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Last updated (04 March’13):
– Review & Sample Photos @ TbreakTech
– New Firmware Ver. 1.15

Samsung NX10 is a DSLR camera features 14.6 megapixels APS-C size CMOS sensor, HD Video Recording, Dust removing and image sensor cleaning, ISO 100-3200, 3fps continous shooting, Built-in Electronic Viewfinder with 100% coverage, and a 3.0″ OLED screen. The camera measures 123×87×39.8mm and weighs Approx. 353 g (12.45 oz).

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

Expert Reviews

Samsung NX10 Reviews

TbreakTech reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“A well implemented auto focus system, good LCD/viewfinder combo and easy to hold DSLR styled body makes this camera quite likable but a poor video option with a confusing buttons layout, poor continuos modes and noise at high ISO is a huge let down..”
Rating: ★★★½☆

Photozone reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“The layout and handling of the user interface is convincing – it’s simple enough for beginners yet feature-rich enough for enthusiasts. Movie fans will be quite thrilled by the quality of the HD video functionality although there’re still better alternatives out there.”
Rating: N/A

Adorama reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
” For under $700 including the kit lens, the NX10 is a quick, responsive little camera that takes excellent big-camera-quality pictures. It’s a winner! ”
Rating: N/A

MacWorld reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
# Pros: User-friendly automatic operation; good value; eye sensor EVF; image-stabilised body; HDMI out port; clear and bright rear screen. # Cons: Small handgrip; fewer accessories available than for more established brands”
Rating: ★★★★☆

LetsGoDigital reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“I have to honestly admit that I was skeptical about the Samsung NX10 when the camera was announced. The doubts all quickly disappeared during the test. The Samsung NX10 is a surprisingly good camera. The few drawbacks could not spoil the fun I had in photographing with it. For me the Samsung NX10 is a remarkable surprise, and I definitely recommend it!”
Rating: ★★★★☆

NeutralDay reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“…for photographers looking for an affordable DSLR-like camera, but in a nicely smaller size, we have no trouble saying that the Samsung NX10 comes “Highly Recommended”. “
Rating: N/A

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“The NX10’s image quality results surpassed my expectations. This camera produces beautiful photos in a variety of lighting conditions. In bright outdoor lighting, the NX10 produced pleasing exposures that show vivid colors and good sharpness. “
Rating: N/A

PhotographyBay reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“the NX10 has solid noise control throughout the ISO range. While it gets a bit messy at higher ISO settings, the NX10 will still deliver usable images throughout the ISO range.”
Rating: N/A

DCRP reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“Overall, the Samsung NX10 is quite impressive for a first generation product, though it has a ways to go before it’ll be the best interchangeable lens camera on the market…. Taking the NX10 as it is now, it’s a compelling (but not class-leading) camera that’s certainly worth your consideration.”
Rating: N/A

ITReviews reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“If manufacturers of existing Micro Four Thirds cameras thought they had cornered the hybrid market, they’ll now have to accept that there’s a new player on the block with this new camera from Samsung that offers excellent value for money and superb quality images.”
Rating: N/A

GXGarnerings reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“…I am not in a hurry to buy a new one and believe that the next generation of serious compacts can tickle my fancy fuller. It will not be long before Canon and Nikon will join the fold, and maybe their tactics are correct. We should wait and see.”
Rating: N/A

TechHardware reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“The quality of movie recording is fine for the money, with good contrast and reliable AF; while 720p falls short of full HD quality, it’s comparable to the excellent Panasonic GF-1, and having some control over exposure settings is a big help.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

RegHardware reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“I was surprised by the outstanding build and image quality of the company’s latest new-concept release…Free from the knotty mirror return mechanism of a DSLR, yet with a decent-sized sensor and an attractive price, the NX10 is definitely a winner. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Pocket-Lint reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“…for average day-to-day photography, it’s a very nice camera to use, boosted by the fact that it offers the viewfinder and flash built-in.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Photoxels reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“At ISO 100 to 400, noise is under control. Noise starts to be visible at ISO 800 but is still very acceptable. At ISO 1600 to 3200, noise is visible with loss of detail. Auto ISO ranges from 100 to 800. “
Rating: N/A

TrustedReviews reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“…performance and picture quality in a lightweight and compact package smaller than some super-zoom cameras. For a surprisingly low the price the NX10 is a great little camera, and a very serious competitor to the Micro Four Thirds systems.”
Rating: ★★★★½

T3 reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“Images delivered via the Samsung’s multipurpose lens are sharp and colourful, whilst staying the right side of natural: a respectable showing for a relatively untried and untested system.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

SteveHuff compares the Olympus E-PL1 to Samsung NX10 and writes;
“what puts the E-PL1 so far ahead of the NX10 at the end of the day is the overwhelming confidence it gives the user to face any shooting situation, under any conditions. Paired with either the kit 14-42mm zoom, the 17/2.8 pancake or the brilliant Panasonic 20/1.7, it is always eager to prove itself as a camera that is superbly capable of capturing your special moments at high quality, first time, every time.”
Rating: N/A

Samsung NX10 Review Video by TigerDirect;

GoodGearGuide reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“Overall, the Samsung NX10 is a winner. It’s simple to use, it takes clear and vibrant pictures with its stock lenses, and, best of all, it’s not expensive. It feels comfortable to hold, it’s well designed, its battery life is good… We love it and recommend it to anyone who wants a small interchangeable lens camera for under $1000.”
Rating: ★★★★★

PhotoRadar reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“The NX10 is a rather impressive little camera. Colour quibbles aside, it delivers a level of image quality you wouldn’t really expect at this price, thanks mostly to its first-rate 18-55mm kit lens. But an articulating LCD would make it even better and, small as it is, the NX10 is still much closer in size to a D-SLR than a compact.”
Rating: ★★★★½

ImagingResource reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“ISO 100 images look smooth and buttery at 16×20. Not obnoxiously sharp, not jaggy, but quite nice…ISO 3,200 shots are surprisingly usable at 8×10, though certain types of detail come out looking a little flat in places, more like a Normal Rockwell painting than a photograph. Reduce the print size to 5×7, and that impression goes away, surprisingly. “
Rating: N/A reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“Good: APS-C-sized sensor • Good image quality if you’re prepared to tweak the defaults • Compact and lightweight with pancake lens. Bad: No video record button • Proprietary lenses and accessories are thin on the ground • No in-body image stabilisation “
Rating: ★★★★½

DigitalRev reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“The NX10 is easy to use but I would have loved it better if they moved the menu button to the right side of the camera as well. Regardless, it is possibly the best offering from Samsung so far and we will be looking forward to future models in the NX series.”
Rating: N/A

WDC reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“The 18-55mm kit lens provides sharp centre-image detail that’s well resolved, yet softness does creep in toward the corners, especially at the wider end. The prime 30mm f/2.0 provided better results, though the latter’s lack of image stabilisation limits exposure times to more traditional handheld values. “
Rating: ★★★★½ reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“HD video from the review camera was generally clear and colour accurate and we found little evidence of the rolling shutter effect that plagues many large-sensor cameras, even in shots of fast moving subjects where the AF system had trouble keeping up. “
Rating: ★★★★½

ePhotozine reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“I have had a brilliant time with the Samsung NX10. It is undoubtedly a superb camera that performs well, and I love it. During this test, I managed to use the NX10 alongside the Olympus Pen E-P2 and the Leica X1. So far, the NX10 stacks up really well against its nearest rivals”
Rating: ★★★★½

PCAdvisor reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“The Samsung NX10 left us with a very good overall first impression. It’s very easy to use, it has plenty of features (so you won’t have to fork out for more accessories straight away), and it takes clear and vibrant photos… “
Rating: ★★★★☆ reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“The good: Large image sensor delivers good shots at high ISO settings; compact camera body; quick autofocus. The bad: No dedicated video-recording button; no support for other lenses and accessories. The bottom line: The NX10 is a very good attempt by Samsung for its first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, but it has issues which may bother some users.”

Rating: ★★★½☆

NYTimes reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“my test NX10 crashes a couple times an hour. The screen goes blank, says “Error,” the Samsung logo appears, and then the thing shuts off. Samsung insists that that’s an anomaly on my test unit.”
Rating: N/A

DCI reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“the Samsung NX10 does indeed succeed with its primary mission, delivering lower noise than the Micro Four Thirds competition, though color accuracy is unimpressive, due mostly to unnaturally high levels of saturation.”
Rating: N/A

PhotographyBlog reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“NX10 produces noise-free JPEG images at ISO 100-400, with ISO 800 also looking good. ISO 1600 only shows a little noise…the NX10 is well worth your close attention and well worth our Highly Recommended award.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Samsung NX10 Hands-on Preview by CNET; reviews the Samsung NX10 and writes;
“ISO 1600, the same problem, only more pronounced.. The dark surfaces dominate the weevil, and the light areas remain completely clean.”
Rating: N/A

Samsung NX10 Hands-on Preview by WDC;


Samsung NX10 Sample Photos

Samsung NX10 Sample Photos @ TbreakTech
Samsung NX10 Sample Photos @ Photozone
Samsung NX10 Sample Photos @ LetsGoDigital
Samsung NX10 Sample Photos @ NeutralDay
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Samsung NX10 Sample Photos @ DCI
Samsung NX10 Sample Photos @ PhotographyBlog
Samsung NX10 Sample Photos @ Dpreview
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Samsung NX10 Sample Videos


Samsung NX10 User Manual (PDF)

Click to view or right click and select Save Target As..(Firefox) or Save link as.. (IE) to download

– Download Samsung NX10 User Manual (PDF – 3.5MB)

Samsung NX10 Firmware

New Firmware Ver. 1.15 [visit site]
□ Added EVF selection function on the AMOLED displayed menu.
□ Added MF Asist On/Off selection function.
□ Added MF usage function while using K-Mount Adapter.
□ Improved Auto White Balance function of Low color temperature condition.
□ Improved SD Card Read/Write speed.
□ System stablization


Samsung NX10 Specifications

Samsung NX10 Features & Specifications

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  1. Liane says:

    I just got this camera today and really like it. But: The camera simply forgets date and time and resets them when switched off. I was wondering if anybody else has noticed this problem and more important: has found a solution. could maybe resolved by a firmware update, but there is none as far as I can see

  2. tanclo says:

    Hi Liane. I had the same issue. Follow my URI link and see where I got a firmware upgrade. Add me in Buzz too ok.

  3. Liane says:

    thanks a lot! I obviously always got redirected to the german Samsung-Website on which the upgrade isn’t available yet. I’m going to try the firmware-upgrade today and hope for the best!

  4. Liane says:

    Hi tanclo. Thanks a lot for your advice, that just made my day. Obviously I was redirected to the german Samsung-Website on which the firmware-upgrade isn’t available yet. Tried the upgrade as described in the howto and it worked like a charm. If anyone else has the problem: Don’t get confused if you already have version 1.0 of the firmware (same as the upgrade), cause it works anyway. Thx again!

  5. bryan says:

    does anybody know where i can get the telefoto lens??

  6. Clare says:

    i am having problems focusing on small close up subjects. any tips or suggestions would be much helpful. also i am new to all cameras so step by step settings would be helpful aswell.


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