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Samsung NV3 is a point-and-shoot digital camera (released on 05.07.06) with 7.0 megapixel CCD sensor, 3x optical zoom (equivalent to 38-114 mm in 35 mm format), Digimax Converter software to play movies and MP3 files, Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) and a 2.5″ LCD screen display. The camera is measuring 3.7″ x 2.2″ x 0.7″ with 16 MB of internal memory and comes bundled with ear buds and a powerful lithium ion battery.Samsung NV3 will be available in stores from Fall of 2006 with an estimated retail price of $349.99 USD.

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Cameras.UK reviews the Samsung NV3 (rating:79) and writes;
“I found the Digimax NV3 easy enough to use. I did struggle to find the white balance and ISO controls (press the +/- button) and you will need to be aware that different groups of settings can be found in the menu, under the +/- button and under the E button. I like the control dial on the top of the camera as this places key controls at your fingertips….Overall I think the Samsung Digimax NV3 offers good value for money. It is not one of the more expensive pocket sized cameras, but the quality of the photos it takes is good in most situations. Worth a closer look, but you do need to keep an eye on shutter delay. “

PCWorld reviewed the Samsung NV3 and wrote;
“But image quality isn’t a strong point of the NV3. In our tests, the camera earned below-average scores in all categories, compared to other recently tested point-and-shoots. Among other things, it scored poorly on image distortion and on color accuracy. Most of my informal shots looked bluer than they should have, though they tended to be well exposed and looked sharp. Fortunately, one of the NV3’s controls lets you tune the camera’s red-green-blue balance. The battery life of the camera’s lithium-ion battery was a paltry 190 shots per charge, significantly below the category average of 270 shots….If you’re looking for a good $250 digital camera, you have bunches to choose from–and many candidates offer better image quality than the NV3 does. On the other hand, its novel multimedia capabilities come at no significant price premium, giving it an odd sort of attraction. “

PopPhoto reviewed the Samsung NV3 and wrote;
“Overall, the NV3 is a pleasing camera for casual snapshooters and multi-function gadget types. If having a wad of gizmos in one compact unit is your thing, then the NV3 may well be the answer to your wishes. It’s a shame though that high quality imaging has taken a back seat to gizmos in this model, and Samsung would do well to review this. If you raised the quality of the lens and image processing and added to the price, it would still be a great deal for a camera with this build quality and feature set at $100 more.”

DigicamReview reviewed the Samsung NV3 and wrote;
“Image quality is good but not brilliant for an ultra compact digital camera – the images have good colour with very high saturation, good contrast, and low noise except at higher ISO settings. The higher ISO settings of ISO800 and ISO1000 were fairly disappointing and lacked colour. Detail seemed lower than expected, and images did appear slightly over-processed resulting in soft looking images. Indoors photos were good, with noise kept fairly low…Overall the Samsung NV3 (like the Digimax i6 before it) is a great ultra compact digital camera. It provides generally good image quality with very richly saturated colours, has a great screen, and a built in 3x optical zoom lens. The camera is easy to use and it feels well built. The camera is a very complete package, there really is very little missing from this digital camera, it has an excellent macro mode, an excellent screen, video and audio recording, custom white balance, and built in advanced shake reduction. If you are in the market for an ultra compact digital camera with built in MP3 playback or built in video player then there is very little else to choose from. The digital camera is excellent value for money and definitely recommended.”

ImagingResource reviewed the Samsung NV3 and wrote;
“In short, the Samsung NV3 is a stunning camera design with only average photographic performance. We wish more cameras were designed with this kind of elegance and style, but until the NV-series can deliver images of the quality suggested by that gorgeous exterior, we’ll reserve Dave’s Pick status for the cameras with imaging beauty on the inside as well as outside. Still, if you’re looking for timeless design in an MP3/multimedia player that isn’t an Apple iPod, then the Samsung NV3 might just be for you. After all, an iPod can’t actually capture pictures and video, and it doesn’t come with built-in speakers. So while the Samsung NV3 doesn’t get a Dave’s Pick for its average image quality, it is a seriously cool gadget whose design belongs in the Smithsonian.”

ThinkCamera reviewed the Samsung NV3. They rated the camera 6/10 and wrote;
“From a multi-function point of view the NV3 performs quite well, the video and music modes working better than other PMPs I’ve seen and the LCD and speakers being up to the job. However as a camera the NV3 is lacking. The sensor seems to be inadequate for a £225 7.2 MP camera these days and the noise reduction techniques may keep some photos from being brilliant. Still, if you were using the whole package of features as intended and you were only going to use the photos for the web then it would be worth a look – especially if style is important. “

T3.UK reviewed the Samsung NV3. They rated the camera 3/5 and wrote;
“Samsung has upped its design game in recent years and this is another shining example. Well, it’s not shining; it’s got a matt finish, but you get the idea. Metal controls are solid and responsive, and what the 2.5-inch screen lacks in size, it makes up for in sharpness and colour. Photographic functions are weak, however. A slow, 3x zoom, scene modes and focus or metering tweaks are your lot; you can’t adjust settings like ISO. Images are as fun and sparky – all eye-candy primary colours. Shake reduction is pretty poor, so hold it steady. “

TrustedReviews reviewed the Samsung NV3. They rated the camera 8/10 and wrote;
“The Samsung NV3 is an odd little camera, but a good one. It is beautifully designed, extremely well made, handles comfortably and performs well photographically, although the “bonus extras” of MP3 and MPEG4 playback, and especially the text viewer, are really nothing special. However, at well under £200 it can afford a few quirks, and it’s certainly pretty enough to get away with it. “

Digital Camera Review reviewed the Samsung NV3. They rated the camera 7/10 and wrote;
“Overall, I would say that the image quality of the NV3 is average, but pleasing. Part of the basis of my criticisms is pretty subjective, so have a look at the sample images and decide for yourself. My biggest complaint with the image quality is the high color saturation. I think the color settings of the NV3 produce images that have pretty high color saturation. Orange and red tones really pop out and can overwhelm a picture, even when that orange or red object is only a minor part of the shot. Besides the color saturation, images were sharp from edge to edge and showed good detail. I did notice some chromatic aberration (purple fringing), but this would not be noticeable in a print.”

DCRP reviewed the Samsung NV3. They rated the camera 7/10 and wrote;
“Photo quality was very good. The NV3 took well-exposed photos most of the time, with a slight tendency to overexpose. Colors look good, and purple fringing was well controlled. Noise levels are fairly low, though details are a bit mushy, even at ISO 80. I’d avoid using the two highest ISO settings, as there is noticeable loss in detail and color saturation as well. Redeye was a big problem, and even the in-camera redeye removal tool couldn’t help…If you want a stylish, ultra-compact camera that does more than just take pictures than the Samsung NV3 is well worth a look. It’s not the best camera in its class, but it’s still quite good, and it earns my recommendation. “

CNET reviewed the Samsung NV3. They rated the camera 7/10 and wrote;
“With solid images and a decent multimedia feature set, the Samsung NV3 is a very nice Jack-of-all-trades camera. Casual users will probably appreciate having their snapshots, music, and notes all in one iPod-size device. The camera’s awkward movie playback and its lack of playlists prevents it from being a great dedicated media player, but it still offers enough functionality to give you some tunes when you’re not shooting…”

Computer Active reviewed the Samsung NV3 and wrote;
“As a snapshot camera the NV3 displays the common problems of purple fringing, buildings appearing to lean at extreme wide angle, plus a tendency to underexpose. Colours are naturalistic rather than vivid, though there is a range of fun effects selectable, including rather silly photo frames…”

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Samsung NV3 Sample Photos posted @ Cameras.UK
Samsung NV3 Sample Photos posted @ DigicamReview
Samsung NV3 Sample Photos posted @ ImagingResource
– Samsung NV3 Sample Photos 1, 2, and 3 posted @ TrustedReviews
Samsung NV3 Sample Photos posted @ TrustedReviews
Samsung NV3 Sample Photos posted @ Digital Camera Review
Samsung NV3 Sample Photos posted @ DCRP

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– Download Samsung NV3 User Manual (English)
– Download Samsung NV3 User Manual (Spanish)

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New York, NY – Samsung Camera announces the introduction of NV3, one of three new camera models that comprise the revolutionary new NV series of digital still cameras featuring sleek, stylish designs and high technology. The NV3 is a 7-megapixel digital still camera that features Samsung’s exclusive Digimax Converter software to play movies and MP3 files. The ground-breaking NV3 is a state-of-the-art digital still camera featuring revolutionary SHD optics with the added convenience of a Personal Media Player that allows users to enjoy video content and their favorite music on-the-go.

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