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Samsung S630 (announced 08 January’07) is a point-and-shoot digital camera (announced 08.01.07) featuring 6.10 million effective pixels, MPEG-4 movie capture, 3x optical zoom lens (35mm equivalent: 35~105mm) with image stabilizer, voice recording, and a 2.5-inch TFT LCD screen. The Samsung S630 is measuring in at 99.8×62.8×25.7 mm, weighing 136g. g and it’s running on 2x AA batteries.

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆ | Latest Price Info

Samsung S630 Reviews reviews the Samsung S630 and writes;
“The S630 is a decent compact camera if you need speedy burst shooting in a small body with 7x optical zoom. Apart from that, there’s little else to recommend this camera considering the disappointing image quality and expensive asking price.”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Samsung S630 Video Review by TigerDirect;

ePhotozine reviews the Samsung S630 and writes;
“Noise is evident on all settings, but becomes definite from ISO 100 onwards, which is a shame as it’s unlikely that the camera will choose ISO 80 on Auto unless the situation is particularly bright. At ISO400 the picture is very noisy with purple effects and artefacts everywhere. There is a distinct lack of ISO settings with only four options in the group.”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Samsung S630 Samples

- Samsung S630 Sample Photos @ ePhotozine

Samsung S630 User Manuals (PDF)

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- Download Samsung S630 Instructions Manual in English (PDF – 8.15 MB)
- Download Samsung S630 Instructions Manual in Spanish (PDF – 8.77 MB)

Samsung S630 Press Release

Samsung Launches “Next Generation” Model of its Most Popular Cameras with the S630

8 January 2007 – Samsung Cameras is pleased to announce the release of the 6 mega-pixel S630. This user friendly point-and-shoot digital camera represent the next generation models of Samsung’s popular point-and-shoot digital still camera products. Powerful, compact cameras combine Samsung’s advanced image processing technology and quality optics with a straightforward, uncluttered user interface and stylish ergonomic design.

The S630 simplifies the picture-taking process to let photographers capture pictures without worrying about adjusting multiple settings. Samsung’s ASR image stabilization system helps to reduce camera shake and image blur during longer exposures and in situations where holding the camera steady is impossible or a tripod is unavailable. When taking pictures outdoors, the S630 detects environmental light conditions through the CCD and adjust the brightness of the LCD display for optimal image viewing.

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Comment by Tom H. Subscribed to comments via email
2007-06-16 19:53:34

This camera was bought through an insane Ritz Camera Father’s Day promotion in which the Epson Stylus Photo Ultra High-Resolution R260 was essentially free (after mail-in rebate) with the purchase of any digital camera. I brought up the digital cameras on the Ritz website and they listed a keyring camera for $9.99 which would have gotten me the R260 for less than $10.00. However, I decided to get a relatively inexpensive camera to carry around with me. One I could put in a pants pocket or in a backpack pocket or even in a small case strapped to my belt. At $99.99, the S630 seemed a good compromise between price and features and I haven’t been disappointed. I haven’t printed any S630 photos on the R260 yet, but based on what I am seeing on my computer screen, the photos I’m taking with it bear general comparison with the ones taken with my digital SLR’s (Nikon D100 and D50, both with very good lenses). I’m sure if I really tried, I’d discover the Nikon photos are somewhat better in ways which are probably more measurable than perceptible, but certainly for photos for general use on the web, this camera is just fine and is certainly much more convenient to carry around with me than the Nikon SLR’s. At this stage, you can certainly find this camera somewhere for $100 or less and at that price, it’s almost as good as it gets.

If it has any cons other than the ones you’d expect related to such a tiny camera, they start with NO VIEWFINDER. You’ll be framing all of your shots using the LCD, which is rather large, I must say. When my friends complain about battery life in their cameras, usually I say “God gave you a viewfinder. Use it.” I’m sure that most of the battery problems people have are caused by the viewfinder draining the battery, and by constantly turning their camera on and off. It takes energy for that little zoom lens to be going in and out all the time. I soon learned that this camera’s batteries last much longer if I just leave it on when I’m on a picture-taking stroll. Then, there’s the plastic body (but can I really expect metal at this price?). Finally, there’s the situation with the manual. There is an excellent 98-page one online if you look for it. I think you can find it on the Ritz site if nowhere else. It’s absolutely essential for you to get because the little manual that comes with the camera is, to put it mildly, a joke. What you discover when you download the manual is that this little camera is jam-packed with features that aren’t readily apparent until you are told how to access them. I consider the manuals that came with my two Nikons more than adequate, and both of them are smaller in physical dimensions and contain approximately as much information. I downloaded it and took it to Kinko’s to be bound ($4.99) and I’m very glad I did. It was $4.99 well spent. This little camera has so many features that I’m a long way from knowing how to use them all. At the same time, basic point-and-shoot work is quite easy. Just put the camera in PROGRAM or 100% AUTO mode and almost every shot will look great.

Comment by Jaime
2007-06-25 06:57:30

FYI – the maual is on the CD that comes with the camera

Comment by Tom H. Subscribed to comments via email
2007-06-25 17:47:23

I’m aware of that, but I generally will download a manual from the manufacturer’s website because that is likely to be the same or more recent than the one on the distribution CD.

Comment by Dphotojournal com
2007-06-25 22:07:27

Tom, Thanks a lot for your time to review the camera. How would you rate the camera (out of 5 stars)?

Comment by Tom H. Subscribed to comments via email
2007-06-26 03:53:05

Bearing in mind that the stars are “at this price point,” I’d give it a good solid 4 stars.

Now, I don’t have a lot of experience with cheap cameras, I admit, but I’d call this an overall good experience. Where is there room for improvement? 1) ship a complete paper manual with the camera (but it seems very few manufacturers are doing that with electronics anymore); 2) a viewfinder; 3) some sort of sun hood for the LCD display.

As you can see, though, those complaints would apply to the majority of cameras in this price range. There are some shocking limitations to someone who’s used to the flexibility of full manual shooting: only two aperture selections are available: f/2.8 and f/8, but then I have to remind myself that this is a camera for people who would be tempted to buy The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Photography and might even consider that a difficult reading. And, once again, what can one realistically expect at this price? It should be a mere toy. It’s not. It’s quite a bit better than that.

Comment by Tom H.
2007-07-12 11:11:54

I have to correct a comment I made. In fiddling around with MANUAL mode, I did bring up more than just the two aperture settings, so I’m a little less shocked in that area.

It doesn’t matter anyway, the photos are quite acceptable, especially considering the almost rock-bottom price.

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Comment by Mike
2010-01-04 23:29:47

What a smug comment. The vast majority of people use their digital camera to snap pics of simple everyday things and situations at best a vacation or wedding. I’m old school and used to use a SLR manual camera. I was the only moron fiddling around with a camera for 10 minutes setting up the camera. You don’t have to know rocket science to understand a digital or a SLR camera so don’t be so smug.

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Comment by Mike
2007-09-29 03:29:28

I’ve looked and can’t find the manual, even at Ritz. Where did you get yours?

Comment by kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2008-01-05 23:54:00

I agree this cam’s great Tom. Now there’s only one ‘problem’.

You can get another Samsung model with all about the same functions with 8.0 mega pixels and also at the same price with all the usual goodies bundle (free mini-tripod, memory card).

It’s out in the stores here in Singapore as I write, but I haven’t really the time to take down its model number!

May be do some shopping around if you haven’t bought your digital cam yet.

Happy 2008!

Comment by Jenn
2008-05-08 10:31:53

Which model is this?! I’m in Aus but I wanna know too..XD (Parents going back to SG for a bit, haha..)

Comment by Douglas Subscribed to comments via email
2009-12-10 05:59:21

Thanks for your input regarding this camera…I recieved it as a gift and have actually worn the black through to the gray.
Anyways the flash has stopped working and what do I do? Take it to a camera shop for repairs?
Or do I just get another camera…I just hate the fact that often the least expensive solution to a problem is to replace rather than to repair…I encounter this in dealing with my bicycle or sound system or my automobile. Sorry to digress, I need to know about the camera flash.
ciao, Douglas

Comment by Andrew Subscribed to comments via email
2011-04-16 01:03:03

The flash stopped working on mine too. I heard a clunking noise inside when shook, I opened it up & it turned out to be the capacitor for the flash had broken loose, the ribbon cable had come off one end. I soldered it back & it fixed it perfectly.

that was maybe 7 months ago & now I have a problem where it shows up fine on the LCD when aiming but once I take the photo, it shows up all lined, like venetian blinds, and then on 1.5+ second exposure, it turns all the brightest points into negatives, (i.e white to black) with blue outlines.

Comment by Natasha Subscribed to comments via email
2007-07-12 01:44:21

Hello! I was wondering if one of you can help me. I have a Samsung S630 and and am trying to load the pictures onto my PC. Unfortanately, i do not have the software since my PC isnt automatically pulling up the window to upload, also USB mass storage for this device doesnt show up on My Computer either. Looks like it’s not reading it… Do you know where I can download a driver or do I have any other options?

Thank you very much,

Comment by Dphotojournal com
2007-07-12 11:08:54

Hi Natasha, you might find the driver/software you’re looking for here

Comment by Tom H.
2007-07-12 11:20:23

If your computer doesn’t even see that the port is in use, that’s not a driver problem. So, first, a dumb question: You have tried hooking up the camera and switching it on, right? The computer will see your camera until you switch it on. Just asking.

Well, someone has given you a link, but it sounds like your main problem has to do with Windows or your USB hardware. I would do a “repair reinstall” if I were you (google those words and you’ll easily find step-by-step instructions, which you should print out before you begin).

If that doesn’t solve your connection problem, take your computer to a repair shop and they will figure out what’s wrong with your hardware, possibly replacing it or adding in a USB card. If you have a working USB port, you can also buy a hub to add more ports.

Comment by kapil Subscribed to comments via email
2007-10-28 20:19:48


yes u can do this.If u have memory card reader simply remove memory card from camera and u can directly copy images from camera memory card to ur PC. no software required and if u don’t have memory card reader just buy it from market and its cost will be Rs.250 Inr.

Kapil :)

Comment by Jeff
2010-12-31 15:57:45

I just take the SD card out, put it in a cardreader and hook that to the computer. Works on my p.o.s. computer!

Comment by Shawn
2007-07-18 20:09:31

I bought this camera with the full intention of using it as a video camera for some webcasts that I have been planning for some time now. Like you, I am impressed by the very good still pictures. (God help you if someone takes a close up, and you don’t have flawless skin. Every pore looks like Meteor Crater.) Additionally, I am very impressed by the 30 frames per second in video mode. The videos that I took are just a little grainy, but it was also in a dark room with only the computer screen for light.
I was frankly very mad when the camera turned itself off after only about 8 minutes. It seems to me that an electronic device would have a power cord, especially when it has an LCD screen that saps power, and it also has a plug on the side of the camera right beside the USB plug. However, having thought ahead, I knew to buy some rechargeable batteries and a charger. I got all of them at the same time. I haven’t really taken it out on the road for a real test yet, but I look forward to doing so very soon.
Thank you for your review, and also for the directions for finding the manual.
Be safe

Comment by TomH Subscribed to comments via email
2007-07-27 08:29:21

Well, when I go out I leave the camera on to save batteries. I really think that it’s that zoom lens going in and that really drains battery. Also, you gotta have rechargeables with today’s cameras, and take 2 or 3 spare sets out with you. I can’t comment on movies, but I’ve gone out and shot photos whenever I felt like it for 2 hours and didn’t have a battery problem with a freshly charged pair. My #1 tip on battery life is don’t be turning your camera on and off all the time.

Comment by Max Stout
2007-08-09 16:26:57


Make sure when you use regular or rechargable batteries that your camera is programed to use either or.

Comment by Shannon Subscribed to comments via email
2007-07-24 15:04:46

Somebody please, I need help! I was uploading some photos and decided to make folders within the folder it already pops up in, but now… on the actual camera itself, my photos are not found AND when I tried to take them out of the separate folders to hopefully undo the problem, it didn’t go back into the actual camera. So I’m wondering if there is anyway to fix this and somehow be able to upload my photos back into my camera or if they are stuck on my computer for good. Please somebody let me know. Much Appreciated.

Comment by Theo Subscribed to comments via email
2007-07-27 04:37:55

I don’t know what happen to my Samsung S630, but all of a sudden it can’t turn on, when I press the power button all it does is beep three times. Anyone knows whats wrong?

Comment by jessica
2008-07-08 15:26:54

Mine does this too, but after a while itll start working again. I get really pissed off and frustrated and tend to want to throw it, but usually after i plug it into my computer and restart my computer with the camera on while its plugged in and then unplug it, it works again

or if i delete all the files
or add files on from my computer

I dont know whats wrong with it, but try to do different things, who knows maybe it doesnt like the batteries you put in it, bc my camera doesnt work with non rechargables nor with duracel or what ever
o doesnt work with cheap brand rechargables either

Comment by Melissa Subscribed to comments via email
2010-04-03 09:03:58

Hey, I’m having the exact same problem! It’s so annoying. I get so angry I want to heave the camera out the damned window! But, I just fixed it! I grabbed the lens when it came out and was getting ready to do the 3 beep thing, and I jiggled it around a bit, and now it works! You have to do it 2 times though, cuzt he first time when I shut it off, it got stuck again and beeped. It’s the damned lens, it got stuck somehow. I’m thinking maybe a crumb or dust particle got in there and jammed it up. It’s very possible. Digital cameras are very finicky. And since so many other people are complaining about the same issue, it seems to be a defect in the manufacturing. Really stinks too, cuz this camera takes amazing pictures and video. I love it! But mine is a different model than you are describing in here. Mine is red and its a BL103 10.2 megapixel. Seems like all Samsung cameras pull this crap huh?

Comment by Denise Subscribed to comments via email
2010-05-21 09:55:47

Yeah, thanks for the information, my camera was also doing the 3 beeps, and shutting off, and I just held the power button down and moved the lens back and forth. I could hear the lens pop back into place, and no more problems. I was just about to replace the camera! THANKS

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Comment by o
2008-11-02 18:22:15

is the lense out? if so it may be bent try an straighten it up

Comment by TomH Subscribed to comments via email
2007-07-27 08:31:16

Shannon, it sounds like a memory card problem. Find another camera that takes the same media and try loading from that camera. If they load okay, it was the camera. If not, then either it’s a bad card or the camera is writing the card incorrectly.

Comment by Marie
2007-08-12 16:05:46

I have the same problem. The batteries went dead and the lens is frozen open. I put new batteries in and the camera beeps 3 times and shuts off when I want to take a picture. I’ve changed the memory card and put a new set of batteries, so this is not the problem. Though,the low batteries to begin with started the problem.

Please tell me what is wrong. It’s driving me crazy.

Comment by Mike
2007-08-15 05:03:06

Same problem here 3 beeps then shuts off

Comment by Marie
2007-08-16 10:08:17

Well, I called Samsung and they told me to send the camera back. What happened was the battery was low — too low for the lens to close and it jammed. So, now it won’t close and won’t take a picture.

They are repairing it – or so they say they will since it is only 2 months old.

Good luck!

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Comment by Mark
2007-10-03 20:23:22

I am glad I have found this website, as I am having exactly the same issue. Currently trying to contact Samsung.Fingers cross they repair mine also

Comment by Amber
2007-10-08 10:04:58

Anything going on with your camera. Ours is having that same problem. Did Samsung fix it?

Comment by Melissa
2007-10-25 11:12:03

I’m having the same problem except my lens didn’t freeze. I’ve tried 3 packs of batteries and it always says low battery. This camera ruined our chances of getting pictures in NYC with a relative who has never been there. We spent over $30 on batteries (NYC prices) to try to get it to work.

Comment by Melissa Subscribed to comments via email
2010-04-03 08:56:33

Hey Melissa, I’m Melissa too, lol. And I’m originally from NY. Here’s my problem. I live in Maine, and my cousin from NY came up to visit this week, and guess what happened? My camera died on me! Kept shutting off and doing the 3 beeps thing too! I only spent 10 on batteries though. I came here and found this site and tried everythign they suggested and nothing helped, but I figured that it was the lense being stuck. So I grabbed the lense when it came halfway out and jiggled it around a few times and PRESTO! The camera is working like new again!! I am sooo happy!! I was dying without my camera. I coudln’t take any pics of my cousin when he was here or any of the cool places we went together. I was ripping mad! And now he’s going home today. :(

Comment by naomi
2008-08-05 16:48:25

I read on some other site that possibly when the camera was last on the batteries were either extremely low, or they died and lens could have been kinda off track a little when it happened so it got stuck that way….Put in new batteries and If you lay the camera flat facing up at you and you look down and lens looks a little crooked….Push it slightly in the direction it needs to go to get back on track and when you hear the pop noise it’s fixed. Then when you turn the camera on if it stays on attempt to zoom in and out and the lens will then get back on track…and then TUrn it off and the lens should go back in…I did it and my lens went in after tryin for the last week!!

I was about to go and buy a new one but this really helped…Hope it works for you if you try it.

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Comment by Ayla
2008-08-28 22:08:27

Okay, so my camera was doing that “three beeps” things too. I tried to push the lens so it wasn’t crooked, but it didn’t do anything(I don’t know if I was doing in wrong or anything, but it didn’t work). BUT…I ended up fixing it(after three months). All I did was turned it on and hit it against the palm of my hand, it work! XD

Comment by Chuck
2008-10-19 19:43:18

Mine was doing something like this also. Only there were no beeps. It wouldn’t even turn on. But upon reading this, and closer inspection of the camera, I found that the lense was very crooked and off track. I pushed it in the direction it looked like it needed to go and it clicked. At first when I turned it on after fixing that, it would come on for a second, the lense would go in and come back out and then the camera would shut off. I did this a few times and then put in a brand new set of batteries and it went to the proper sequence. Now the camera works great again! Thanks for all the tips here!

Comment by Marcio
2009-12-01 12:42:20

Amazing! The hitting-against-the-palm-of-the-hand thing worked! I think the beeps are really linked with the malfunction of the alignment of the lens… And hitting the lens allowed them to align, because it made some kind of mechanic sound after the procedure. My cam is working again! Just hit it, fellas. Thank you!

Comment by Joaquin L. Robles
2009-12-20 12:35:11

3 beeps problem solved! Just a little hit in the bottom of the camera and then… it worked!

Comment by Wayne
2010-01-12 10:16:22

Mine was having the 3 beep issue as well. Turns out the lens was indeed off track, popped it back on track, problem solved.

Comment by courtney Subscribed to comments via email
2010-04-07 21:43:40

naomi you are a GENIUS! you just blew my mind with your instructions on how to fix this. if you live in florida im buying you a beer!

Comment by Callie
2011-06-17 11:24:26

OMG YES! Saved my camera! Don’t be afraid to smack the camera. It’s been a very bad one and it needs some punishment ;);) it normally doesn’t have anything to do with the low batteries; mine were full. I think it got all weird cause I kept turning it on and off and on that it just got stuck. Well, thank god it works now.

Comment by Paul
2011-08-03 07:45:35

Mine was doing the same but high tech solution worked. Not very good Samsung, its way past the time when clouting something to make it work was the order of the day.
I have also wiped a very very small amount of WD40 on a rag around the lens barrels trying to make it run more smoothly. Nearly chucked it in the sea before I read about the “fix”. Cheers everyone.

Comment by Lucii
2008-04-07 07:50:52


I also found that was a problem with this camera. I was really disapointed and annoyed!


Soon after doing some research on the camera i used Duracell Rechargables. They work really well! Use some of them and your problem should be over…

Also on the menu change the battery type from alkaline to the other options:D

Hope this helps =]


Comment by Jordan
2007-08-13 05:54:18

my computer drivers messed up and i cannot download the disk they give u is there and alterant elinkl to donwload this

Comment by Dphotojournal com
2007-08-15 11:50:22

You can try to download the driver here

Comment by peretz
2007-08-16 03:11:58

Camera Overview


    1. Option 3:2 (10 * 15) ratio pictures, i.e. what u picture is what u print.
    2. 30fps 640*480 video with option to zoom in and out during the filmmaking, the camera change expose & focus very quick when the light & the distance of the object change.
    3. reasonable picture quality for very cheep camera. quality it’s matter of taste, so u can judge by your self:
    4.Option to print the date on the picture, some may say it’s not professional, but I say let the photographer to decide. for example when a son just born the date and time is very important part of the picture
    5. very easy to use, simple menus and quick move to shoot mode, just press the shutter (even if u in display or configuration mode)and u can take pictures.
    6. Option to use the camera as a recorder for long as the memory available.
    7. Option to Effect pictures different backgrounds, a few different shoots on the same pictures and more. it’s not something that u can’t do on any simple picture editing SW, but it nice to have it on the camera and have the effect right away without working after.
    8. Open very fast (from 2 shoot) so it easy to turn it off with loosing good pictures due to bad open timimng


    1. Bad Battery life 100 pictures and a few movies at the most with 2700mah GP rechargeable batteries. also it needed a few intervals i.e. the camera close for low battery and after a little rest it was possible to take a few more pictures.
    2.While zooming in or out during taking video the sound is cutted during the zoom operation.
    3. When the batteries finish the camera turn it self off without inserting the len. i.e. u r stuck with the len out and can’t even get it back to the camera case.
    4. On full details display u can see the date the picture taken but u don’t see the time. this is a very important data sometimes that u able to see only after u download the pictures.
    5. When shooting horizontal pictures the camera or the download SW does not rotate the picture and u have to rotate each picture after u download the pictures, there is an option to edit the pictures on the camera but the rotating doesn’t save.
    6. long time between pictures with flash.
Comment by Tom H. Subscribed to comments via email
2007-08-16 04:06:40

Peretz, your disadvantages mostly are due to the fact that the camera is extremely inexpensive, but for a $100 camera (what I paid for mine), it’s plenty of camera. And as I’ve said regarding battery life, turn it on and leave it on. It’s the turning on and off that eats up most of the battery power. Sure, the display eats up power and if I could redesign the camera, it’d have a viewfinder and I’d use that to compose shots, with the display only being used for a 5 second confirmation of the shot (and perhaps not even that).

I’m not sure why one needs to refer to the camera for the exact time, unless one forgot to wear his watch that day.

As for the shots not being rotated in the camera, I have SLR’s that don’t do that, so it isn’t a valid complaint for a cheap point and shoot. Rotating images in software like ThumbsPlus takes only a couple minutes and I don’t find it to be drudgery. And besides, the camera can only guess at what rotation you want. For example, when shooting from a standing position, I generally rotate the camera clockwise, but if I lay down to shoot, I will usually default to laying on my right side, in which case the camera is rotated to the right. I think in the second case, the camera would guess 180 degrees wrong. In any case, one has to review the shots anyway, doesn’t one? Adding the duty of rotating the ones that need it isn’t much of an added burden.

Comment by peretz
2007-08-16 14:56:39

Hi Tom,

Regarding the 2 disadvantages I mention.

1. Rotating the picture became a standard that I thing Samsung should support. I got old Canon A80 & new Nikon D50 and both do it. Of course u can do it with any basic photo editing SW but it’s take time (the most expansive resource in the world).

2. Regarding the time display, as I said I got old Canon A80 & new Nikon D50 and both has this display that I used a lot for example while traveling I take pictures along the way and I’m calculating the time between different points, I know when I left and how much time left to get somewhere. The point of this exif data is to give the picture an added value, so why not giving it 2 the user while using the camera.

In general I bought this camera because I had in the past Samsung Digimax 350SE which I liked a lot ,specially the image quality and I though new Samsung can be a nice option for second compact camera to have in my bag instead of the A80 I had. The main purpose was to buy a cheep small camera that do good movies instead of my A80 that do old standard movies (15fps with no possible 2 change zoom , focus & expose).
Basically I’m satisfied with the camera which btw cost me 90$ with 1GB memory.

Comment by Rino
2007-08-21 09:33:24

I bought this camera about a week ago… for me, it works decently.

$99.00 – Samsung S630 Digital Camera
$20.00 – 1 Year Warranty
$24.99 – 2GB SD Card
$29.99 – Energizer 4-Pack AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries & Car Charger (3 Hours Fully Charged)

= A great value for under $200.00 (CAN)

I’m happy with this camera, so far…


Comment by TrineMedia
2007-08-26 09:03:40

I am interested in buying this camera. It sounds like a similar one (“SVP”) I had that died a week after the 1 year warranty was up. The main gripe I had with that camera was that there was a couple seconds delay between activating the shutter and the camera actually taking the picture. Can someone tell me if there is a wait and if so, how long between pushing the button and actual shutter activation with the SAMSUNG S630? Thanks!

Comment by Tom H. Subscribed to comments via email
2007-08-26 18:09:59

Well, one runs into at least a slight delay with any camera that has auto focus, some worse than others. I can’t say that the delay with the S630 has bothered me particularly, and it certainly is nothing like several seconds.

I have a Nikon D100 and D50 and with both of them, there can be a delay as auto-focus does its magic. Of course, with those cameras one can override auto-focus and go to manual focus. Not so with the S630.

Anyway, I think you’ll be pleased with this camera’s performance.

Comment by Tom H. Subscribed to comments via email
2007-09-07 18:07:33

Let me amend my comment to this extent. There is manual focus with this camera, but it’s clunky for most practical uses other than shooting still lifes. In that sense, it really effectively has no manual mode for most users and applications.

Comment by Kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2007-08-27 16:20:31

Clear enough for web shots and “daily prints”, mine came with a tripod stand, recharger, extra memory cards, etc at rock-bottom price of SG$199 (Singapore).

2 disadvantages:
the 2 AA batteries (bought sperately) do not allow for continious video shoot. A good recharge of the 2 AA batteries allowed me to shoot video (records audio too) for less than 22 minutes.

The USB wire that is plug-and-play for computers also tends to malfunction somewhat (computer detects it as some unknown device when detection should be automatic after the Samsung CD set-up) so be gentle – do not make too many “twirls” when tying it up for storage.

Comment by maarten Subscribed to comments via email
2007-09-07 08:22:38

HELP!!! i lost alot of pictures that i took because i made a change in the setup of my s630 camera. in setup2 i changed Format from no into yes. since then all the pictures dissapeared… it was a mistake and i dont know how to re-do this… can anyone help me out please!!


Comment by Dphotojournal com
2007-09-07 17:52:05

You can use one of these softwares to restore your files;
- PC CardRecovery
- Flash File Recovery 2.1
- RecoverPlus 2.5

I’ve never tried it myself, but each software developer claims that their product is able to recover formatted images or files on memory card. So I guess you should give it a try..

Hope that helps..

Comment by Kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2007-09-07 16:16:31

Hmm….unless you have some kind of backup on memory card, I do not see how the format can be undone. I know a lot of people will mistaken “format” as an option for either gif or jpeg pictures, but it’s not. “Format” wipes out everything including videos!

Anyone out there can help Maarten?

Comment by Jonesy Subscribed to comments via email
2007-09-21 20:42:26

Aloha to all! I just picked this camera up tonight, but I noticed something that irks me already– there’s a single column of pixels, almost in the middle of the LCD, that appears to be discolored depending on what I’m shooting; they usually go green or blue while all the rest of the pixels are happily conforming to what’s going on in front of the lens. Sometimes they show up in the playback pic, sometimes they don’t; they never show up once I download them onto the laptop, but still, it bugs me… is this normal, should I take it back, or should I quit griping and be happy with what I’ve got?

Comment by Matt
2007-09-22 02:47:41

For some reason I Can’t take more than 12 pictures and then Im out of memry. What can I do?

Comment by kaitlyn Subscribed to comments via email
2009-06-10 19:10:57

go to the p mode and hit the delete button go down to quality and change it to normal.

Comment by Kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2007-09-30 03:29:00

My “review” is from my own personal use of the camera. I hardly touched the manual that came with it!

Oh thanks dphotojournal for listing those software. :)

Comment by Ryan
2007-10-08 14:30:35


I used it for less than one hour and the batteries died. I put new ones in and it still won’t power up…I see and image for 1 second, it gives me a low battery message and then powers down. My mother has the same camera and her batteries don’t last much longer either.

Comment by Kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2007-10-09 00:25:54

Ryan, the camera comes with a warranty. You should send it in for a repair or for a brand new one that works with new batteries. I wouldn’t buy anything without warranty.

Comment by Tony
2007-11-29 00:57:35

The camera may be nice, but now it doesn’t work. When I turn the camera on, it makes “3 beeps” and then shuts off. If you go to the COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY USELESS Samsung website, they give ZERO information, nothing, nada, squat about trying to identify the problem. I should have saved my money and bought something little better instead of this piece of crap from a piece of crap company.

Comment by kaitlyn Subscribed to comments via email
2009-06-10 19:09:30

yeah, and the number that was on my manual isnt even in serivce.

Comment by Lew
2009-08-06 16:51:07

My s630 is just about one year old, it’s been a great camera except that excessive battery drainage has been an issue since day one. I’ve gone through three Ni-MH battery sets (w/ chargers) thinking it was the batteries.

It wasn’t until today (Aug 6, 09) that I discovered that these camera have major issues with power consumption.

“Factory” help at this point is obviously out of the question. But early on I tried to get assistance from Samsung with absolutely no success whatsoever.

Screw Samsung.

Comment by Kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2007-11-29 09:48:14

Try changing batteries! While the Samsung site may lack certain information, try looking for a service centre (bring your camera there). There may be something in your camera that may be malfunctioning.

Comment by Mari
2007-12-21 09:00:53

Well i received this camera for christmas. One thing that i really liked was the color of the camera. I have the red s630, and yeah the battery life is very short. It came with two AA batteries both those didnt last too long, i bought another pair of AA batteries and those lasted a little longer, but still not enough. I recommend you purchase NiMH batteries (rechargeable). But if you do change your batteries to rechargable, make sure to edit that in camera settings, or else itll show low battery again. But compared to the price, its reasonable. I was surprised at how clear the pictures came out. I used to have a Sony Cybershot, and that was about $400. If i compare the pictures with the Cybershot and the Samsung, i actually prefer the Samsung pictures. The effects are very cool, and it has a clear zoom. Another little thing i really like about the camera is the fact that you can actually change the noise that appears when you take a picture, or turn on or off the camera. Um as to the problem of how they connect the camera, and the user doesnt appear. That happened to me as well. It wouldnt matter if i connected to the comp with USB drive, or if i pluged in the memory card, it would not show up on my comp. What you have to do, is go to my computer, and just click on all of the folders. one of them says dcim or something like that. double click on that and your pictures show up. Just save them to your comp because they dont automatically save. I havent used the manual mainly because i went through it and it was sort of like ok, duh. I dno i like this camera, just be careful that the lens does not crack, the LCD screen is sensitive. :)

Comment by demair Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-23 04:24:39

my samsung s630 camera won’t turn on. can someone help me please

Comment by Kexy Subscribed to comments via email
2008-01-04 02:39:19

Hi guys, I recently got my s630 and its totally awesome, the quality of the pics are really great to the point that if u use the cam for a close up when using macro mode all the countours, wrinkle and sweat pores will show up looking very sharp and crisp… its only a disadvantage if u dont have smooth skin like mine…lol

Concerning the battery problem, change ur batteries to a rechargeable one and make sure u have 2 to 3 spares.

Concerning downloading ur pics to the pc, when i got mine i bought a “Hp Photosmart 8050″ printer, it comes with a card reader for 4 different types of cards. So i dont use the Usb cable at all. And the printer gives quality prints on A4 and other photo sizes too. And for u guys looking for automatic download get “Adobe photoshop Album starter edition

All in all it is a great bargain for such a low price. I recommend this camera for novice as well as cammera saavy ppl. And make sure u read the online manual it teaches u how to get the most out of ur Samsung s630 digi cam.

Comment by judy malone
2008-02-14 06:20:45

I am ready to toss the camera. I bought the rechargeable batteries..the correct ones, and it didn’t make any difference. I returned to the ordinary AA batteries just to see if it would work when I returned to them… Nope.
And they were brand new batteries.
So, all I have is a Samsung camera, less than 3 months old that doesn’t work. Had to take shots this morn using the VERY OLD, but reliable PentaxK…that is heavy as lead, but at least you know you can always take picts and no battiers required.
Unless Samsung can provide some good answers for this problem, I will not purchase any Samsung product from now on.
judy in Tenn

Comment by Beth Subscribed to comments via email
2008-01-14 13:09:18

My parents bought me this camera for Christmas, and I have to say it is the most frustrating little device I have ever tried to use. I was able to take 1 picture before the camera immediately beeped 3 times, stated low battery, and turned off. I turn it on, and it turns right back off after another annoying beeping noise. I purchased a 2-gig memory card which I thought might help, but didn’t. I’ve gone through 2 16-packs of batteries so far and I was able to take 6 pictures and a short movie, an this is with having the camera for about a month. This is my first camera, and I’m planning on becoming a photographer when I grow up, so this is a real disappointment to me. Personally I think the Samsung S630 is a huge waste of money and time.

Comment by Kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2008-01-14 20:43:18

Some batches of Energizer batteries manufactured in China do not last as long as they should. I highly suggest people to use rechargeable batteries for not only this digicam, but for all digicams.

Comment by Jen Subscribed to comments via email
2008-01-16 12:22:15

My parents bought me this camera for christmas. It was great until a friend of mine let it drop about 1 inch onto the kitchen table. Now the lens is stuck out and it won’t power up. Tried new batteries and rechargeables. Nothing works. Samsungs support web site is totally useless. It doesn’t even mention this model. I called tech support, but because of the 1 inch drop the warranty is void. If a camera can’t take that much, it is junk. Has anyone tried opening the camera up to see if there is anything obviously broken?

Comment by lIZ
2008-02-09 08:23:29

It’s a peice of crap. I got it in April and it broke not even a month afterwards. It doesn’t even have a scratch on it. It just didn’t turn on one day. Beeps & nothing happens. The lens don’t even close now. Peice of junk, I swear.

It did take good pictures while it lasted though.

Comment by kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-09 13:50:02

Dude, your piece of junk worked for 7 months. If you got it in April 07 and it’s broken in Jan 08 (not due to dropping or smashing it), then you still have your warranty.

The smaller a camera is, the more likely it is to be ultra-sensitive and this model isn’t the slimmest nor smallest.

But if you’re smart, you can go for a 8.3 megapixels camera for the same or lower price as this model.

Comment by Kexy Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-10 07:53:56

Guys, guys… hold it… before u condemn ur cam, make sure u buy a rechargeable NiMh battery, it will resolve the “3 beeps and shutdown” situation. Normal Alkaline batteries are just waste of money.

I also had this problem too, I thought the cam was spoilt, because the lens wouldn’t go in so I bought rechargeable batteries, with two extra spares and ever since I haven’t experienced any troubles.

Though mine has had a couple of falls, they didn’t cause any damage… and my cam still works like a champ. So ppl be sure u’ve done everything right before dumping ur cam in the bin.

Comment by tanya
2009-10-18 16:13:50

nope, rechargeable batteries won’t fix the problem. I too have this camera and the same 3 beep problem. All I have ever used are rechargeable batteries. I’ve never been happy with the quality of the photos either. Big pile of junk. Loved my Canon that broke when dropped and my husband bought me this piece of junk. Going back to a Canon. Customer service for Samsung is pretty much non-existent too. Terrible website then when called the 800 number got someone in India. HATE THIS CAMERA!

Comment by kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-10 12:22:40

Kexy is right ON-THE-DOT!

I mentioned before in a previous comment – to use rechargeable batteries. Another reason is because some battery manufacturer in China is producing normal batteries that are not “up to standard” and many of their batches were recalled….but I think there are still some poor-quality batteries in the market.

Wanna spice up your photos and videos? Check out my blog –> I took my videos with Samsung S630. Those videos which are “poor quality” weren’t DIVX-encoded by my video-editing software. Overall, Samsung S630 does its job nicely as long as you encode your videos properly.

Comment by dave
2008-02-13 10:59:38

Can sum body help plse..
I cannot seem 2 download the software to my computer its saying a compatability problem with windows vista, has any1 else experienced this and is there any solution to the problem…

Comment by dave
2008-02-13 11:51:47

Is the computer software for the s630 compatable with windows vista?

Comment by kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-15 00:53:34

It should be compatible. If you’re having a problem, could you take a snapshot and post it online? May be someone can help.

Comment by Bob
2008-02-15 00:50:03

The camera is a piece of SH..!
I have tried many sets of top brand alkaline batteries, before purchasing a Nimh recharger with top name rechargables. I still was able to take maybe 10 pictures, transfer them to PC, and then get 3 beeps & low battery message. I then switched to the spare pair that was freshly charged only two days ago, and the camera won’t turn on. 3 beeps, low battey… Sorry, but you can’t tell me that the camera poses this much of a drain on the batteries, just to turn on. And I’m sure it’s not defective batteries from China. It’s been like this with ANY batteries I’ve tried. And I’ve had way too many of them in and out of this camera! This model was a waste of money, and for Samsung to not even recognize the issue, is unacceptable.

Comment by oskar
2008-02-18 03:10:49

It seems that your camera has a malfunction.
At first when I bought it, I was wondering too about the short lifetime of the batteries (about 2 hours with flash). With rechargeable NiMH cells the problem was solved for me. I bought some cheap cells and switched the cameras’ battery mode from Alkali to NiMH. I also reduced the brightness of the display and the flash brightness. Now the time until “battery low” comes is about three or four hours, even with flash. I have three battery packs and run never more out of power.
Two things are bad with the camera: First, audio recording is muted in video clip mode when you zoom. That’s very bad. Second, video clips have low compression. 10 Minutes with 640×400/30fp and you have a 675MB “clip” file (you buy the camera with raw 16MB, remember). With xvid compression (available on the 830 model I think) this will have under 100MB with nearly same quality. But who believes they let you buy for 80 Euros a full photo AND movie camera ? – This is NOT a pro’s camera, but always good for some fun photos. Give it a chance, after its repaired.

Comment by kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-15 03:46:09

I agree with you on this Bob. Bring it over to a Samsung Care Centre. They should know of this problem.

Mine worked much much better with rechargeable batteries but they never seem to last longer than 45 minutes.

Comment by kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-18 05:38:49

Oskar has a point! :)

Comment by Mona
2008-02-26 21:51:09

after reading all the comments I should apologize to my daughter. Her complaints about the camera mirror every one. Low battery life, weve tried all, now the lens is stuck open, after this has happened before. The camera is 7 months old. I dont want it fixed I will be trying to get her money back. Too bad, the pictures it took were good. I would not recommend this camera to anyone.

Comment by kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-27 07:41:10

Good luck, Mona! Although I don’t think you will get the full retail amount back, not to mention many retailers have a ‘no-refund after 1 week’ kind of policy. You have a better chance if you approach Samsung directly. Just my opinion so don’t hold my words to it.

Comment by Fotografia ślubna
2008-03-05 15:28:30

I know a lot of people will mistaken “format” as an option for either gif or jpeg pictures, but it’s not.


Comment by aaron
2008-03-20 16:30:35

I have the S630 and my problem is that it doesnt seem to want to focus, say if I want to take picture of a room it is all blurry until I zoom in to a point where it is to close to be an acceptable picture. I’ve tried different scene settings, portrait, held the button half way to let if focus, nothing helps.?

thanks for any help

Comment by Tiffany
2008-09-24 15:05:59

Aaron, I have the same issue with my \S630 being out of focus until I use the zoom. Were you ever able to figure out what was wrong with it?

Comment by michael Subscribed to comments via email
2010-10-31 10:53:47

how did you fix it,i have the same prolem

Comment by rahuldenis
2008-05-14 09:21:16

I have the samsung s630 and i have an issue. It works just fine, but the the other day I tried to put back into the camera pictures that were downloaded to my computer (PC). the pics show up on the camera drive on the comp, but when i disconnect the usb and try seeing it on the camera it says “No image”. Again i connect to comp and the pics show up on the comp in the camera’s memory card (1GB). help please.

Comment by Panda Subscribed to comments via email
2008-07-10 15:44:04

It worked fine with the batteries it came with, but they ran out of juice really quickly. I put my parents’ rechargeables in it, and it worked fine. When my parents left for a trip they took their batteries, so I put some partially charged ones in. It started to power up, then shut down with the lens sticking out. Since then I’ve tried other batteries, but nothing will get it going. A little green light flashes on and off, but otherwise nothing happens (I turned the sound off, so maybe that’s why mine isn’t beeping?). I’m really disappointed in the camera, I wish I hadn’t gotten it. I can’t afford to waste money on a piece of junk… I should have checked this website first. Has anyone had any luck with contacting Samsung?

Comment by May
2008-08-03 17:48:55

This is really great camera, it does drain normal AA batteries but i purchased some normal rechargable batteries nothing fancy and they last me about 2 -3 days. It takes great clear pics for a cheap 6mp camera. Ive had it for about 8months now, its been dropd on the ground a few times, scratches lol but still works fine. Its really straight forward and easy to operate even without the manual.

to the above comment, try using stronger batteries, and i would recommend rechargable

Comment by rfaswimmerdude
2008-08-23 21:02:21

I have had this camera for just over 1 year and continue to have the same problem with battery life. Doesn’t matter if it is rechargeable ones or alkaline. The problem I am having right now is that when I turn the camera on the lens comes out but there is no image in the LCD. All the icons are there and I can go through the menus but no image. There is nothing in the manual that addresses this. Does anyone have any suggestions short of contacting Samsung?

Comment by ellie Subscribed to comments via email
2008-09-28 19:37:51

Ahh! I also touched the format button and all my pictures are gone! Fustrating. I had pictures that were irreplaceable on there. Any tips on how to get them back?

Comment by Amber
2008-09-29 22:11:20

k guys can anyone help me i have the s630 and the flash randomly stopped working and i cant fix it i havent ever dropped it and im kinda mad so if anyone has any ideas what to do let me know

Comment by Kate
2011-01-27 20:08:01

Learn to work the white balance and light settings and you won’t need the flash. Download the manual in pdf format if you don’t have the cd that came with the camera. You can take photos in low light and have great results. Happy Shooting.

Comment by Lauren Burgess Subscribed to comments via email
2008-10-12 22:23:24

I apologize for putting a damper on the parades of people who like this camera or think it desrves 4 stars but truthfully: it sucks. The pictures are wonderful and the clarity more than pays for itslef,but it wont even stay on long enough for me to show anyone. I got it as of last year for my 13th birthday present and no more than a month later it started acting crazy. I didn’t drop it, put it in water or anything that would be detrimental to it’s function but it, out of nowhere, began to say low battery. I went to the store and got all kinds of batteries from Energizer to the cheap knock-off brands but regardlesss it refuses to accept the presence of the brand new batteries for more than 3 minutes– that is if I’m lucky. Not only that but when I looked on the net to see if anyone else had a similar problem it was amazing how many other people had the same problem. So I could not possibly recommend this camera to anyone without guilty about it.

Comment by phillip
2008-10-25 03:06:37

My experience is similar to most people who have commented on this camera, good quality pictures but poor battery life. I bought it for my daughter and was surprised on how cheap it was to buy. It is very simple to use, and seems to take excellent pictures for a bottom range camera, better than a slightly more expensive Canon I have got. We have the same problem as everyone else, batteries do not seem to last long. Put in normal alkaline batteries and it would immediately say low battery. Was able to get a reasonable run out of the expensive super long life AA lithium batteries. I will try the rechargeable NiMH batteries in the future. Maybe the poor battery life was the trade off for the low cost.

Comment by Sam
2008-10-27 01:50:26

I got a little problem.
Whenever I try to take a photo
on the side, it always says F.28 1/45.
can someone help me?

Comment by kaitlyn Subscribed to comments via email
2009-06-10 19:05:07

i have the same issue, will yours take a picture like this?

Comment by Mark Subscribed to comments via email
2009-01-29 14:30:26

I also have this and i would just like to say that it is giving me problems. The video mode records for a few seconds then freezes the whole camera. I have to take out the batteries to turn it off!. some times though, i get about a minute of recording out of it.

Comment by skiann Subscribed to comments via email
2009-02-17 21:41:55

i have this samsung camera .
but when i turn it on , the green flash flashes 2 times but doesnt show anything on my camera ? can anyone help me?

Comment by kelly Subscribed to comments via email
2009-02-18 00:20:23

There are 2 things you must do to solve this problem as I found it worked for me:

1. Use a good pair of re-chargeable batteries AND a good battery charger. I find that some chargers DO NOT work as it should!

2. Play around with the camera features till you can get to change “Battery Type” in there (INSIDE your camera features – make sure you choose Ni-MH 2700 batteries instead of conventional AA).

I know…it’s silly that a camera can be asking what sort of batteries you are using but this particular brand and model has this feature which you must set correctly for it to work. Can take videos for straight 40 minutes without any problem. That is my experience with this camera.

Comment by Elli Subscribed to comments via email
2009-03-12 12:23:55

Alright, I have had the same problem (where the S360 beeps 3 times and shuts off)-and there is a way to fix it. The problem lies within
the lens, I later discovered–because I was pretty much screwed out of getting a new camera, I
threw that thing so hard against the wall, the batteries and memory card came out of it BUT the
lens on the camera adjusted itself when I re-inserted the batteries and memory card. It was
fixed! So, if you have no options left, throw that camera hard (but not too hard) against the wall,
pick up the batteries and insert them in again, turn on the camera…and viola! Hopefully it will
work for you too!

Comment by willow Subscribed to comments via email
2009-03-16 03:17:54

my camera pictures are blurry, lens sometimes won’t go in and you have to turn it off again and it beeps twice when lens goes in.

Comment by Graham
2009-03-17 12:23:46

Hey all with this, i’m considering buying one of these for a knockaround cheapie. I had a samsung cell phone i beat the absolute living hell out of, and always worked great, how has this camera been on durability?

The ‘three beeps’ problem is discouraging, also the battery life, but i’m not expecting much for the money.


Comment by guess
2009-03-27 07:09:20

DONT BUY IT at all i hit format and it deleted everything i had! and i had really important pics and videos! IF U HAVE IT than SAVE it on ur computer everytime u do a photo!

Comment by Abigail
2009-04-27 21:41:33

Hey! It seems people have had the smae problem I have!
I turned on my camera and the lense tried to go out but was stuck the green light flashes once and then threee annoying beeps.
Well I tried to fix it by pushing hte lenses the oppisite way they were seemingly crooked. So it didnt pop, but it went in.
I then proceeded to turn it on again.
When i did the lence didnt move AT ALL but the LCD screen came on. Then it all went off and the annoying three beeps came on again.

I’ve even tried banging it up agsnt somthign to get teh gears back in place. Nothing works.
Any help?

Comment by kaitlyn Subscribed to comments via email
2009-06-10 19:03:45

the battery is dead and there is nothing you can do about this, i had the problem with my last s630, my new one has the issue to where i cant take a picture with flash.

Comment by mister jones Subscribed to comments via email
2009-05-19 23:54:13

when i try to shoot video, it toggles itself
to the night scene option. i’ll set it to the
camcorder icon and when i press the button to
start it’ll switch to night scene by itself.
are the gears out of wack?

Comment by edward Subscribed to comments via email
2009-07-09 08:42:33

hi world!

i got my s630 about 2 years ago and worked fine for me as i’m not a serious photographer. but recently its been showing ‘lines’ when i preview the photos ive taken. have anyone experienced it? what went wrong and can it be fixed? it’s not under warranty anymore. please help…

Comment by indika
2009-09-30 01:39:09

I have same problem too..and also it cannot upload the pictures from camera to a computer

Comment by Nic
2009-08-22 08:15:11

Does anybody know how to reset the camera (S630)? like pressing down power button and some other buttons??
I have this 3 beep and nothing happens problem….

Comment by alex
2009-08-28 18:15:02

I have the three beeps problem with good duracell rechargeables that are recharged and work in other devices. Sometimes the camera dies after taking a photo and the lens doesn’t return inside. Is there anyway to reinstall the firmware so that the battery indicator doesn’t think that the juice is dry?

Comment by janesh Subscribed to comments via email
2009-10-13 07:43:58

hi three months back my s630 fell from my hand onto the carpet,but the camera was working after that only that the two settings on the auto does not work specially when i want to remove pictures when light is not enough,dont know what to do….

Comment by Mike
2010-01-05 01:02:06

I figured I’d join the club as I had gotten the S630 as an x-mas gift 2 years ago.

Battery life was always short and I only used Energizer Lithiums, regular Energizers wouldn’t even power it on. Over the last year when I insert new batteries I get the low battery message, sometimes it shows they are fully charged then 2 seconds later the camera shows 1 bar as if the batteries are dying.

A new problem is when I go to review a picture I just took when the camera is on, I get the 3 beep, low battery and it dies. I turn the camera on and it shows fully charged batteries. Switching from auto to night or any other option also causes it to give 3 beeps and low battery and it dies.

I wouldn’t recommend this camera to anyone, nor would I recommend Samsung cameras. It wasn’t right from the start with constantly draining batteries. Great pics and vids but what does it matter if your spending more on batteries than the camera is worth. Today I brought NI-MH rechargables. In 30 seconds it says low battery and dies. I did switch the menu to rechargable.

Very dissapointed in this camera, never dropped it just a poor quality product. I had one of the first HP digital cameras that’s at least more than 10 years old and it’s still going strong.

Comment by Jayson
2010-02-04 02:48:49

I have an Odd problem with this camera. after 1 year using this camera it started having problem, when I take a picture I got some scanline problem but on the LCD & preview there is no scanline problem. I tried recording on video but there is no problem. I think I have some software problem, Is there anyway to hard reset this camera?

Comment by Melissa Subscribed to comments via email
2010-04-03 09:07:59

I know I’ve made a few posts in here, but I got one more issue. I’ve recently noticed that there is a small white spot in the LCD screen on my camera. I didn’t drop it or get it wet. It doesn’t seem to interfere with anything but it’s rather annoying to look at. My camera is a different model than the one you are talking about though. But, it had the same lens problem everyone was talking about. The 3 beeps and shut off with the lens halfway extended. ARRRGGH. But I fixed it, thanks to reading all your comments about it. My camera is red and is the BL103 with 10.2 megapixels.

Comment by segabod
2010-05-10 05:21:49

please i need driver for my samsung s630!!! anybody with any link that can help? will appreciate that alot.

Comment by sphlynx Subscribed to comments via email
2010-05-10 07:44:06

I think this link would be of help to you… Click here for download

Comment by segabod
2010-05-10 05:27:23

Anyone with the driver can attached it to mail and help forward it to my mail,, Pls help me!!!

Comment by KC
2010-05-10 18:18:48

Samsung s630 flash problem! never dropped it! Had it for a year and was taking pictures then out of no where the flash just stopped working and the screen is stuck on f 2.8, 1/45! Any solutions?

Comment by cris Subscribed to comments via email
2010-07-03 20:11:23

In the manual of this camera you can see “2.0A comsume power”. My God this is an motor centrifugue or an camera? Because this You are right that the batteries run out fast.

Samsung was never good in fabricate camera.

Dont buy this camera ….I lament the day where I buy this camera.

Comment by Ike
2010-10-05 17:15:06

the problem is the lens is stuck. Look at the lens to make sure its not slightly bent. When you hear the beeps, It means the lens is unable to extend or retract.

Comment by Jacques Subscribed to comments via email
2010-10-21 01:49:52

My wife has got the Samsung S630. A great little camera. She’s always taking photos of everything – and decent photos, too. But, since yesterday the camera doesn’t want to auto-focus. No matter on what setting I put it, it just doesn’t focus. Thus all the recent photos are blurry. Please tell me that it’s just a setting or something. Thanks

Comment by Caterina
2011-02-05 03:02:29

naomi – brilliant. i kept trying to ‘jiggle’ the lens like other people were asking and nothing was working. laid the stupid thing flat, and i could see where it was leaning a little bit funny and i pushed it in the right direction. prestoooo it works beautifully! Thank you so much – i was about to turn this gdamn thing into an oven mitt.

Comment by Armand Hambrick
2011-06-23 01:17:02

I’m satisfied it was valuable to me. Thanks for your function. Ill be in touch

Comment by miguel
2011-08-08 16:42:10

Thanks Boris! Worked perfectly!!

Comment by V.Nimue Subscribed to comments via email
2011-09-15 23:18:54

Hi, I’ve had the Samsung S630 for four and a half years now and had very few problems with it (except for the three beep issue which was easily solved by getting some good rechargeable batteries, Energizer or Kodak work fin, and a quality charger). Unfortunately, the flash has stopped working. It doesn’t rattle when I shake it and I’m not tech savy enough to be confident about opening it up without good instructions. I’ve tried using its adjustable light/ black white settings to make up for the lack of flash, but the pics tend to look a bit overexposed and its killing my ability to take pics of my 6 and 4 year old quickly enough to capture their antics.
Does anyone know how much it costs to fix the flash? Or would a new camera be comparable?
Is there somewhere I can get instructions / parts so I can fix it myself?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! I love this camera and I want it to work again.
Thank you!

Comment by Pepsi
2011-10-20 16:36:59

My Samsung PL57 kept giving me a whirr sound then 3 beeps without turning on. Tried numerous methods(new batteries, holding power&menu button) and non worked. Eventually I tried the stuck lens idea. Basically I placed the camera up to my ear and listened to the “Whirr” sound. Seemed like something was stuck. So I grabed a flat head screwdriver and GENTLY coaxed the space between the first and secong lens rings in an upward motion(my earlier reasoning being if it felt stuck then it needed to be unstuck i.e gently coaxed out/up) all while turning the camera on(a little hard to do all at the same time but manageable). VOILA!. After about 5 minutes of gently coaxing(with a small flathead screwdriver)the camera turned on and now works fine.
Thats my 2cents worth. Hope it helps someone. Good luck people.

Comment by magie
2011-10-23 11:54:39

hello! can someone help? I have a samsung s630 and it turns off when i click capture!

Comment by bob Subscribed to comments via email
2012-02-17 12:34:31


remove all screws ,cards,batteries
leave batt door open
remove hidden screw in usb door
unclick back cover
remove internal corner screw holding front cover
unclick front cover
find motor and remove 3 screws
lift motor 1cm
turn black idler gear on lens until lens fully extended
clean ,inspect re grease outer ring gear and idler
insert batts turn on cam, motor should spin both directions until batts removed
re fit

Comment by KC
2013-02-08 23:04:22

Solved the Samsung camera 3 beep lens problem.

- First I plugged camera into AC outlet and let the battery fully recharge.

- Then I tried holding the lens while jiggling it back and forth before it would retract back into camera, but that didn’t work.

- Next I tried hitting the side and bottom of camera against the palm of my hand (a few times hard), but that didn’t work.

- Last I blew on the lens about 1 inch away as it was opening. VOILA! No more beeps!

My guess is the combination of bumping the camera and blowing on the lens worked together.

Hope that works for you too! Thanks everyone for your great tips.

Comment by Jeroen
2013-05-09 15:21:52

Resolved this issue with my WB550 by banging it a few times on the table…and it worked again! Thanks for the tips


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