Sanho HyperDrive Space 40GB

Sanho HyperDrive Space 40GB is a Memory Card Backup Storage features High-capacity 40GB hard drive to quickly save images on the spot; Backup directly from 18 types of memory cards; No computers, adapters, cables required; Supports: CF Type I/II, MD, SD, SDHC, MMC, xD, xD Type-M, xD Type-H, MS, MS MagicGate, MS Select, MS PRO, MS PRO MagicGate, MS DUO, MS DUO MagicGate, MS PRO DUO, MS PRO DUO MagicGate; World Class Specifications and Fastest Memory Card Backup (20MB/s). The product dimension 5″ x 2.87″ x 0.79″ and weighs 152g / 5.3oz (without HDD).


Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Sanho HyperDrive Space 40GB User Opinions

Quick and easy way to back up your photos in the field, | Rating: ★★★★★
On the default settings, I can back up an 8gb card in about 15 minutes. The device is rated for 1gb/min, but you’d have to have faster memory cards that support that data transfer rate along with adjust some settings. I’m lazy, so 1gb every 2 minutes isn’t going to hurt me that badly. The HyperDrive Space supports an insane amount of memory cards, including xD and Sony Memory Stick. For me, I only care about the SDHC and CF cards. The battery life is amazing – I’ve been able to copy 90+ gb before the battery runs out, and it can be recharged via USB as well. It also can be mounted as a drive, so when you get to a computer, you can drag your files over. “ – By N. Hawkins

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Features & Specifications

Sanho HyperDrive Space 40GB Features

HyperDrive SPACE is a portable storage device that allows you to backup 18 memory card formats on the go without the need for computers or external power. It possesses many world class features unseen, unrivalled by any product

Quick Access Buttons
SPACE features an innovative spatial keypad system & allows quick access to all functions in 5 button presses or less. Buttons correspond to a intuitive function or menu on the display screen

Simple, Reliable, Upgradable
Finished in sleek black aluminum with modern clean lines, SPACE is incredibly compact, only 20mm/0.79″ thick. The strong yet lightweight aluminum casing protects the unit from shock & efficiently dissipates any excess heat from the internal hard drive & battery. It is also future proof. The generic 2.5″ notebook hard drive & lithium-ion battery are easily replaceable

Backup directly from 18 types of memory cards
SPACE is the only portable storage device to support 18 types of cards, virtually every memory card in the market. SPACE works standalone without the need for computers, card adapters, cables or external power. You can also transfer data from SPACE back to the memory card

World’s Fastest Card Backup Speed
Using DMA (Direct Memory Access) technology, SPACE is able to achieve blazing backup speeds of up to 20MB/s, which translates to 1GB backup in under 1 minute! Backup & reuse your memory card in no time

Ultra Fast USB Transfer Speed (28MB/s)

SPACE functions as an external USB hard drive when connected to your PC. Transfer your photos & data between SPACE & the computer at blazing 28MB/s speed, the fastest in its class

Support Large Capacity Multi-Partitioned Hard Drive
Space comes in various sizes to suit all backup needs. You can even buy just the SPACE casing & install your own hard drive. SPACE supports multiple partitions & future large capacity hard drives

World’s Longest Battery Performance

SPACE has tremendous battery power to couple with its huge storage space. Using the same high capacity rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion cell used to power notebook computers, a single full battery is good for 100GB of downloads, enough to fill up most hard drives. Batteries are easily removable & replaceable

4 ways to power/recharge SPACE, anywhere in the world
The battery can be recharged via USB, AC adapter, car charger & external battery pack (4xAA or Li-Ion cell). With the provided universal 100-240V AC adapter, power SPACE anywhere in the world

Advanced File Operations
With SPACE, you can browse files/folders, delete files/folders, format hard drive & memory card, define folder name, check remaining space, check/upgrade firmware version, restore to factory settings. A built-in clock that shows the date & time.

*Backup directly from 18 types of memory cards
*No computers, adapters, cables required
*Supports: CF Type I/II, MD, SD, SDHC, MMC, xD, xD Type-M, xD Type-H, MS, MS MagicGate, MS Select, MS PRO, MS *PRO MagicGate, MS DUO, MS DUO MagicGate, MS PRO DUO, MS PRO DUO MagicGate
*World Class Specifications
*Fastest Memory Card Backup (20MB/s)
*Fastest USB Transfer Speed (28MB/s)
*Most Powerful Battery (100GB/charge)
*Directly accept 18 different card types
*Unlimited capacity (40 160GB & beyond)
*32-bit copy verification system
*Supports Fragmented Hard Drive Space
*Any hard drive will become fragmented as you copy and remove data over time.
*Most backup devices will not be able to use this fragmented space and may run out of space prematurely even when the hard drive is not full.
*SPACE on the other hand is intelligent enough to use every single hard drive space, fragmented or otherwise, giving you all the memory space you need.

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