and Comstock to get some inspirations.

– No logo/copyrighted material, please…
When you’re submitting photos to the microstockphoto agencies, make sure they don’t have any company logos, trademarks, third-party images and brands.

– Ask your model to sign a model release..
Unless if you’re submitting editorial images, you must provide a model release for any recognizable person in your image. Each agency has its own standard model release form that you have to fill in and send along with each image containing a recognizable person. I usually send the same format of model release [Download model release], and send it to all agencies without any problems.

Some useful shooting models tips available on this site:

Download Free Model Posing Guides
Choosing and Communicating with Models
Portrait Photography Tips
How To Use Light in Photography
Studio Lighting Video Tutorial

Choosing The Right Photo Agency

You need to find out whether a website will be worth your while by logging on and having a look around. Views the types of images stocked, and determine whether yours are on par with their quality and style. You can check how many visitors (traffic graphs are available below) and the number of times each image has been downloaded. You can also join the community forum usually available on the agency and ask the other members regarding their selling/month, etc. Use this information to answer the question: How likely is it that I will actually sell my images through this website?

Categorizing & Keywording

Sellers can usually place images in more than one category – exploit this by placing yours in as many as possible. The importance of this is that while visitor and site members browse websites, photo buyers shop by category. Getting your photos listed within the right categories ensures they appear in front of the right audience.

Keywords are there to give your photos a further away of being found by searches, and websites will give you a certain amount of characters to play with, which you should exhaust. Keep your keywords simply and accurate. Remember, do NOT enter “junk” keywords or keywords that are not applicable to an image. This will slow down your approval process or even worse, get your photos being rejected.

Here’s a neat online keywording tool to help stock photographers keywording their images with high quality keywords.


Usually you have three ways to upload your photos to the agencies. The most common one is using the web upload form which is available on all stock photo agencies. Then you have the ActiveX/Java uploading system which available only on some of the agencies. The last one is via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software which I think is the easiest way of uploading your photos as what you need to do is to drag and drop your files from your computer to their server. You can also schedule your upload anytime you want (I usually do my uploading at night just before going to sleep). Unfortunately, one of my biggest money maker agencies (ie. Istockphoto) does not have this option available, instead the agency has its own uploading software where you have to pay to get the pro version.

To be able to transfer your photos via FTP you will need an FTP Client such as CuteFTP and FileZilla for Windows users or Cyberduck for Mac users. You can go to software repository sites such as or to find your FTP client program, read the user reviews, download & install it to your computer.

Below are some stock agencies where I submit my photos to..


This is currently my favorite microstock photo agency. Monthly income has been great, photo review time has been stellar. It takes around 2-3 days max until they review your photos and and add them to their database. Uploading images and adding model release is also very easy on this site. For me and many other stock photographers, Shutterstock is ranked first giving us more than 40-50% of total income.

Shutterstock is the pioneer of selling photos by subscription where a buyer can download up to 750 images over a period of time. You’ll get 25 cents every time one of your images is downloaded. Uploading photos is easy, they have 3 uploading system; (FTP, HTML, and activeX).

Visit Shutterstock


Visit Dreamstime

Dreamstime has been online since 2000 as a Royalty-Free stock photography website, selling CD imagery. The concept has been redesigned, upgraded and adapted to the market’s need, evolving into a powerful and active community in March 2004. Your commission is .50 for each photo downloaded, but I believe your commision would increase as more people donwload your photos. Please visit their site to check the detail of their royalty figure.

123RF is wholly owned by Inmagine. They have been in the Royalty Free industry since year 2000 and had since accumulated a strong database of repeated users. Prices for single images are available in low-res, med-res and high-res and are set at $1, $2 and $3 respectively. You will be paid a direct 50% of the actual price for each of your image sold.You can also earn money from their subscription revenue which is based on the total of downloaded images that belong to you and on the total revenue in that particular month.

Visit 123RF


Fotolia has a lot of earning potential. For each photograph sold, the photographer receives a commission based on the type of license sold to the customer. Fotolia currently has a local presence in 5 major countries: USA, France, Spain, Germany, and UK. For more info about their commission structure, please visit

Visit Fotolia


Since launching the site last May 2005, BigStockPhoto has grown to over 11 million images. It’s one of the fastest growing stock photo sites. The site has a sophisticated search engine, multiple light boxes that can be shared with friends and colleagues, how-to articles and tutorials, forums, and an easy-to-use features for uploading and downloading photos. Whenever a person downloads one of your photos, your account balance increases by 50 cents, you can also make up to $20.00 for special licensed photo sold.

Visit BigStockPhoto


Istock was the first and the biggest microstock agency online. This is the agency that rejected most of my photos. From 95 photos submitted this month they only accepted probably around 15 of them :(. They also have this ridiculous upload limits for non exclusive contributors. If you’re a new member (base) you can upload 15 photos per week (that’s right! you have to wait for 168 hours until you can submit another batch of 15 photos). If you’ve been there for a while like me and have more than 25000 downloads, you can only submit 30 photos per week. Earnings are also decreasing each month. My suggestion is if you’re new and NOT thinking of becoming Istock exclusive contributor just don’t bother to submit on their site since it looks they’re really giving their non-exclusive photographers a hard time

Visit Istockphoto

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1. Can I make a living out of this?

Well, I think it all depends on which country you’re living in. But here’s an idea on your earning potential from the industry. Meet Yuri Arcurs, a full time stock photographer and a uni student at Aarchus University. He makes $300/day (times that by 30 days, which is around $9000/month) by selling his photos on Shutterstock alone!! Now, that’s the figure you and I should aiming for because I’m sure you can have a pretty good life in whichever country you’re living in with more than 10K/month (and it keeps growing if you keep taking photos).

Click to enlarge

2. Can you post the same photo on multiple stock photography websites?

Yes, you can..unless if you choose for being exclusive with Dreamstime or any other agencies that offer exclusivity. Then, you MUST only submit your photos to that agency.

3. What type of photography seems to be the most profitable?

Shoot what you like.. But keep in mind that your photos must be commercially in demand. While some photographers say that people photos always sell really good, my best sellers have always been landscape/travel photographs.

4. Are you selling the same photos at multiple agencies?

Yes, I am.. as I’m not being exclusive to any agency and I’m selling all my photos as Royalty Free.

5. How do you increase your sales?

I think the key is you have to upload lots and lots good photos. See FAQ no. 1 above for an inspiration.

6. Do you have any keywording tips?

Please check out the keywording tips posts here, here, and here

7. Can I see your portfolio?

Sure, You can go to my Free Pictures and Photoblog sites to see my work.

8. How much do you earn each month?

Below is my earning stats from September 2005


Total Revenue from Microstock in 2014: US$ 12,141.27

February’14: $ 6,006.22
January’14: $ 6,135.05

Total Revenue from Microstock in 2013: US$ 69,252.26

December’13: $ 5,465.32
November’13: $ 5,932.23
October’13: $ 6,100.54
September’13: $ 6,853.00
August’13: $ 6,412.20
July’13: $ 6,287.00
June’13: $ 6,184.31
May’13: $ 5,766.25
April’13: $ 6,012.85
March’13: $ 6,246.29
February’13: $ 6,046.22
January’13: $ 6,435.05

Total Revenue from Microstock in 2012: US$ 57,137.02

December’12: US$ 5,991.20
November’12: US$ 5,669.37
October’12: US$ 5,905.74
September’12: US$ 5,305.24
August’12: US$ 5,225.14
July’12: US$ 4,805.82
June’12: US$ 4,325.35
May’12: US$ 4,502.22
April’12: US$ 4,254.23
March’12: US$ 3,954.23
February’12:: $3,711.87
January’12: $3,487.36

Total Revenue from Microstock in 2011: US$ 33,945.69

December’11: US$ 3,248.77
November’11: US$ 3,706.74
October’11: US$ 3,466.25
September’11: US$ 3,350.27
August’11: US$ 3,347.27
July’11: US$ 3,599.17
June’11: US$ 3,264.83
May’11: US$ 3,022.54
April’11: US$ 2,936.25
March’11: US$ 2,752.54
February’11:: $2,134.43
January’11: $2,245.73

Total Revenue from Microstock in 2010: US$ 41,953.83

December’10: US$ 2,641.31
November’10: US$ 3,152.54
October’10: US$ 3,255.59
September’10: US$ 3,623.22
August’10: US$ 3,985.98
July’10: US$ 3,199.33
June’10: US$ 3,423.12
May’10: US$ 3,323.34
April’10: US$ 3,911.59
March’10: US$ 3,723.9
February’10: US$ 3,745.39
January’10: US$ 3,968.52

Total Revenue from Microstock in 2009: US$37,538.91

December’09: US$ 3,224.12
November’09: US$ 3,968.52
October’09: US$ 3,842.32
September’09: US$ 4,203.05
August’09: US$ 3,637.00
July’09: US$ 3,537.00
June’09: US$ 3,663.35
May’09: US$ 3,098.32
April’09: US$ 3,094.72
March’09: US$ 3,141.53
February’09: US$ 2,899.51
January’09: US$ 2,766.47

Total Revenue from Microstock in 2008: US$30,521.71

December’08: US$ 2,609.72
November’08: US$ 2,615.78
October’08: US$ 2,622.24
September’08: US$ 2,614.5
August’08: US$ 2596.61
July’08: US$ 2248.64
June’08: US$ 2546.61
May’08: US$ 2874.93
April’08: US$ 2687.79
March’08: US$ 2381.30
February’08: US$ 2455.02
January’08: US$ 2241.39

Total Revenue from Microstock in 2007: US$25,662.79

December’07: US$1707.33
November’07: US$2035.89
October’07: US$2124.36
September’07: US$2034.24
August’07: US$1966.26
July’07: $1987.43
June’07: $2048.15
May’07: $2278.92
April’07: $2354.59
March’07: $2561.99
February’07:: $2194.88
January’07: $2368.75

Total Revenue from Microstock in 2006: US$23,725.79

December’06: $1840.20
November’06: $2025.67
October’06: $1722.91
September’06: $1876.76
August’06: $2038.33
July’06: $1921.87
June’06: $2060.23
May’06: $2286.5
April’06: $1924.50
March’06: $2120.35
February’06: $2062.70
January’06: $1845.84

Total Revenue from Microstock in 2005: US$5,004.14

December’05: $1216.83
November’05: $1421.92
October’05: $1384.59
September’05: $980.80

This page would be updated every month (next update: 1st of March 2013)

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    May I know how many photos should I upload in order to make money?

  5. The Captain says:

    It would depend on how much you want/need to earn. I have relatively few photos at a stock agency (Dreamstime) and they sell quite well, but I’m going to have increase significantly the number, into the hundreds, to make a living.

    Concentrate on quality first and then when you are doing your best, submit them to the proper category.

    All the Best,


  6. Deepak says:

    @ The Captain (Larry),

    Can you provide some statistics in terms of number of photos, average monthly income, overall photographic experience and weekly time commitments as it may help people who plan to do this for a living?

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    May I know what type of photos that you usually use? Is it self taken photos or photoshop designing photos?

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    If you want to do this for a living, find what you like to shoot, then shoot, shoot, shoot. And study. You have to know what sells. After a certain point, shooting is secondary and your business experience is the most important factor.

    Never stop trying to do better, but at some point you are going to have to realize it’s called the photography business for a reason.


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    i am Kenyan and its rare business here to sell photographs. can i sell it internationally? am interested

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    My compliments for your November result! Almost $5700, wow! How many pictures you have uploaded so far? Bye!:)

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    Hi there! thanks for the very thorough article! I now have it bookmarked! =o) and I have a seemingly silly question to ask. I know you mentioned that you shouldn’t have trademarks/logos etc on your photos, but what about watermarking? i usually watermark my photos with my name in different opacity…depending on the photo. I do this so that it would be much less distracting. I also place them in different spots in each photo and they are usually hardly seen as I try and blend them into the photo. Sometime I have trouble retracking where I put the waatermark!

    Would these photos work as stock photos? Or do I need to remove all watermarks for them to have more ‘sale’ value? Just a little confused as I would want to sell my pics but also want my copyright protected. Sorry if you’ve answered this question before under your many comments! If you do reply, thank you for your attention!

  15. Hello, You can’t have watermark on your photos.

  16. I am now uploading around 200 photos per month.. I have hired a photo editor to help me with all the photo manipulation stuff.

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    finding a photo editor to help me with all the photo manipulation stuff sounds great!
    – Could you give more details please? (is it a specific website?)
    – Can you tell us a little more about process how you found him?
    – What are the steps to finding a suitable editor?
    – What aspects are important when you search for one?
    – How expensive is it per image?
    All the best,

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    Hi again 😉
    How are things going? Would love to hear your answers to my previous questions!
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    If you are a photographer who selling photos at stock agency visit our website . We are keywording company.

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    I am interested..please email me contact information. thanks

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    please explain keywords! thanks, mary

  22. Chad says:

    Carlos, the problem is you have a camera with little pixel quality. It can be good for stock but it also depends on the color and detail of the image, if there is a lot of white = less data the sensor picks up resulting in lower MB, I woud have gotten a camera with a min. 10MP DSLR and always shoot in raw. If you need to edit and do so in JPEG you lose pixel quality and if over edit it can really ruin the quality to render the photo usless. Most companies not related to stock photo requires a min 10MP DSLR to shoot commercial. I got a Nikon D300 for $375 on ebay and works great it is a 12.3MP.
    Hope this helps?

  23. Giuseppe says:

    Congratulations for your site.
    I also use the sites to sell stock photos but my biggest problem is to manage different libraries for each agency. Could you give me some advice on how to store and upload photos of all the sites without having to stock different libraries saved?

    Thank you, good job, regards

  24. Tim says:

    Hi there, is Canon EOS 1000D ok to use to sell stock photos?

  25. Marc says:


    I am currently using OLYMPUS PEN EP3.
    And I don’t regret buying it.

  26. Comment by Tim 2013-04-03 21:47:54
    Hi there, is Canon EOS 1000D ok to use to sell stock photos?


  27. Rudra Narayan Mitra says:

    Dear Sir,

    For last two months, I worked as per your guidelines above and now I am registered with Shutterstock, Dreamstime, 123RF, Bigstock, Fotolia and Istock. Total portfolio – about 300 photos online. Total Sale – about 7 US $.

    Thank’s to your advises for all above.

    Any more websites you suggest for me ? It seems like I am getting addicted to it !

    With best regards,


  28. Aonir says:

    do you think I stand a chance with a compact camera. (samsung es25)i don’t have the money to buy a dslr yet

    also the photographs in your gallery are easily copied and pasted, you might want to look at that.

  29. I think the minimum now is DSLR

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