Samsung SyncMaster 244T (214T) – Review @ Shutterbug

Shutterbug’s David B. Brooks has recently published a review of the Samsung SyncMaster 244T (214T), a huge 24″ analog/digital LCD display with 1920×1200 pixels (1600×1200 pixels) native resolution, and a blazing 6ms response time.


“On the basis of my experience, the 244T, and by extension its slightly smaller relative, the 214T, have to be among the best LCDs for photographic computing of any displays offered at a competitive price. Frankly, that doesn’t leave many brands left to try. The Samsung SyncMaster 244T I worked with is a solid, finely-crafted product that reproduces photographic images with a beautiful richness of color. It also provides the means to adjust the image attributes to individual perception that allows for a close match to what you would expect from the image on screen.”

>> Samsung 244T Latest Price

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